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  1. Monte PE in the back yard this morning. One of the best boxes in my humble humidor right now.
  2. Bolivar Royal Coronas and Coronas Junior both hit me pretty hard, in a good way.
  3. Party Short from 2014. Nice treat back at the house, after a day of errands. Little flavor bomb. Cheers!
  4. 2016 Explorer here. My one and only "good" watch. Just got it! Love it.
  5. Just received my first ever shipment from our host today! Montecristo #4, MOB JUL 15, from a recent 24:24. Cheers!
  6. My first ever order from our host just hit the doorstep! Montecristo #4, MOB JUL 15. Couldn't resist temptation. Had to smoke one ROTT!
  7. Fresh BCJ with about a half year on it. Still a bit rough around the edges, but it sure hits the spot!
  8. Just stepped out onto the back deck with this Party Short. No Box date handy but it's about two years old. These little buggers really are flavor bombs. Hoping to catch a 50 cab on the 24:24 in early 2017. Cheers to all!
  9. PSD4 with about a year on it. First smoke in about a week due to work, holiday stuff, etc. Very relaxed now. Glorious!
  10. My first ever Box of RASCC came in the mail yesterday and I smoked one ROTT. I'm just now getting into minutos, but these are in the same league as the Shorts, BCJ and El Pricipes in my humi. Young but solid.
  11. Hello and welcome, from a fellow Atlanta newb!
  12. RyJ Short Churchill from OTL MAR 16. One of the 10 most disappointing cigars of 2016, per our Host. I'd have to agree. Now I know what to give out when my non-CC buddies come over... Didn't buy 'em from here. Win some, lose some. Still having a great evening! Cheers!
  13. My first ever Punch Punch. Not sure about Box date. Came from a sampler.

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