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  1. Dark oily M2’s have always been one of my favorites so right for me. Admittedly I’ve never had a light shaded M2 with that much sheen. Beautiful boxes!
  2. The Lusi and HdM DC are two of my all time favorites, very rarely disappointed. Same story as many, never enough time, especially with only outdoor smoking and cold winters. When I get a chance though, they're always a joy. Some could definitely be on the chopping block. There are only 4 left in production, down from 7 only a few years back, but I would be surprised if the Lusi or HdM DC were discontinued any time soon. That said, I'm sure many have had some of their favorites discontinued with little thought of that being a reality. Shoot, now you have me thinking I should double down on a co
  3. Work brought me into the belly of the beast today, Times Square. A mess of people but lunch in Bryant Park with 75F/25C weather made it a very enjoyable afternoon!
  4. For robusto’s another vote for Partagas D4 and I would through in Ramon Allones Specially Selected which can be half the price of the Cohiba Robusto and often just as good. If cost is of little concern and you like the Cohiba profile try to get your hands on some Esplendidos and Lanceros. Good luck!
  5. Relaxing weekend, went bowling and to dinner with the wife on Saturday, stroll through Madison Park on Sunday and got a couple cigars in from my urban smoke lounge!
  6. Don’t judge a book by its cover should be the title of this review. This particular HdM DC was the ugly duckling of an otherwise beautiful 50 cab. Large stem and crack near the head of the cigar, crack at the foot of the cigar and overall a rough construction. To make matters worse there was a really tight draw which bordered clogged. I wasn’t about to struggle 2 hours through a DC so out comes the draw tool. Luckily I was able to get it loosened up to a workable draw but I accidentally took a decent sized chunk out of the head of the cigar. Above is the only negative th
  7. Cohiba and Other Half, two of my favorites combine for a pairing dream! Other Half, a local hot spot turned regional beer destination is putting out some of the best beers around. Every Saturday thousands of beer seekers from several States over join in Brooklyn as they wait to get their weekly allotment of the newest beer release with a line that often wraps around the entire city block. When the lines started exceeding 2 hour wait times I opted out. Great beer but I’m not spending my day off work waiting hours for beer. Typically line washes out by noon and that’s when I show up l
  8. Smoked #5 this afternoon and enjoyed it very much! Rich flavors, perfect construction, dark oily and smooth wrapper, an absolute treat. Hoping to up my last year total with a third hit here. Thank you Rob and team for arranging the competition, happy to enjoy some great cigars!
  9. I believe a quality Ramon Allones Specially Selected is one of the greatest values in the world of cigars. I love them. I enjoy them while grilling, fishing, or just relaxing on my patio. They pair great with coffee, bourbon and beer. Morning or night, a decent RASS is usually worth having. When it comes to consistency, I try to buy quality from our host and give myself the best odds. So far with this particular box I have not been disappointed. I dipped into this 50 cab of HQ UTE JUL 16 RASS a little over a month ago and I have struggled to reach for anything else ever since. Coffee, cream, h
  10. Partagas Lusitanias PUR OCT 16 smoked very nicely, perfect draw and even burn resulted in a pretty solid ash. Black coffee spine with notes of baked bread and a peppery paprika like spice. Started medium and built up to a medium full. One of my boxes that has yet to have a cigar disappoint. Near perfect cigar which went quite nicely with a bourbon and a Dbacks win!
  11. This is a 2016 PSP CORO, in my opinion the finest cigar I have in my 40+ box collection. I’ve purchased from other vendors in the past, I only purchase here now. Show that fool this post and then refuse to ever sell him another cigar again. If such fool is reading this post, DM me and I’ll take the box off your hands.

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