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  1. terrible loss indeed saw many fine shows dating back to 1982-1983 tour. his music shall live on forever
  2. im pretty deep in with h upmann PC's they have their own wineador LOL (20 boxes deep) monte especial no 1's deep wish I could go deep with cohiba lanceros but there just is never enough stock for me to find
  3. my first choice is of course the monte especial no 1 and 2 then I would go with the cohiba lancero then the Gloria mdo 4 and yes the pattern is obvious I love my skinnies trini fundy and then everything else
  4. from my personal experiences I have seen mold stored at mid 60s and this is why for the past 11 + years I store my cigars at 70F-72F 58-62RH and have never seen a single cigar of mine ever have mold again (the reason why I went to a higher temp in the first place ) just my 2 cents though of course
  5. all the time except for my crazy upmann PC's buying frenzy (bought 20 boxes I know crazy* frenzy) I really haven't bought any boxes since 2012 I think? something around that time I am so stocked up right now but maybe if the crops are good towards the fall of '17 into '18 I might get tempted to stock some '17 boxes for the future just to taste the difference since the youngest boxes I own are from 2014 I would be curious to see if any changes would come in the 17 stock
  6. nothing like a beautiful day in central park smoking a cigar, sorry you had that bad experience but alas it happens hopefully the next p2 will more than make up for it and sometimes with the pyramids might have to cut a little further down
  7. man another terrible loss of such an icon, got to see him numerous times he never missed a beat even in his mid 80s another legend is gone you will be missed
  8. and this is the reason why 90% of my stock is aged/vintage I cannot finish the last third of a cigar if its not aged. I have tried a few times (a young party d4 bolivar royal corona for examples) then I smoke 15 year old versions and the difference is just wonderful nub right to the end
  9. yep boxes all the way when you run out of space well you know its time for another wineador
  10. definitely the case with my favorite cigar of all time the monte especial no 1 and 2 I have 40 year old samples that are pure bliss for me its all about at least 5+ years on every cigar I just love the mellow tastes that change over time specially in the ryj's, glorias and qdo's to name a few
  11. sounds like something very "fishy" is going on here but I did have a strange experience once with a tatuaje black tasted like burnt plastic and that was the end of that cigar for me
  12. it started out for me as singles as my uncle used to bring me back lots of Cubans to try and from there I got an idea what I would like and then boom 20 + years later I amassed my large collection (although my Cuban cigar collection didn't really take off till about 11 years ago)
  13. in my experience I will say no 90% of my stock is over 10 years old and every box I own just gets more amazing as the years pass, my oldest boxes are from the late 70s and to me they are just amazing some will enjoy stronger cigars so then they will probably not enjoy vintage as much for me personally I love the mellowed out flavors that develop over the years. I have many boxes from the 2003-2008 period and ive had no problems at all in fact my box of bolivar tubos no 2 from 2007 and a box of PC's from 2005 and they are still strong!!! same with a few partagas so I like that the stronger bran
  14. looks like someone will need another one soon but man it looks awesome congrats
  15. 1 box a year wow can anyone just buy 1 box ? LOL monte especial no 1 is all you need if you cannot find it go with the no 2 equally outstanding

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