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  1. Dr Joe was an absolute pleasure to watch. Poolside cigars reviewed was another. Both, sadly, not active of late.
  2. Smoking some of my shorter winter cigars on the patio whilst catching up with all the FOH post. Weather is unusually warm in the UK right now, 14°C today. Bliss.
  3. SOM of my latest purchases 😉. All cheap and small-ish now that winter is coming. PL Panatelas SOM MAY 17 RGPC SOM MAY 16 H.upmann Coronas Major SOM JUN 16
  4. Autumn is here. HDM Coronation with some craft cider.
  5. I've been using the Collection feature on for a while now. Its got everything I need, box codes, cost, dates, place purchased etc, You can even add/create customs.
  6. Fantastic. I can only dream to have that many boxes.👍
  7. Also a REG FEB 18, bought early June. It was really good, fantastic construction, but showed its youth a little in the last 3rd. You've done the right thing by putting it away for a while.
  8. Possibly not the cigar, but her. Had she not eaten recently? Low blood sugar can be a killer if you try to smoke a cigar. A sugary drink always helps (Rum in my case!) just a thought.
  9. Cheap and cheerful. Partagas Mille Fleur OBM DIC 16.
  10. Monte PE with some stunning Plantation 20th Anniversary Rum.

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