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  1. Boli Tubos 2 Partagas D 5 RyJ Ex 4 Partagas PCE The first two may fly under the radar due to perceptions of poor value in comparison to similarly sized sticks in their respective marcas, but I’d disagree as they’re both stellar IMHO. The latter two I just have no idea why they don’t get more love. 2013 and ‘14 PCE were a incredible and Ex 4 with age is also ridiculously good. I’d say all of the above actually represent good value with aging potential alone. 👍🏻 When was the last time any of these popped up on a daily sale? I honestly can’t remember.
  2. From a kind and generous friend. First time seeing these and they look fantastic. Construction is absolutely on point and the aroma is slightly damp trampled hay/manure. Depends on what does it for you, but that certainly does it for me LOL! LGR JUN 18 Rio Secos
  3. awkwardPause

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    @cfc1016 Smoking one of your favorites tonight!
  4. awkwardPause

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Did you stop by Union Cigar Society in Seattle? That’s a local shop for me and wouldn’t be surprised if they recommended that Warped! I’ve bought plenty from them over the years. 😎
  5. awkwardPause

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Trying some new stuff in the NC world that I’ve been noticing recently. Have a good lineup ready to go with one solid backup plan should any of these fail me. 😉
  6. awkwardPause

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Camouflaged MUR 13 😎
  7. awkwardPause

    R&J Taco

    Great idea for a comparison! For me, I get a very strong cumin/cilantro/ground beef flavor from the Tacos. Some hearty corn tortilla notes on the fringes as well that play off the savory beef notes just wonderfully. Love them! A true staple around our home. As for the RyJ Churchills - these tend to exhibit a refined nutty/fruity/cedary flavor profile with a nice floral component in the aroma. Medium-full body with a buttery mouth-coating smoke. So, to summarize - different experiences altogether from a sensory perspective, IMHO.
  8. awkwardPause

    24:24 MONDAY

    It weirds me out every time I hear ‘16s being referred to as aged.
  9. awkwardPause

    LGC 109 RE announced

    Any updates on these? It’s been just over a month since the last post, so I’m curious if anyone can now comment on how these are looking and/or smoking. Box code/factories? I find that I just can’t say no to a good 109...
  10. awkwardPause

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A few from the last few 😎... RASS - ULA FEB 14 - stunning, super funky (barnyardyness?) richness. Monte 80th - UAO NOV 17 - Big, toasty, chocolate bomb. Medium body and tasty as can be. Buttery aroma while smoking. Too bad so pricey! Punch Corona - 1995 something else. No sweetness but just sheer earthy, hay and coffee. Really nice and unique. Cohiba Corona Especiales - REG MAY 18 - fresh - rich, grassiness prevails. Almost put me on my ass with nicotine. Hoyo de Monterrey Petit Robusto - UEB DIC 17 - Wow, did I ever write these off way too soon! Toasty goodness that makes me love the marca even more (doesn’t take much as it’s already my favorite Cheers! -BG
  11. awkwardPause

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    How are they smoking young? I’ve been curious...
  12. awkwardPause

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    MUR JUL 13
  13. awkwardPause

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Smoking this MEG 16 Connie A in honor of my favorite Upmann fanatic 😏 @cfc1016
  14. awkwardPause

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    AMO Siglo good it turned my world upside down. Yack yack...I’ll be here all week. Literally. (I’m sorry for this post)
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