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  1. Hello all. As the title says I am looking to have an in cabinet humidor built. Approx 4 feet wide 3 feet tall and 3 feet deep. I am in Los Angeles, and am looking for references. I would also love to hear about/see any that have been custom built. Thank you in advance, Hector
  2. My mistake I stopped getting them as of yesterday.
  3. I used to get them and they stopped coming in about 2 weeks ago.
  4. Love me some MotoGP! Can't wait. When they came back to Laguna Seca we would go and stay and do a track day on the Monday after the race. Damn that was fun!
  5. 1. Falcons 2. Stephen Gostkowski 3. Matt Ryan 4. Julio Jones
  6. Can't wait for the season and your posts and congrats on the 30k. H
  7. I love that 1675 on the riveted bracelet, and the white gold blue sub is one of my next purchases.
  8. I love the Rolex brand. I have had at least one for the last 30 years. My daily is a z serial GMT. Hers is my current collection minus the White Daytona and turn-o-graph:
  9. I get the human error side of it, but I thought that a PSP box would have been looked over by Rob as well. The cigars look good upon first glance. Will look at them closer tomorrow morning.
  10. I've never seen this either. Looking forward to hearing Rob's thoughts. I wonder if anyone else who also purchased these has the same issue? Thanks, H
  11. I just received 3 very nice boxes from our amazing hosts, and I have one question. This is the first box of Juan Lopez no.2's that I have purchased. I was looking around the box, and I do not see any codes on them. Is this normal? I like to enter all this info into my database for my records. These were purchased from the 24:24 around 3 weeks ago. They are the PSP version. They were up on the 4th of December here in the US. Looking forward to hearing from everyone on this. Hector
  12. I purchased this one not too long ago and I love it. It is a Nat Sherman Executive. Holds plenty of cigars if you have company, ash falls in the holes and doesn't blow away in the wind, it helps keep the ash on the cigar longer, and it actually looks much nicer than most ashtrays sitting around. Shop around the web and you can get decent deals on it. H

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