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  1. JL #2. Never disappoint. Smoke great and nice price.
  2. 100%. Are we seeing a trend here. Probably also a direct correlation to the number of cigars in our cigar can never have enough.
  3. Much good advise in this thread. But the best is: 1. Hire a good lawyer immediately as your wife, soon to be ex, has shown her stripes; 2. Smoke away, as many as you can enjoy. Good luck in navigating these tough times.
  4. 1976 BMW 2002. Jade Green. I pulled together every penny I had, and my Dad loaned me $1500 more to buy it. No AC, crank windows, no radio, but I loved that 4 speed BMW engine. Ran like a tank. Owned it for 8 years, and then it started to develop carb issues. I had to carry a gas can in my trunk and prime the carb every week or so as it stalled. I had it looked at by several mechanics and no one could figure it out--HATE, but I still loved that car. Amazing that I bought the 2002 in 1976 for $5800, and sold it in 1984 for $6200. Try doing that today.
  5. No worries liquid360. And Welcome. Classy gesture by Rob to send you a responsive email, and typical of what you can expect here at FOH.
  6. Short but good. Teases you for more info on our beloved Partagas cigars.
  7. Another vote for Redbreast, and especially the 12 year Cask Strength. Great stuff. I also like Black Bush. Great sipping whiskey.
  8. Congrats!! You've got your eye on the ball as to what is important in life!! Cigars and whiskey-bourbon are to celebrate the great parts of life you are now experiencing.
  9. Born, raised, and full time resident of Atlanta. On my death bed I might well say: "How did the Falcons lose the 2017 Super Bowl". Now, I've said it: I feel better.
  10. Just ordered. Discount code still works. Thanks to Cigar Fan 29 and all posters for the feedback. This is a no-brainer, esp since this tool has been vetted by so many FOH cigar experts.
  11. The folks in charge will be looking for a scapegoat, for sure. When, in reality, the heads that should roll are the ones at the top who allowed a system to be in place where a mistake like this could happen, without some check or confirmation. "Bubba", hitting the button at a shift change is farcical. Whole story is SCARY, in the event itself, and as a statement as to where we are in the world at this time.
  12. Punch for most cigars. Double blade for Piramides and Bellicosos.

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