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  1. Finally tried one. Wow, I'm a new fan. Mine was GLE FEB 20 and couldn't wait. First time I ROTT on these. For me it was a mix of monte/cohiba. Cocoa and hints of grass. What do you compare Trinidads to? I see why this is your favorite Marca. It's quickly becoming mine as well 👍 P.S. I like how FOH bubble protects the foots, even on these guys!
  2. I see you mentioned utilizing Bobs humidification system. Are you doing anything for temps? maybe your area is good when it comes to heat. Here on the west coast, (I live 3 min from the beach) temps can get pretty warm a couple months out of the year where I have to plug my NewAir fridgeador in to keep it back down to 63-66°F. During the summer months that's my fluctuation on a thermoelectric. What is the top lid for? Looking forward to your progress!
  3. Nice, thanks bud, that was really helpful 👍
  4. Good God, that's nice Eric. I like all the little details even with the LED recessed strips. Judging by the shop lights, the int LED's are anywhere from 2900k-3200k. Very pleasing to the eye. Is this smaller than your Avallo DDD? Would love to check out your builders other projects. Definitely very clean man!
  5. Hey Eric, I'll have to check it out. Yeah, I can feel your frustration. Judging from some members pre ship pictures, the background is a mess. Most definitely overwhelmed and needs more manpower. Btw, do you know how many cigars/boxes the DDD holds? It looks small in the pictures. One thing I learned, just like gun safes. Double what you think you need 😂
  6. That's what I hear from other members posts. I've got time. I know this is subjective and I feel the Avallo actually uses wood, quality wood I should say vs. the Remington plastic insides. It would be nice to know which one holds more boxes. I also read that the Remington used to be compressor and is now thermoelectric. Thanks for your input 77!
  7. Solid SITREP 👍 Thanks for the photos too. Might have to book a fly fishing trip once things get settled in over there.
  8. Nice! thanks for the confirmation. Hoping some come on sale this holiday season. I've only seen them at retail. I'm manifesting many nice boxes in the near future 😂
  9. Greeting FOH Fam, I can foresee myself outgrowing my coolerdor in the next year or so. I've been on the fence with the Cooled DDD vs the Remington lite. After much reading from reviews from our members. It seems we have USA vs China, loong wait times vs. not in stock. For those whom had both. Which ones did you like better? Avallo's website is years past in need of an update. Seems like the capacity on the DDD is slightly larger? Any insight would be greatly appreciated.
  10. Very Nice Exactly what I was wanting to do. My last box from 24:24 did me in on my NewAir C300. Looks like your all full now too. Beautiful!
  11. Greetings Gents, I'm still very new here and have been partaking in the wonderful 24:24 sales. I've only got 7 orders under my belt but am curious to see if box codes matter if they don't match what was advertised at the time of 24:24? Out of the 7 orders I've only gotten one order that matched the box code on 24:24. Have any of you experienced the same?
  12. Good choice. However, you might be even more disapointed with the 300's cedar. I was told by a newair rep that the 300 had cheaper cedar construction. I knew this going in but opted to get the 300 for it's upper temp range. 74deg if I remember correctly and the 280 is 66deg. Unplugged here in So Cal its at 68 right now. Keep us posted on your experience with it.
  13. I thought I had a post about it somewhere. But when I called newair the customer rep didn't know either. However, I've learned that the main difference is the 280 vs 300 is temp rating and 280 has nicer shelves and drawers vs the 300's machine made shelves. I have the 300 which has 74deg Fahrenheit at max temp in the upper range. If I keep it unplugged here in SoCal. It stays at 68/68 at the moment. My advice, coolerdor it until you get a larger humidor. I maxed mine out in 3 months... First world problems, hahaha.

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