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  1. Hi there techies, I am using my I phone 10, for the last month I no longer get the 24/24 icon. I have to hit browse then online users then cigar disscusion forum to see 24/24. Hope you can solve this problem. Thank you
  2. I purchased a box of HU #2 from 24/24. PSP/HQ 2016. Can't keep my hands off them. I smoked half the box and I can honestly say they are delicious . Nothing like the montecristo #2, i love Monty #2 but I always seem to get many bad ones from a box. I can't wait to see them PSP on 24/24.
  3. Thank you for the great advice. I think I am leaning toward the glass type Tupperware with locked lid. May pay a bit more but in the long run I think it is well worth it. I have learned so much on FOH. It is incredible to me how friendly and informative the FOH community is.
  4. My humidor are full. I have been paying close attention to members advice on storing my cigars. I want to know what you think about glass container vs plastic Tupperware for storage. Thank you.
  5. Hello, find your list of restaurants very helpful. I am going to Havana with friends in January . Can you guide me to some very credible cigar shops to purchase my favorite Cubans. Thank you.

  6. Hello, I am new to this and would appreciate any quality feedback. I am planning a trip to Havana in January with some life long friends. Experienced advice to make the trip even better would be great. Thank you

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