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  1. I see one on sale at K&L The following is quote from their site about this region: Gevrey Chambertin - For many wine aficionados, Gevrey Chambertin is the northernmost end of the true Côte d'Or. The largest of all of the communes, it has 9 Grands Crus (Chambertin, Chambertin Clos de Bèze, Chapelle Chambertin, Charmes Chambertin, Griotte Chambertin, Latricieres Chambertin, Mazy Chambertin, Mazoyeres Chambertin and Ruchottes Chambertin). The best Premier Cru wines come form the vineyards nestled along a hill to the west of the village. The Grands Crus are planted in compacted limestone, while the soils in the rest of the village vary as to their clay content. If we are to characterize broadly, the wines are powerful, muscular and need time in the bottle to develop.
  2. I recommend making sure that it's a "weathertight" type. I have 2 of these and they hold RH like a champ IRIS Weathertight Storage Box, 41 Quart Weathertight - Clear I'm more of Heartfelt beads guy. I bought 2 of their nylon bags and have fist sized amount of beads in each tub. This arrangement hold RH much better than my 3 desktop wood humidors. Actually I have an antique Cooper lined humidor smoke stand that keeps RH better than the wooded desktops
  3. Love/hate: 1999 Volvo S80. One of the last of the true big luxury cars. Great ride. Roomy. It felt like sitting in one of the Cadillacs of old. It was a joy to drive when it wasn't in the shop. In the first 51,000 miles, all the calipers replaced, all the rotors replaced, and the transmission blew at 50,100. Volvo wouldn't chip in on the tranny repair, warranty ran out at 50,0000. Last time I ever looked at Volvo.
  4. Weather is a big factor for me; only a few months when it's not freezing or sweltering. So, the long sticks are saved for late spring and early autumn; and even then, for the weekends. Perhaps when I retire further South from here (in USA), things will change.
  5. I was hoping to find a shorter format Lusi-like as well. It's hard to dedicate such a large block of time on a regular basis. Thanks for all the leads. I guess this will be my quest for the year.
  6. First box of JL2 ever just arrived today. Bought on 24:24. They looked and smelled too good to leave alone so I broke down and had 1 today. Now I know what the buzz s all about. Loved it. Can't wait for it to acclimatize. These might end up in my backup rotation along with RASS.
  7. Link to a sample of the Mylar bags that I mentioned
  8. Belated comment on ziplock bags and plastic I'm into gardening so long term storage of the "harvest" is important. I've been doing research on what Prepper and Survivalist do for food storage. Basically, plastic is porous and only good for very short term storage. They use Mylar bags -- which are impermeable -- in vacuum sealer machine ( you can buy bags with a "zip seal). Only issue with Mylar bags is that they are silver so you can't see what's going on in the bag. But they are reusable. So if you use an oversized bag, you can seal it, open it as needed, take some stuff out, trim the open edges, and then reseal it. They are using these mylar bags to store shelf stable food for decades ( rice, dry beans, flour, freeze dried veggies, etc).
  9. Looks beautiful. Would like to know how these are at keeping stable RH. Please keep updating.
  10. I'm in Boston 2 weeks of the month -- by Patriots Stadium. I love a great place in Pawtucket Rhode Island. Only 20 minute drive down I-95. Its Boulevard Cigars on Armistice Ave. Full bar and kitchen. food is excellent. Standard NC selection at good price Back home --- nothing like this within 1-1/2 hrs. All I have is some cigar shops with seating area.
  11. To alleviate your consternations, I can make time in my schedule to provide quality assurance services. Just ship me samples on regular basis for some very thorough destructive testing. Pro bono service of course. Always happy to help.

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