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  1. Friday night after a long week, had a couple whiskies while watching the Beatles Get Back documentary and decided to fire up a cigar and take some notes for a review. Dry boxed a PLPC for a few days after scoring a much needed backup on 24:24 earlier this week. Also was lucky enough to get the new Stagg Jr batch 16 this week. Figured these two power houses should bring the Friday night buzz I was looking for. The cigar is from a 2016 PSP box which has a dark oily maduro wrapper with lots of sheen. Some parts of the wrapper appear a bit rugged but it is silky smooth to the tou
  2. I smoked a PLPC last night for a review as well. One of my favorites!
  3. Below is a link to my local liquor store in Orange County, CA. Local ma & pop run shop with an excellent and fairly priced selection. They deliver to states where laws permit and have a handful of foursquare in stock. https://cypresscraft.com
  4. Kicking off the review champion series with a cigar that is near and dear to me. The Siglo II is a cigar of nostalgia for me, as it was the first Cuban cigar I had and the one that shot me straight down the rabbit hole that eventually led me here. I'll never forget that first Siglo, it was on the patio of the Park Hyatt Zurich from their cigar lounge menu. I knew very little about Cuban cigars, I picked the Cohiba because I was familiar with the name, I picked the Siglo II because it didn't completely break the bank. Holy Honey Bomb Hell, I never had anything like it and to this day it might b
  5. Marca - Double Robusto, Robusto Extra or something along those lines… Box Date - BRE ENE 18 I had what I was hopeful to be a pretty good cigar waiting for me in my dry box. After a rough start to the work week and a bad beat in Fantasy Football, I decided to strip off the band and give this reverse blind review a go. I remember not being overly impressed with the first cigar from this box, but that was some time ago and I’m hopeful that a couple years down has helped in its development. Visually, this is a very appealing cigar, with a beautiful rosado wrapper, smooth as silk
  6. What’s the old saying about good things coming to those that wait? Jokes aside, to the OP, seems to me like the powers to be are attempting to silence a dissenting opinion. Shame that a revered cartoonist and political commentator had to fall in the wake of controlling the narrative.
  7. Optimism is a rare feeling for Arizona Cardinals fans, but sitting atop the NFL power rankings at 8-1, has got Cards fans more excited then ever! We go as Murray goes, hopefully he can get & stay healthy.
  8. 2016 PLPC coming along nicely, pairs excellent with the Joseph Magnus Cigar Blend!

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