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  1. They sure don’t, Sam is the man! Are you local? Shoot me a note, we should link up if so!
  2. OESF 10yr 8mo private barrel from Cypress Craft in Cypress, CA.
  3. Last cigar I set aside for my holiday dry box, it’s been a couple good weeks of superb cigars. On tilt over an intense fantasy football championship matchup. So I decide to fire up a CORO & the Red Zone channel and hope the fantasy football gods are in my favor. This cigar overall appears to be well constructed, with a couple large visible veins, nice sheen and silky smooth to the touch. Draw feels a touch loose, but should be okay. 1/3 - milk coffee and lemon zest are primary notes. Getting a little bit of milk chocolate as well, paired with the milk coffee note it’s giving a mocha note, which is not something I normally get with Cohiba, but it is excellent nonetheless. 2/3 - Lemon zest has faded to the back, but mocha note is running strong and oh so delicious. Draw is a touch loose but overall not impacting the burn or flavor. Smoke output is lush and silky, aroma is superb. 3/3 - chocolate note fades but milk coffee still present and the lemon zest/citrus note has returned. Started off medium strength and built to medium full. Sometimes when smoking a subpar Cohiba, I question if they are worth the price? When smoking one that is this good, I question if I can afford to smoke more Cohiba’s! Appearance 9/10 Draw 9/10 Burn 9/10 Aroma 10/10 Complexity 8/10 Taste 49/50 Total 94 PS - I needed 14 points from Devante Adam’s in the Sunday night game to lock in my fantasy football championship. Devante finished with 19.5 points to bring me home the title! Fantasy win, Cardinals win, superb cigar, made for a hell of a Sunday!
  4. New Year’s Day and reaching for one of my favorite cigars. Something about the Bolivar profile that speaks to me and a Churchill format is just more of a good thing. Wishing this cigar was still produced as I have to savor what’s left of my last box. Cigar has a dark maduro wrapper, a few large visible veins, but smooth to the touch with nice sheen. Draw feels a bit tight, but not too bad to cause concern. 1/3 - creamy stout and earth notes of leather and mushroom/umami, with pepper on the fringes. Starting off medium full strength, with 6+ years on the cigar, still has plenty of punch and a touch of mongrel to it. Draw is a little tight but not bad enough to risk taking the draw tool to it. Aroma is sublime. 2/3 - creamy stout and leather holds true, along with a toasted bread that is slightly burnt. There is also this sour twang note that is starting to build. Smoke is thick and lush, coating the entire pallet, lick smacking good. Draw has been massaged open, no issues there. Cigar has built to full strength & full flavor. Pairing - Four Roses Bourbon is one of my favorite whiskies to pair with cigars. Their high rye mash bills seem to never disappoint with a good cigar. This is a 10 year 8 month Single Barrel Barrel Strength from their OESF recipe, coming in at 58.7% ABV. There is a maple vanilla sweetness up front, mint on the mid-pallet and a long spicy finish. 3/3 - creamy stout and leather holds true throughout the cigar. Developing near the end of the cigar I notice a savory beefy note. Almost like a ribeye seasoned with salt and pepper, mouthwatering good. Would probably pair perfectly with a meaty scotch. Finishes long, just like the whiskey. Appearance 9/10 Draw 8/10 Burn 9/10 Aroma 10/10 Complexity 10/10 Taste 50/50 Total 96
  5. New Years Eve evening, a few hours before heading out to a small get together with family and friends, decided to fire up a HdM Epi. 2. 1/3 - Cigar appears to to be superbly constructed with a silky smooth rosado wrapper that has plenty of sheen and no visible large veins. Draw cold seems near perfect with just a slight resistance. Cream and clove primary note with cinnamon on the fringes. Some cedar and an earthy mushroom note as well. Lots going on here but full of flavor and very enjoyable. 2/3 - Cream and cedar with a bouquet of baking spices, including cinnamon, clove and nutmeg. Draw is perfect, burn is razor sharp. Coming in just under medium strength. 3/3 - Cigar has had a lush creamy texture throughout but in the final third the earthy notes of mushroom, green bell pepper and leather have overpowered the much preferred baking spice notes. Appearance 10/10 Draw 10/10 Burn 10/10 Aroma 9/10 Complexity 9/10 Taste 44/50 Total 92
