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  1. I wouldn't say that I was dressed very well. Just jeans, boots and a windcheater. However, I can speak Dutch, albeit badly.
  2. When were you there? I was at the LCDH in Amsterdam in January and visited a couple of times. Bought a box but also a couple of singles and smoked those right away in the downstairs lounge. No question about membership. Had a couple of nice people in the lounge on both occasions and smoked and had a good chat both times.
  3. Just got a mule with another carton of Cohiba Shorts so I am good for a couple of months.
  4. Yeah, best advice I can find on cellos is that they "breathe" so maybe cut off one end if you are still worried.
  5. No. Far to lazy for that!
  6. Have now smoked my way through 3 packs of Cohiba Shorts, 2 packs of Partagas Chicos, 2 packs of Davidoff Club Cigarillos and am making my way through my second pack of Davidoff Demi Tasse. My conclusions are the following (and these are only my opinions): - Cohiba Shorts are the best approximation of a cigar in cigarillo form. Taste, flavour. - Partigas Chicos are second best as they have a slight reminder of that Partagas DNA but they also improve in the humidor - Davidoff Club are simply too dry and small. They bear little resemblance to cigars. - Davidoff Demi Tasse. Longer and more cigar in appearance but once more, when smoking, does not have any real cigar taste and experience In the future, I only plan on repeat buying the Cohiba Shorts. They give me what I want, a quasi cigar experience in a short 15-20 minute format.
  7. Congrats and enjoy it to the utmost. Spend as much time with your young family as you can as before you know it, they will be teenagers.
  8. I will be enjoying this in a craft beer pub although by the time the match rolls around, it probably won't matter if I am drinking craft beer or swill.
  9. You make me feel old. I remember when they first came out although I claim to have been a toddler when this happened.
  10. Ken, Agree wholeheartedly on you views on Tomic and Krygios. Both a disgrace to both the sport and the country they supposedly represent which is why I will never watch a tennis match if either of these are involved.
  11. Have also experienced that taking small sips instead of big puffs (as recommended in other threads) considerably improves the cigarillo smoking experience.
  12. Had a Davidoff cigarillo yesterday. a bit between the Cohiba Short and the Partagas Chico. Longer but thinner than the Short and slightly dryer more tobacco taste but enjoyable anyways.
  13. Sounds like I needed this guy when I was studying economics. Instead, I got econometrics. I still don't understand it.
  14. Agree. That respect between a coach and a player can often develop into real friendship after the player/coach relationship has ended and you often see that in great teams or teams that achieve greatness. To me, that is one of the great things about sport. The relationships that develop during playing careers but are extended, enhanced and grow long after the playing days have ended.
  15. I've smoked the Cohiba Shorts and the Partagas Chicos and much prefer the Shorts as they appear less harsh. Haven't touched the Davidoff yet but hopefully those are more nuanced. Also have tried some Wintermans before but those are just in a different taste spectrum as they taste like I image machine rolled dry cigarillos would taste and that is not a positive.

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