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  1. Places I went in the water 30 years ago I would not be game to now have seen crocodiles in the creek in the centre of my town and in the ocean would never see any there in the past
  2. Hahahaha total lack of awareness ,responsibility and respect, took my kids to one of those playcentres with the climbing castles and ballpits there was these kids attacking other kids,the mothers of bullied kids trying to stop them while the offenders mothers sat casually self obsessed talking shit and drinking coffee and eating cream covered food oblivious. My son and his friend fought back I stopped them and then my sons friend stood in front of a plastic cubby house one of the kids charged at him his friend got out of the way at the last second and the kid smashed his head quiite badly. The kid runs out to the skanky mothers and said he was beaten up mothers rush in all up in arms wanting to know who hurt the child I told them exactly what happened said it was the funniest thing I have seen and then asked are all your children special needs they have been attacking all the other children for no reason.They tried to argue I said you have paid them no attention no supervision they are acting feral are child services aware of your neglect Then the other mothers got stuck in to them they went off I left almost in tears from laughing
  3. Interesting reminds me of when i was at a shop and my kid was touching tvs dvd players I told him to stop and he put on a turn I told him I was taking him outside the security guard thanked me and told me of how bad some parents were. PLenty of direspectful parents out there I just try to stay away what 99call said about the swearing used to be a regular thing with the rental next door I would end up with these neglected kids in my yard I was a sort of defacto father figure giving advice and food
  4. Going to be more and more complaints like this as people become weirder
  5. Tumeric that is interesting I have been eating heaps and my joints feel great at 51 .Had a bloke at work in his 60s the doctors told him he had joints like someone in his 20s he put it down to low impact exercise heaps of leafy greens
  6. Lots of great choices but for me would be the latest Bentley Flying Spur with a v8 not the w12
  7. Firm construction smell of spice and a tiny bit of mild paprika nice cold draw First third spice is evident medium tobacco some cream sweet excellent draw Second third getting more spice paprika pepper intensifying but quite creamy, draw is perfect great flavour some coffee notes creeping in r Final third Tobacco taste gets stronger spice and coffee increased draw still excellent took me a bit over an hour to smoke. Made a lot of smoke burned even after one touch up half way through. Like these cigars great flavour short time to smoke will give it a 9 out of 10
  8. Oh dear I wanted to vote Star Wars but there was a massive disturbance in the force and I clicked on Harry, confused am very much I
  9. They did it in Australia too people ,moving to mewe
  10. Don't usually eat breakfast been doing the intermittent fasting nothing between 8:30 and 12:00, but when I have breakfast it is left over bbq its usually smoked ribs and sausage . I think smoked food tastes more smokey the day after , lunch is normally rib meat that has been pulled on a bun with cheese and coleslaw

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