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  1. awkwardPause

    24:24 WEDNESDAY

    @El Presidente, thank you for putting those Regalias up. The LUB ‘15’s I picked up from here a few months back have been a real treat and I find myself reaching for them all the time now (often over significantly more $$$ sticks). Hoping these 17’s will evolve similarly!
  2. awkwardPause

    24:24 WEDNESDAY

    [emoji52] [emoji46] 🤢 🤮 [emoji24]
  3. awkwardPause

    Regional Releases

    That was meant to be humorous 😭 no way do I think that will be the case. Will they appreciate some? Probably, but won’t matter because I’m just going to rest them a while and burn through them anyway. Will be interesting to see if they age similarly to the other regular release PL that I’m so fond of.
  4. awkwardPause

    Regional Releases

    Good to hear about the PL Coronas. Was lucky enough to secure a cab, but damn I’d love another, so one cab can go to sleep in one piece while I binge smoke the other. Apparently I’m just never satisfied. 😂 Of course I’ll regret tearing through one of these cabs 10 years for now when it ends up being sold in auction for the cost of a year’s college tuition for my daughter. 🤦🏼‍♂️
  5. Just now seeing this weekend comp and just so happens I’m smoking a “46 south” currently. Sometimes things just work out. Watching some football intermittently today while enjoying this REG MAY 18 CE on the deck. Beautiful crisp sunny day up here in Seattle and the Hawks will be playing the Cowboys 🤠 just up the road from me. Fortunately I’m here though, in the comfort of my home, with my two dogs and daughter, and not stuck in the cluster that is Seattle stadium event traffic (not to mention a major through route is closed for construction this weekend). Mom is a hospital employee as myself so is stuck working an oncology weekend shift. Anyhow, on to the smoke! This oily little specimen is the first out of the box purchased from FOH. I’ve had nothing but beautiful boxes of these recently from our host and was lucky enough to grab a couple boxes a while back. Awesome aroma at cold - quality Cohibas are tough to beat in that respect, IMHO. Happy camper here. This is my freshest box with only a few months age on it, but thought I’d start here since the other box has relatively darker wrappers and which I would expect to take a bit longer to come around. After lighting up, this little fella has very typical but well-defined Cohiba flavors and is just so smooth for only spending a few weeks in the humi since arrival. There’s a fresh ground coffee richness that is dominating this smoke, with some mild green vegetal flavors in the background and especially lingering on the finish (which is quite long). Some yeasty/fresh-baked sourdough bread flavors join the mix as well in the last couple of inches. Not a ton of transition or complexity just yet, but that wouldn’t really be fair to expect until more rest anyway the way I see it. Aroma is just glorious with that rich buttery goodness that comes with a quality tobacco from the island. Combustion/construction are top notch, fortunately, and not a touch up in site. Strength builds to solid medium-full by the last third. Pairing is a fresh hop pale from Colorado’s (I’m a native!) Great Divide brewing. Both with grassy characteristics but the Cohiba is really bringing an awesome richness to balance things out. 😎 Thanks to Rob and the FOH team for the comp. Good luck all and enjoy your weekend! B
  6. awkwardPause

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Happy Sunday/Monday to you all! Watching some football while enjoying this REG MAY 18 CE. First out of the box from FOH. Smoking really nicely after spending a few weeks in the humi. Pairing is a fresh hop pale from Colorado’s (I’m a native!) Great Divide brewing. Both with grassy characteristics but the Cohiba is really bringing an awesome richness to balance things out. 😎
  7. awkwardPause

    Weekend Photo Comp.........

    2017 🥊 🥊 🥊 with my smoking buddy on a wet and dreary Seattle morning. Honestly my favorite kind of days. This stick had it all and displayed some nice transitions along the way. Started with some charred nuts and fresh ground coffee then transitioning into buttery rich core of chocolate and earth with a very rich aroma as well. Have a great weekend all!
  8. awkwardPause

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    My cigar of the summer (if not year) - GOS SEP 17 Presidentes. It’s beautifully balanced and has strength/flavor in all the right places. Wish I would have picked up more! Wonderful experience. Have a great weekend all.
  9. awkwardPause

    Top 18 codes so far?

    I’ve seen and have some awful nice boxes from UEB and MSU. Taste wise? Not really smoking too many 18s yet...
  10. BUP ABR 18 PSP Edmundos No filter applied to this photo. If you could have snapped a pic of my face at the moment I cracked this box, it would have looked exactly like my profile pic! I believe that really nice seam of Lusi in 10 ct boxes recently were also a BUP code. Note to self... Bravo @El Presidente!
  11. awkwardPause

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Ridiculous! I’m jealous, despite the workload.
  12. awkwardPause

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Really enjoying the Regalias purchased from here. Funny thing is I prefer them to the HUPC given their rawness of flavor. Great value if you come by a nice box. :bigup:
  13. awkwardPause

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Yep, just got my box since I was really intrigued by the size and was looking for a nice change of pace from my typical CC regimen. I don’t smoke a lot of FFOX or NC’s, in general, but this was really, really good and I think it will have a bright future. What it had in strength and pepper was balanced by a nice creaminess and absolutely phenomenal construction/burn. Sometimes I forget the level of QC these high end NC’s go through and man does it show. I’d say snag some if you’re a Fuente fan :bigup:
  14. awkwardPause

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Not to mention a little Hop Stoopid. [emoji1303]

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