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  1. Because Cuba?😀 I have prob bought over 120 boxes . So far only 1 "bad" box, MC2. Just a bad/off/ taste. PTR DIC 16. I buried them, and actually tried one last week. They are getting decent, atleast that one was.
  2. does the code check out on the site? They even fake reyes? Wouldnt think be worth it
  3. Grabbed some "new" vs "aged" from a local guy to compare. Not super old but are mostly 13s, so thats old for me. Will be interesting to compare. The single monte is an 07
  4. Time to get the Weekend started!! Have a great one Folks! Torreon (LGR OCT 17)
  5. Good to hear I just snagged one! How are they aged...and decent fresh? So far letting sit for 30 days
  6. Worst by FAR was a late 80s Volks rabbit Diesel....what a HUGE POS. Major issues with engine/electrical/rust Best, still have a 2002 Volvo V70 2.4T. Solid as a rock, and now has 550k Klms on it. Winter beater/spare car now. Best/most fun is a 2015 Volvo V60 Polestar. Have embarrassed some VERY expensive cars on the track with this.Great sleeper
  7. Had planned Cuba this fall, but who knows now. After working through this crap, we really need a vacation, NOT a staycation!!
  8. Nice box local again of Reyes. How long should these age? I'll try one in 30 days, buy not sure what to expect, as never had any.
  9. LOL not as much as you would think actually. Private, not at the chief ;-)
  10. Thanks Folks.....I ended up passing. Id rather smoke than collect.😉
  11. Grabbed a nice 50 ct of nice shorts locally
  12. Anyone try these? I have a chance to get a box local . Can't say I have heard much of these.

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