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  1. Thanks.... it was a pleasure spending time with Max and his team while preparing the article.
  2. Hi there, amazingly beautiful..... I love the construction and capacity, lights work great and maintains temp and humidity real good. Shelving is nothing special, but works fine. Hygrometer seems to be tricky and not well calirated, but since I have external hygrometers, I am not too worried. If you want to store and age a large number of sticks, you will not regret buying one. Jorge
  3. Hi there, Hygrometer seems to be always 5-7% under what I read on a separate Ambient Weather WS-10-X4 Wireless Indoor/Outdoor 8 Channel Thermo-Hygrometer with Four Remote Sensors, which I purchased on Amazon based on a recommendation from someone in this group. The humidor comes with instructions on how to calibrate but it looks like you have to mees up with more than what I really want to mees with so I chose to use the external hygrometer instead. I believe we can disconnect the hygrometer inside and make the calibration, but I honestly have not played with it much to make sure I am not going to mess it up. Otherwise it works great and looks even better.
  4. The Reagan finally arrived, great construction, average shelving. it weighted almost 600 lbs......
  5. JP, thanks for your reply, truly appreciated. I should be getting my REAGAN in July and will use your recommended humidity monitoring system and recommendations. Will send some pics once it is installed (and filled....)
  6. Thanks a lot. Just purchased mine and should be here around June. I agree that for the price, it is hard to find a large humidor with same characteristics. Do you use solution or distilled water? is the humidification element the green blocks or something else? Any other tips? All the best... Jorge
  7. All, same here, thinking of buying The Regan soon, but wanted to hear some reviews. Anyone got any? I assume it is made in China so I wonder about overall finish, seal and humudification/cooling systems. Any other options for cabinets that size??? Thanks a lot
  8. Laxman, did you buy The Reagan humidor? thinking of getting one.... welcome your thoughts .thanks
  9. HI there, I may be moving from Brazil to Panama next summer and was wondering what any of you has done in the past to move internationally with a large cigar collection (600-700 sticks). Putting them into a container with the move is not really an option since the container may be on hold at customs on either side for God knows how long (this is Latin America....). I was thinking of packing them up nicely with bovedas, ziploc bags and bubble wrap into two separate carry on suitcases and take them with me and one of the kids as carry on. Taking Cuban and non-Cubans with me. Cubans mostly in boxes, others are loose or boxes. Air on planes is super dry. Any other ideas? Gracias

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