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  1. Mine’s in great shape. Haven’t cracked it in years, but at this point wouldn’t part with it, regardless of the offer. 😊
  2. Thanks for the review! In spite of the raves this cigar has received, I remain hesitant.
  3. I went with a larger (1,500 cfm) Fantech on rheostat for a 320 sqft room, System has not been run yet.
  4. Yup, another sad example of how money CAN buy everything. (Sorry, butt-hurt Timbers fan, wishing his team woulda shown better). "No expense would be spared, no detail overlooked." Thanks for letting me vent, let the flames begin!
  5. Well, sure! Why waste resources making former average, run-of-the-mill, regular offerings when you can make bank on limited edition, double-banded selections in relatively minute quantities? 😟
  6. FOG = F’n Old Guy, usually said with (some) respect. 😉

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