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  1. Horse manure makes great fertilizer. Shouldn’t have a problem finding plenty around here.
  2. We shoot crows here. Hard to get a distance when they’re no longer flying
  3. Knock my socks off but (1) Parti shorts 2 RASS 3 Monti 4’s 4 Monti 2’s 5 Cohiba Siglo III
  4. I’ve been with FOH long enough to recognize and know the meaning of the color dots on the sides of boxes yet I’ve never seen a green one. Guess green represents ‘green with envy’?! 😜
  5. Own a horse farm in Florida. Buy and sell hunters and jumpers (truly the sport of king yet I still find myself shoveling horse poop more often then I care to admit). I retired from a job in DC only to find myself working more hours and twice as hard to maintain the place. But in the evenings when the horses are contently munching on hay in their stalls and the place is quiet, I’ll sit on the front porch overlooking the barn, ring, and paddocks and while in the old comfy rocking chair with the jack russell sitting close by I’ll smoke whatever I fancy. Best feeling in the world. Mostly Monti’
  6. Whenever I feel guilty about my ‘expensive’ passion and need a little reassurance, I read this column. It still makes me chuckle and renews my passion.
  7. Try doing a search for ‘Camp Winnepesaukee’. it’ll give you a laugh and let you know you’re not the first or alone ?
  8. Hmmmm. 80% of a dress box of cigars smoke perfect. The other 20% have a defect.
  9. well done whoever started this post....in a subtle way it made all of us go back and check our inventories. deep in PLPC. hoping they age well.
  10. i'm in that mindset that Rob has mentioned time and time again, 'regular production cigars don't get the love they deserve'. Last year I got a PSP box of 14 PLPC and smoked one ROTT. Never have had such a caramel rush as that first one outta the box, it totally blew me away.. Each time I open the tuppador and grab a few for the next few days, my eyes always linger on that box. Have smoked maybe 4 or 5 since then and they are still perfect and only getting better. Nothing I have compare to that potent taste of these and I'm smoking them only on special occasion or I need a 'pick me up'.
  11. In....Registered....Contemplated.....FIRST ONE TO POST MY PICKS. Least I can be 'first' something,

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