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  1. Small-format Hoyos with at least a few years on them, consistently. Recently 13-14’ prince and 00’ Roi come to mind. It’s a suave note for sure, and something I get behind. Nothing green about it though, very mild black tea flavor.
  2. Second on the Jack Rose - though I bring the grenadine down to .5oz, and use lime instead of lemon.
  3. The Cohiba bands look a little funny on the top and bottom gold ring sections - are they true holograms or just printed on?
  4. Time to give away all those “squishy” fakes in my humi. Any takers?
  5. Thanks for the hard legwork here - such an excellent resource and reference point. It's that PL that really got me. You look at that, totally convinced it is glorious crystals, and realize everything you know is wrong.

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