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  1. I feel I’ll smoke less and not toss a stick so quick like I would in the past for whatever reason I would.
  2. My first PLPC was in 2018. It was from a 2014 cab I got from FOH. Smoked one ROTT and it was one of the best caramel sticks I’ve ever indulged in. Was actually blown away with it. Problem is it set the bar so unobtainable high early on that ever since nothing has come close. I still grab one from time to time but I find myself disappointed more often than not. I will say when their on they are a joy to smoke when they’re not I find myself tossing them earlier than most.
  3. Best cigar when I only have 15 to smoke before I’m being called to fix a problem
  4. A 2021 Monti 3. Some breakfast cereal gave the best review, ‘magically delicious’.
  5. Punch Punch Monti 2 ERDM Choix Supreme Monti 4 HU Connie 2 Monti 3
  6. As I’ve gotten older the Dr keeps limiting the food I can/should eat. If I see another kale salad in my lifetime it’ll be too soon. I didn’t take a pic but this morning I gave the Dr the finger and made homemade biscuits and gravy with a side of bacon. Hell on the heart but it made me feel like a youngster again.
  7. 2021 N1 Lancero ROTT they had an overpowering non Cuban twang. Approximately 30 days later the one I smoked had mellowed out to a sweet cream with just a hint of NC twang. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Regrets I didn’t grab more at the time.
  8. Something tells me I should have ordered more than one bundle. Live and learn 😪
  9. Before this last two years of regular production never thought highly of Punch Punch. Picked up a box of ‘21 Punch and was pleasantly surprised. Same for ERDM Choix Supremes. Again picked up a ‘21 box that made me quit looking for Cohiba’s.
  10. The price point on Cohiba makes me look for others at a more reasonable price like ERDM Choix Supremes. I can pick up 3 boxes of Choix for one box of CoRo and they’re very similar in taste.
  11. 🥂 here’s to a safe and fulfilling 2022 to my brethren
  12. Jul ‘21 ERDM Choix Supreme. Absolutely a jaw dropper. I must have said ‘wow’ twenty different times.
  13. For the first time in ages I’ll be doing nothing and loving it.
  14. What are you in for? easy….addiction it starts off with a box here. A box there. Then two boxes. Graduates to multiple boxes every week. Finally when you retire you walk in to your cigar room and see the many humidors and Tupperware containers filled beyond count and it’ll hit you. will I ever live long enough to smoke all these (because I ain’t giving them away!!)
  15. My first job was during my senior year of high school as a grease monkey at a local gas station. Never did I realize all I learned at that time was to carry over in doing my own car maintenance (oil change, brakes, tune up, etc) since. I can’t image how much $$ I’ve saved from learning these basic skills.
  16. John Wayne in ‘The Cowboys’. He rides into camp yelling at the boys to get up and get moving by saying, ‘let’s go, we’re burning daylight’. One of the boys sleepily says after standing up, ‘burning daylight?? It’s still dark!’ My dad used to wake me up with that same phrase.
  17. Horse manure makes great fertilizer. Shouldn’t have a problem finding plenty around here.
  18. We shoot crows here. Hard to get a distance when they’re no longer flying

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