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  1. Love these. Have 50 cab sitting, while have about 15 left out of another 50cab.
  2. Sweet Jesus....are flame throws legal there???😱😆
  3. You folks need waaaaay more good pesticide down under 😱😆 Clusters of Spiders Try to Escape Rising Floodwaters in Regional New South Wales - YouTube
  4. As with lovethehaze, I also work in the industry. EVs either full or hybrid, are great for people that can afford to buy new and keep for max 4 or 5 years. Two big things that keep them from going big IMO is upfront cost(with or without tax incentives) , and the effect to the grid, if all of a sudden everyone starts charging their cars. There are already many brownouts on really hot/cold days start plugging in millions of cars? Sure in big cites maybe its an easier fix, but there is a TON of rural area out there that would be very cost prohibitive to upgrade. Back to the cost
  5. Ozark The Americans (surprised no one mentioned yet VERY good imo) Bosch Chernobyl Breaking bad
  6. While I am still not in a huge rush to get it,(not that it matters as will prob a awhile before I can anyway...) it did hit a little closer to home last week. I'm a Dealer tech, and a local dealer had an outbreak 2 weeks ago. Started as 2 people, with very little symptoms. Then turned to about 37+ over the following week. And this place was careful, with protocols. So it does seem to spread easy. Thankfully, nobody got real sick from it. I'm surprised really that it took that long to hit a dealer, what with all the cars we are in and out of.
  7. Whats it cost you USA folks to get this if you dont have insurance?
  8. Nice!! How was it busy wise?? Dont see alot of people around?
  9. Good stick(RUM DIC 17) for my anniversary?Have a great weekend folks
  10. Thanks for the update! Hopefully as it gets colder/more people inside, it doesn't keep trending up. Fingers crossed!
  11. Since on holidays for the week and not going anywhere, picked away at Cigar Lounge the last few days. Got smoke evac system in(only had parts for over a, and put wood cladding over the foundation/insulation around the edges. Looks much more like a lounge and not a garage now. Epoxy coat for the floor this spring...Time for a siiigar now!! CORO BUP Oct 19

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