  6. It had been raining non-stop for a few days straight, so I was excited when I got the invite from a buddy who is a member of a speakeasy cigar lounge at the Macallan Pub House in Brea, CA. In the restaurant you enter the lounge through an old secret door in the back of a phone booth. Inside the lounge you will find swanky furniture, a full bar, a poker table, liquor and cigar lockers and a dinner menu. It’s probably the coolest place I’ve smoked a cigar in. Special occasions call for special cigars, so I grab a 2016 el laguito rolled lancero and sit back for a good time. 1/3- Cigars appearance isn’t the best in comparison to others in the box with a yellow spot and some decent size veins in the wrapper. Draw seems near perfect cold with a slight resistance. Initial flavors of milk coffee & orange zest present. 2/3 - Milk coffee & orange zest remains primary flavor notes with hints of honey on the fringes coming in and out. Pairing - Eagle Rare 10 year single barrel bourbon. A private barrel Eagle Rare pick from Clete’s Liquor in San Dimas, CA. From Buffalo Traces Mash Bill 1, this Eagle Rare brings notes of cherry, caramel, vanilla and bit of sweet oak. Best bang for your buck bourbon available in my opinion. 3/3 - Milk coffee note never turns dark or bitter, orange zest present pretty much from start to finish and hints of honey continue all the way to the band. Draw was perfect, burn was near perfect, lovely aroma, medium strength, full flavor. Pure elegance in a cigar, through and through. Appearance 7/10 Draw 10/10 Burn 9/10 Aroma 10/10 Complexity 8/10 Taste 49/50 Total 93/100 Experience, cigar, whiskey & time with friends 100/100 More pictures of the lounge, including a cigar and whiskey vending machine.
  7. Thank you. Feel free to message me any questions. Short version was 8 hours at 200F. Wrap in butcher paper, crank heat to 250F for additional 6 hours. Time depends on size of brisket. Wrap at 160F internal temp, pull at 200F internal temp. Wrap in towel, put in cooler to rest 2-4 hours.
  8. Thank you, yeah I got lucky, usually I end up destroying them when I go that deep with the poker. Bolivar in the holiday dry box is a 2015 Corona Gigantes, review will follow in the next week or so.
  9. Woke up on Christmas morning with a bit of a headache after over indulging at our Christmas Eve party. Misses made a nice breakfast, we opened presents (got a new lighter & cutter) and then it was time to take the edge off with what would hopefully be an excellent cigar. Esplendido is one of my favorite special occasion cigars. I haven’t been disappointed by one yet, however this one has an extremely tight draw at cold, bordering clogged. Wrapper appears to be on par with what you expect from a Cohiba but the constricted draw has me concerned. 1/3 - Backbone flavor of lemongrass with notes of milk coffee and hints honeycomb in the background. Flavors are excellent, but the elephant in the room is this tight draw. I try to massage loose but it’s not happening. I bust out the perfecdraw tool in a last ditch effort to save the cigar. Somehow I’m miraculously able to break the clog, without destroying or poking through the wrapper. It’s not cleared to the point of having a perfect draw, but it’s workable and I’m no longer considering ditching an expensive cigar, so I’ll take it. 2/3 - able to relax a bit now that the draw issue has been resolved, decided to crack a beer to help take the edge off. Milk coffee note has taken over as primary note with some orange zest coming in and out. Cigar has an occasional hit of pure honey that is mouthwatering excellent. Pairing - Beer is a Lagunitas Contents Under Fresher IPA, which is a annual brewery release of day fresh beer where they brew fresh whole hops of mosaic, simcoe, citrus and sabro hops, opposed to dried for kilned hops. Beer is juicy hazy IPA that is extremely hop forward with a nice citrus taste profile, which pairs excellent with a Cohiba! 3/3 - milk coffee note turns to dark coffee and then back to milk coffee. Citrus zest is still present, but honey notes have dissipated. Aroma is picking up in intensity, strength has built from medium to medium full. Pulled the band off and apparently I did poke through the wrapper, luckily the band kept everything intact. Even with the draw issues, burn was razor sharp and flavors were on point. Appearance 10/10 Draw 3/10 Burn 10/10 Aroma 9/10 Complexity 10/10 Taste 48/50 Total 90 Christmas Day Pictures:
