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  1. I grew up in the Richmond area and agree you could see most of the best/pertinent sites within a day. I would personally stop off in DC to spend the majority of your time there and then take the train from DC to Richmond. As stated above, Richmond does have: 1. Great beer (The Veil, the Answer, Triple Crossing, and Final Gravity) located within a 10 mile radius of one another. 2. A few interesting restaurants in Downtown, the Fan and Carytown. I'd recommend the Roosevelt, L'opossum, Barrel Thief (mainly if you like wine), Edo's Squid (for great seafood based Italian fare). 3. A fine museum in the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts. I would also check out the Anderson Gallery at VCU, as it has had some significant artist's work in the past (namely late Warhol) and posts student art from one of the better art schools in the US. 4. Historical areas, such as Monument Avenue, the Edgar Allen Poe Museum, the capitol area, etc. 5. An absolutely beautiful estate turned into a public park called Maymont; I'd highly recommend this if the weather is nice, as the estate is beautiful.
  2. Quesada Reserva Privada and Seleccion Espana, both are dead ringers for CCs, tending to smoke like a love child of Upmann and Hoyo.
  3. sasserjp

    Why the Pigtail?

    The old wives' tale I've heard regarding pigtails is that they were essentially an easier way for the cigar smoker to remove the cap without a cutter; just pull the pigtail and the cap comes off pretty easily unless the cigar is dry and/or the wrapper is damaged. I've done this twice in my entire life, and it works, but I'm not sure if that is the real reason they do so, particularly today.
  4. Fuente Don Carlos Eye of the Shark is the winner, which is not as egregious as past number ones. I've had a few of those recently and found them to be quite good, but not #1 of the year by a long shot.
  5. PLPC, if aged. HUPC. BPC. RGPC.
  6. I'd second this cutter. I use this and my Palio regularly and do not see a huge difference in the quality of the cut; however this cutter is only really good for parejos.
  7. sasserjp

    Video Review - Custom Lancero

    Alex's cigars are awesome, but I would recommend picking up some of Juanita's lanceros next time, her's are amazing.
  8. sasserjp


    Agree with Blantons, awesome stuff. Blanton's is actually pretty cheap here in Delaware; about $50ish and in ready supply. I would also way look out for the Evan Williams 1783 Small Batch; really solid and retails for well under $20/750ml.
  9. New to the forum and somewhat new to CCs. Hoping to learn and inform an upcoming trip to Cuba in January. Located in northern DE.
  10. New to the forum and somewhat new to CCs. Hoping to learn and inform an upcoming trip to Cuba in January. Located in northern DE.

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