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  1. I like the colibri V cut. Message me and i can tell you where to get it for $24.72 with free shipping. I don't know if advertising is acceptable here.
  2. For a minute I thought i was the one you were talking about lol. I did the same thing but at the very end of the festival on Saturday. Stock is extremely low or non-existing. Like you said they set apart some sticks apparently for certain customers, cuba system at its best. When i got there i was informed only one 25 bundle was left of a cigar called top ten or totem similar to the pata de elefante one. I got 15 of those, shared 2 with some guys there. I can live with a ten pack, if you are interested i can part with 3 more. I'm dallas,
  3. What i heard is that now the FAR(The Military) is the one that runs the businesses in cuba, making a lot of people asking to be let go or leaving. It is tougher now to make a on the side living down there. If caught not following entirely the rules(Which is needed to survive most of the time) you don't get fired, but sentenced to prison.
  4. Awesome, i'm dying to try that place, missed it on my first trip. See you guys there. Thanks
  5. I'm landing on Friday 3th morning, is there any meeting going on Friday or saturday?
  6. I was there two weeks ago and had a blast, still have writing my trip report pending due to being a big time procrastinator. Please do go to El conde de villanueva and make sure to spend some time with Reinaldo and his son, they made my trip remarkable between Bucanero beer, santiago rum and coffee, needless to say with some magnificent smokes too. Regarding money exchange, i would recommend you to change some money at the airport so you can pay for the taxi into the city. I changed my money with a guy that was recommended to me by another friend of mine who visited too. Try contacting him at +53 5284 3360, his name is Albert and tell him Irving the Dominican guy told you about him. He will give you 95 CUC for every $100 or .95 CUC for every $1. He drives to wherever you are too. Can't beat that deal. My first trip was two weeks ago and i already booked two more trips for march and april. I fell in love with the city.
  7. I'm the process of building a wineador too, i got the NewAir 28E1, if someone needs drawers or shelfs let me know, i have a contact which is builds awesome drawers and only takes 5 orders a month so he actually delivers on time and top notch quality. Way better than wineadors.com.
  8. I'm so surprised that you bring up this cigar as I've always considered this cigar line to be the closest to a cuban cigar. I couldn't believe what i was tasting as i smoked it the first time. I even went ahead and mailed the company to congratulate them.
  9. Reminded me of the Dr Joe show from youtube. Same words he used to describe it.
  10. God bless those Connie's A, amazing sticks!! Enjoy!
  11. Same thing happened to me, i was expecting a 2016 box and got 2015 ???. Had one ROTT and was amazing, i was even force to share with some friends so they could get to experience them!

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