  10. Christmas Eve started early with putting a brisket on the pellet grill at midnight to let smoke throughout the night to have ample time to smoke and rest for Christmas Eve dinner. Off to bed and woke up at 7am to find a nice bark establishing. Decided to fire up an RyJ Churchill while waiting for it get to the point to be ready to wrap. This box of RyJ Churchills have been excellent, so high hopes for my Christmas Eve morning smoke. This cigar appears to have spectacular construction with a beautiful rosado wrapper with tons of sheen and no large visible veins. Draw at cold feels near perfect. 1/3 - From the get go there are notes of stewed fruit, black berries, toasted bread and some wood notes in the background. Draw is perfect, smoke is thick and lush, touch under medium strength, perfect Christmas Eve cigar! 2/3 - Dark fruit notes have evolved to a sweeter berry and cream profile. Wood notes still present in background. Outside a bit of a wonky burn on one side, cigar seems near perfect. Aroma is spectacular, even with a little wind present, I find myself wafting the smoke around my nose. Pairing - Paired this morning cigar with a single origin Ethiopian coffee bean from Onyx called Tropical Weather. Onyx list notes of mixed berries, sweet tea, raw honey and plums. Perfect coffee to pair with the berry forward RyJ! 3/3 - cream note has dissipated and sweet berries has gone back to a darker berry profile. Some earth and leather notes build near end to go with wood notes that have been present throughout. Draw was perfect throughout, built up to medium strength. Burn was wonky on one side and required a touch up, may have been a result of some wind and smoking too fast. Appearance 10/10 Draw 10/10 Burn 7/10 Aroma 10/10 Complexity 8/10 Taste 48/50 Total 93 Christmas Eve pictures:
  11. PSD4 RASS Monte 2 PLPC H. Upmann Mag 46 H. Upmann Epi 2 Bolivar BBF Partagas Short RyJ Churchill Cohiba - anything from the classic or siglo range
  12. This weekend involved getting the house ready for Christmas. Lights, tree and decorations up, presents wrapped, one more week of work and it’s time for a much needed vacation! Punch 48 was the cigar of choice after weekend prep was completed. The cigar appears to be well constructed, with a Colorado Claro wrapper, slight sheen, smooth to the touch and no large visible veins. Draw at cold feels a little tight, might have to bust out the perfecdraw. 1/3 - right off the bat getting notes of unsalted roasted peanuts as a primary note with some hints of wood and buttered toast. Draw is a little tight but going to try and massage open. Smoke output is thick with a waxy texture to it. Aroma is spectacular. 2/3 - roasted peanut remains the primary note with hints of toasted bread and anise/black licorice. Draw has opened up a bit, burn is razor sharp. 3/3 - cigar turns a touch bitter in the final third. Peanut shells and burnt toast with hints of leather and wood. Whiskey - paired the cigar with an Elijah Craig Barrel Proof C920, which is a 12 year uncut unfiltered whiskey coming in at a hefty 66.4% ABV. Although this is a strong whiskey it doesn’t drink as hot as the ABV suggests. Notes of caramel popcorn and peanuts gives you boozy cracker jacks. Perfect pairing for the punch 48. 60 minute smoke time Construction 10/10 Draw 7/10 Burn 10/10 Aroma 10/10 Complexity 6/10 Taste 42/50 Score 85 Some pictures from the weekend:
