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  1. Anyone up for a meet there before the weather turns cold?
  2. A shame.....Gov. sure loves the new weed taxes though!!
  3. Hanging on the deck on a humid Sunday....Have a great days folks!
  4. Double stick night, MC Especial #2, and a MC Double Edmundo,with a splash or 6 of HC7. Wife is away so a good night to have a couple of sticks and binge watch some TV in the Cave!
  5. Great way to start a holiday Monday.....have a great day folks
  6. A great LaTrova night, with some Wisers. Have a great night folks!
  7. lol Gotta get stuff on the walls and some shelves up. I have some old cigar boxes, may put them on ceiling, looks good if done right.
  8. Great night...1st smoke in the new man cave/cigar lounge! Its far from finished but time to break it in! Picked a great PSP Conni 1 I got from here with a few great whiskeys. Have grabbed some great stuff to put in here , and 4k 50in TV, bangin sound system, leather chairs, etc. I have set of the prints that was available from LCDH that i'm going to get framed up. We moved into this new build a few months ago, and I had planned to convert this large 1 car garage into a space just for this, the first time we looked through it. Its set 90deg from the other 2 car garage, so it will be easy to put a sliding glass door to seal it off. Even has hydronic floor heat for the winter. And on those nice days I can throw up the door! I will enjoy this more than a room in the house for that reason. Will be so nice to crank up the tunes/movies without bothering anyone. Just have to grab the smoke evac. stuff I have planned, and prob a split a/c system to keep it nice on those hot days. Thanks to ALL here for all the help/info/encouragement since I have joined, it wouldn't have happened if I had not stumbled on this place almost 3 years ago. Even the wife thinks this is a great idea😂 So thanks folks, anyone from the area, or close by for any reason please feel free to stop by for a good smoke and a drink(or 3) on me. This place is the best.
  9. #2 and #4 siiigar of the day....Have a great long weekend folks!!! Bugs are out time to hide in garage
  10. Ok....where are u guys buying a UV light....u are making me nervous

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