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  1. RazorbackFan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Currently enjoying a LUB ABR 2014 HUPC from our host. Very much enjoyed and appreciated. Still can’t understand why these got the ax...
  2. One a week right now, maybe two. Family and work requirements have left very little time for leisurely pursuits lately.
  3. For me, I give them a few years down. I’m working on a box of JUN 2016s that are still extremely “unruly”, as you say. Nothing wrong with the construction within this box, but these cigars are over the top mongrel still. i have a box of DEC 2013 RASCC I’m going to crack into next. Hopefully they’re refined. I’ve heard other members on here say that RASCC hit a rough stretch in terms of quality around this time period.
  4. RazorbackFan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Currently enjoying an excellent LUB ABR 2014 HUPC.
  5. RazorbackFan

    Greetings from Arkansas

    Welcome to the forum from an Arkansas native! From Fort Smith, graduated from U of A (Fayetteville) in ‘03. Living in Atlanta now. Glad you’re here!
  6. RazorbackFan

    Celebration of wrappers

    SEA MAY 2017 HUSW.
  7. RazorbackFan

    Perfect Draw

    I have and use both. The PerfecDraw is the better of the two for fixing plugged cigars, but my Modus makes a good “nubber” for cigars that I don’t want to end. The Modus just moves the tobacco around and is less effective. The plugs come back when the tobacco heats up. The PerfecDraw pulls the tobacco out and it stays that way.
  8. RazorbackFan

    H. Upmann Magnum 46

    I picked up a HQ box of GEO MAY 2014 Magnum 46 from 24:24 about six months ago that are STILL too rough around the edges for my tastes. Might just be a one-off box, and I have no other experience with Mag 46 besides a few singles here and there. Hopefully these will settle in and refine before too long. Good tobacco, good construction, but still too much mongrel.
  9. RazorbackFan


    Perhaps it’s just the magical el Principe pancake/molasses essence seeping out.
  10. Picked up my first-ever box of HURR this week. A larger vitola than I normally prefer, but these look excellent. BRE JUL 17
  11. Another box of BPC for the tupperdor. I’ve been burning through my Bolis lately (BCJ, BPC, BRC) and need to replenish. I haven’t experienced the recent BPC quality decline that several on here have mentioned. Hope this new box continues the trend. ETP JUN 2016
  12. My first-ever box of Bolivar Tubos #1. Wanted to grab some before they’re gone for good. These are ULA JUN 2015.
  13. A cab of PLPCs hardly qualifies as a “white whale”, but I’ve somehow managed to avoid securing one until this box delivered today. I’ve just bought singles of them here and there until now. From our host, from a recent clearance 24:24, and delivered for a landed cost of under $250. What an awesome vendor and an awesome site. Hand picked PLPCs (TOS ABR 17) for under $5 each? Yes please, and thank you to our host!
  14. RazorbackFan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Kicking off the weekend with a Mag 46 (GEO MAY 2014) from our host.
  15. Another box of RGPC. (RAE ABR 2014). Rafael Gonzalez has been a real standout marca for me lately. Both the PCs and the Perlas have been extremely consistent.

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