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  1. RazorbackFan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Currently enjoying an ETP ABR 2016 BPC.
  2. RazorbackFan

    Wedding Cigars

    Marevas (petit coronas) are the perfect vitola for weddings, IMHO. Not too large, not too small, and you won’t cringe when you see some folks smoking just a few puffs and then putting them out. And bring a stash of the good stuff for your inner circle also: groomsmen, close family, etc. And congrats on your forthcoming nuptials!
  3. RazorbackFan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Partagas Short (ULA MAR 2015) tonight.
  4. I was gifted a pair of winter gloves from a relative, and both of them were the left handed glove.
  5. RazorbackFan

    Online Dating Sites?

    Online dating worked for me and I’m now a happily married man, but it took a lot of work and a bit of good luck/fortune to get there. I hit the online dating scene five years ago after my first marriage ended, usually averaging about one date per week. The quality of women varied significantly for me (as it surely must for them also). There were lies and omissions about appearance, age, and marital status (actually divorced versus only separated) that I had to deal with. After numerous low-quality dates early on, I decided to only meet up with women who successfully passed the “phone call test”. Very unusual in this age of texting only, but this screened out about 90% of the duds who couldn’t even pass muster on a 10 minute intro phone call to determine if a face-to-face was justified. I knew from our first meeting that my now-wife was different than the others. We dated for two years and tied the knot on the second anniversary of our first date. We now have a 7 month old daughter and I’m a lucky and grateful man. Bonus Fun Fact: when I first started the online dating experiment, I stumbled across my ex-wife’s profile, and it showed us as a 92% match! I nearly fell out of my chair, laughing! The site asked a lot of questions and gauges compatibility based on responses. Even better, she used an old picture from when we were together, and she cropped me out of the pic. That was MY arm around her! You can’t make this stuff up... TL;DR summary: it worked for me and I wish you all the best if you choose this path!
  6. RazorbackFan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Currently enjoying a RASCC (PET JUN 16) on a cool clear night in Atlanta.
  7. RazorbackFan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Currently enjoying a RUS MAR 2014 Sancho Panza Non Plus. I don’t pull from this box as often as I should. These SPs have a distinct salty taste profile. Very enjoyable.
  8. RazorbackFan

    Tupperdor Help and Advice

    I can only speak for myself and from my experience with my own tupperdors, but mine have been just fine with very little air circulation. I have about 20 boxes “Tetris’ed” into each one and there are very few open spaces in there. Once they were proven to be airtight, once my hygrometers were calibrated, and once I quit opening them to fiddle with them every 15 minutes, everything stabilized just fine. I’m still using the same Bovedas (large and medium sizes) that I started with a year and a half ago. The cigars on top, middle and bottom all smoke well. Good luck with your project!
  9. RazorbackFan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Currently enjoying a LUB ABR 2014 HUPC from our host. Very much enjoyed and appreciated. Still can’t understand why these got the ax...
  10. One a week right now, maybe two. Family and work requirements have left very little time for leisurely pursuits lately.
  11. For me, I give them a few years down. I’m working on a box of JUN 2016s that are still extremely “unruly”, as you say. Nothing wrong with the construction within this box, but these cigars are over the top mongrel still. i have a box of DEC 2013 RASCC I’m going to crack into next. Hopefully they’re refined. I’ve heard other members on here say that RASCC hit a rough stretch in terms of quality around this time period.
  12. RazorbackFan

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Currently enjoying an excellent LUB ABR 2014 HUPC.
  13. RazorbackFan

    Greetings from Arkansas

    Welcome to the forum from an Arkansas native! From Fort Smith, graduated from U of A (Fayetteville) in ‘03. Living in Atlanta now. Glad you’re here!
  14. RazorbackFan

    Celebration of wrappers

    SEA MAY 2017 HUSW.
  15. RazorbackFan

    Perfect Draw

    I have and use both. The PerfecDraw is the better of the two for fixing plugged cigars, but my Modus makes a good “nubber” for cigars that I don’t want to end. The Modus just moves the tobacco around and is less effective. The plugs come back when the tobacco heats up. The PerfecDraw pulls the tobacco out and it stays that way.

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