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  1. I had all of their albums. Saw them several times over the years. Loved their music and Eddie was second to Page for me. I still I’ll remember the shouts of Eddie! Eddie! Eddie, just waiting for him to take stage and electrify the crowd. He will be missed. RIP EVH
  2. Yeah, never did much for me either. Love the healthy looking plants. Good luck to you with your grow. Plants are fun to take care of and see through.
  3. Placed my order too!!! Super cool shirt. Thanks a bunch for putting in the time on this one. It is appreciated. ?? Craig
  4. Got one here a few weeks ago. Love it. I almost feel like every stick now needs a little “adjustment”. It’s helped for sure on some and paid it’s weight on others. I’m now a believer. ?
  5. We just got back this past Sunday,3/15, and things were looking grim. Glad we made it back. The morning we left, they refused to let Arturo and I to smoke inside the LCDH Habana Libre citing the virus. They sent us out to the cafe which then try to demand that we make a purchase to stay. We already bought two cigars to smoke THEN they tell us! ???
  6. Going to Havana. Will be there for 5 days. We’re flying out of Atlanta.

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