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  1. Yikes , down to 4 D4s left....I better get lookin😕
  2. Finally starting to get some stuff hung up in the lounge, and even got the AC in on the weekend. . Grabbed this neon sign off ebay last year. Pic doesnt do it justice , colours are much richer. Anyone else have any neat neon stuff? Hard to find any cigar related stuff.
  3. After a crap start to the week, time for a good cigar!! SigIII tonight!
  4. Sig II for the win tonight, best Cohiba Ive had in awhile!!
  5. Couple from the weekend , and tonight. Stay safe folks!
  6. Excellent !!! I still have all my Floyd vinyl, ....but no turntable. Something I'm going to have to search certainly does have a unique sound. Thanks for the reminder,, putting some on right now, just not on vinyl😀
  7. Good luck fella, and here is hoping for a speedy recovery!
  8. What a great stick...... Partagas Lusitanias (BUP MAR 18)
  9. A San Cristobal De La Habana Torreon (LGR OCT 17) up tonight. Have a great night folks!
  10. Interesting that the closure came from Cuba? I would have thought they did a good business there from what I read? I started this hobby 10 years too late😕
  11. Modus great! It does have a have an barbed poker on other end similar to PerfecDraw, but PerfecDraw works a little better.
  12. Two of my all time favs tonight, LaTrova and HC7. I wish I had 10 boxes of these instead of down to half a box!

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