  13. A cold and rainy morning has it finally feeling like winter in Southern Cal. The dogs love to play in the rain, so I fired up a fresh pot of coffee and sat down with a Monte 2 to get the week started off right! Cigar appears to have been decently constructed, with no large veins. It doesn’t have an overly dark wrapper but nice sheen with a slight texture to the wrapper. Not rough or tacky, but not smooth to the touch either. Draw cold appears spot on with a slight resistance. 1/3 - Coco powder is the primary flavor with hints of dark roasted coffee and cream. Montecristo DNA to the core. Perfect draw, burn is a bit wonky but not horrible. Outside of whiskey, coffee is my favorite pairing choice, especially when paired with a good Monte, hard to beat! This coffee is Onyx Monarch, a blend of Ethiopian and Columbian beans. Onyx claims the coffee to have notes of dark chocolate, red wine and dried berries. Don’t know about all that jazz, but it’s a tasty coffee that pairs very well with Montecristo. 2/3 - Dark roasted coffee has taken over as the primary note, with cream and coco powder still present as secondary notes. Not overly complex but the flavors that are present are rich and delicious. 3/3 - burn seemed to straighten out in the final third, was never bad and didn’t have to touch up, but was a little uneven throughout a majority of the cigar. Coco notes fade in the final third but coffee and cream remain present throughout. Overall this has everything I look for in a good Monte, coffee, cream & coco in a medium body, full flavor cigar. Outside a less then perfect burn, only criticism would be the smoke felt a bit thin and didn’t have that lush texture which coats the entire palate, like you would want from a top tier cigar. That said, draw was perfect and flavors were on point, can’t ask for much more then that. 75 minute smoke time Construction 9/10 Draw 10/10 Burn 8/10 Aroma 9/10 Complexity 7/10 Taste 47/50 Score 90 Pictures of dogs playing in the rain, this may have been a mistake…
  14. Relaxing Saturday after our Christmas block party on Friday night. Nothing to do but overcome a hangover, so decided to fire up a double corona. This Hoyo de Monterrey DC comes from a 2016 50 cab that has produced some of the best cigars I’ve had. One of my all time favorites, so anticipation and expectations are high. This HdM DC has a stunning appearance with a Colorado wrapper that has plenty of sheen and is silky smooth to the touch. Draw cold seems near perfect with just the slightest resistance. 1/3 - Right from the jump this cigar brings a myriad of delicious flavors. Cream, baking spices of nutmeg and cinnamon, cedar, roasted almonds, dark roasted coffee all present in the first third, excellent. Smoke has a lush creamy texture to it, draw is perfect, medium strength, full flavor, delightful aroma. Checking all the boxes for what you could hope for in a excellent cigar. Whiskey - Didn’t grab a whiskey until I got into the 2/3 of the cigar, made the mistake of a pour pairing choice on my last review, so trying to get into the cigar a bit before I made my pairing choice. The whiskey I decided on is a 13 year straight bourbon whiskey single barrel from Joseph Magnus, who sources its barrels from Midwest Grain Products (MGP) in Indiana. Whiskey is 49% ABV and has tasting notes of sweet oak, black cherry, vanilla & cinnamon apples. Baking spices ramp up on the finish, making a complex, sweet & spicy whiskey that is oh so delicious. 2/3 - The cream profile has evolved to more of a sweet cream note. The roasted almond note has evolved into more of an almond praline. Not sure if the sweet whiskey on the pallet is bringing forward sweeter notes on the cigar, but I am sure that what was already a great cigar, appears to be getting even better. 3/3 - cream and spice carry through to the very end, the whiskey seems to have amplified the cinnamon notes. The cedar notes from the cigar and sweet oak notes from the whiskey really mingle together nicely in the final third of the cigar. Overall there was excellent construction, a perfect draw, full flavored, complex, medium strength to a touch over medium by the end. One side did burn a bit faster then the other and required a little touch up, but outside that it was near perfect. Best cigar I’ve had in recent memory, probably all year! 125 minute smoke time Construction 10/10 Draw 10/10 Burn 8/10 Aroma 9/10 Complexity 10/10 Taste 49/50 Score 96 Pictures from the Christmas block party the night before:
  15. Buy him a desktop humidor for Christmas and send him a link to 24:24.

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