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  1. Aloha bassman, how are you bruddah? Long time, great to see you again! Anyway, I pretty much agree on the years you mentioned, but would also add several cigars from 07 when they first started to add aged fillers. It seemed that year many of the cigars that normally need a few years of age were a lot more balanced and approachable when young than normal. As for my favorite cigars from the last decade? Jeez, so many! The one that comes straight to mind is my very first Party 898V I smoked when I first started smoking in 02. I got it as a single so I dont know the year, but it was the first time
  2. Yea, unfortunately Hawaii is no longer smoker friendly, especially at resorts. Its state law. If you make your way to Honolulu, there is a great cigar shop that allows smoking. And it is a lot more lax in the small country town where I live on North Shore of Oahu. If you come this way you are more than welcome to stop by my place for cigars. Its nothing fancy, but we have several acres of farmland and you can smoke anywhere here!.
  3. Its virtually impossible to nail down only ONE "best", especially since even very good cigars can taste like all time classics when combined with great friends, environment, etc. My FIRST Cuban cigar was a BPC in 02 and at the time was by far the best cigar I ever smoked. Especially since I had been ripped off with fakes for the two previous years and had concluded Cubans simply were not that good. My next best was an 02/03 Party 898Varn. It was the first time I experienced the evolution of flavors throughout each 3rd of cigar. The 02 RASS with red wrappers were my next "best" cigar. Since
  4. I generally use a technique similar to Wilkey's, but my success rate is only around 20-30%. and like he said they almost never return to former glory. I say "almost" because every now and then one WILL return to former greatness. I have no idea why? But over the years it has happened maybe 2-3 times. The last time was with and aged 98 Party serie du conn#1 about a year ago. I had only smoked about 1 1/2 to 2" one afternoon, when I had to leave the house quickly and did not return until late that night. Before leaving blew the smoke out, then knocked the ash off and then to cut another 1/4" off
  5. LMFAO!!!!!!! I had barely stopped laughing when Shrinks letter got me started again. That was funny as hell, thanks!!
  6. Party 898 Varn (the 08 have been the best since 03) Party serie du conn 1 & 3 CORO Cohiba cor esp Sig VI RA Beli (oh man I wish I had some left...lol) Rascc (recent production is better than rass) 01 PLPC (IMHO the 04s just arent as good) 01 QD corona BCE BCG Trini reyes (good young but great w/age) Trini Fundadore Dip2 & 5 (I should try the 3s again, since they are getting such press) Punch black prince (just something in the flavor profile I LOVE!) Monte1
  7. Some of those early 90's MM's were really nice cigars and like you said were available a few years back. Much tougher to find these days. I also really miss the Bolivar Chico's. I liked them better than the Partagas (which arent bad them selves) and the price was killer. I wish they would bring that one back.
  8. I felt the same until I tried some aged Fonseca's. The first was some 98 Cosacos. I thought they were an excellent morning early afternoon type cigar. They are definitely MILD cigars but that does not mean they lack flavor. They had some very nice cedar and light coffee flavors. The other, and by far the best Fonseca I ever smoked, was aged #1. I had received two in a trade and I cant recall the exact year (97-98?......maybe mid 90's?) and then left them in my humi for several years after that. I was honestly surprised as heck when I finally smoked one. It was still mild, but it was really
  9. Its a nice contraption and all............but I am MOST impressed with the delicious Taboada's he has sitting there!
  10. I often wear my FOH (or HCF) cap to the beach and its funny to see the responses I get from surfers I dont know. They look at the cap and then with a bit of disdain, ask, why would a surfer would smoke cigars? When I tell them I only smoke CUBAN cigars, their entire demeanor and expression changes. Its like Oh, Cuban cigars hey? Well then that okay with us!....LOL.....It is funny how their view of smoking a Cuban is so much more acceptable than an NC. I dont give a sh*t what they think, but their perception was funny.
  11. I still wear the one I got a few years ago. Nice caps!
  12. OMG you did NOT just do that piggy......LOL!..........they look beautiful to me! They definitely fall in that "overlooked under appreciated" category! I put some feelers out and trying to find any more boxs or even singles is quite difficult, but you never know. I certainly dont blame people for hanging to them! As piggy says, if anyone here runs across some, BUY THEM ON THE SPOT! Then treat them as a gold and savor them for special moments. Great pics, thanks piggy!
  13. Thanks guys, that gives me a few ideas. Yea, that was what I was afraid of!....lol........I agree the JL's are a nice milder cigar and I will try some others, but I realize trying to match what I discovered with 01 QDC will difficult. I will just have to TRY to find more of those!
  14. Nah those days are long past me!....lol Anyway, I have to head off to my daughters concert, but will check in later.

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