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  1. Both the above are why I hate watching football now. I need to stay away from my lounge the rest of the week or all I'll hear on TV are blathering idiots tallong about would, coulda, shoulda. Soccer is exciting and 4 points a game is a rarity. I think the issues with football are that it has gotten to the point where dudes are so huge that they could legit kill each other without rules skewed in favor of the offense. And then you do thst and it turns into a shootout. And then there's always whining involved now. Also kinda like soccer.
  2. I dont think pants are as big an issue as jackets. For one thing, steaming a pair of trousers will usually job out the tobacco scent, and I do it regularly anyway to decrease wrinkles. I dry clean trousers once a season and jackets every 3 seasons unless otherwise necessary. I usually just leave my jacket in the car en route to the lounge, opting for a cardigan instead which I hang in the closet. Smoke with my shirt and suit pants, no tie.
  3. I performed this study with a group of my friends, in month 4 of the pandemic, waste out of our minds. We did it for a fraction of the cost too. Where's my parade?
  4. I concur. That's why these business models will work like gangbusters. You sell a place to smoke weed, not necessarily the weed.
  5. Dude. It was obviously the Russians. Anyone can see that. I've got proof but I'm not gonna show ya. Smh...hooked on a feeling indeed.
  6. Looking forward to it. Weed hotels will work as a business model better than a cigar lounge/bar. The weed can be sold at a ridiculous premium allowing the business owner to make money. You can also sell the room at a premium for overnight stays to out of state stoners.
  7. That's really disheartening to hear, but not terribly unexpected to me. I've been buying more than I need for quite some time now and it seems like it's not as stupid an idea as my wife makes it out to be. Solution 4: muchos desnudos
  8. Apologies for taking this response out of order, but no more smoking lounge at Del Friscos? You're killing me. My wife and I used to love that place back when I lived in Castle Rock. We'd hit that place up every Wednesday night where there was this bomb jazz trio with a vocalist who could just SANG. The burgers you could get in there were spectacular as well. We made a mental note to do it again soon while driving to the airport for our scheduled vacation. That's a real shame. Going back to the beginning, it's not just the Springs. (Not actionable legal advice because I don't care that much to take the time here to be 100% accurate, but close enough for our purposes here) The Colorado Clean Indoor Air Act (CRS 25-14-204) prohibits smoking in most indoor places. There is an exception for a cigar-bar, but that is defined in CRS 25-14-203 as a bar that, as of the end of 2005, made at least 5% of its revenue from the sale of tobacco products. If you don't meet that definition, you're not a cigar bar. Also, if you have an off year and don't make 5% or 50K from the sale of tobacco (or renting on site humidors) you lose the classification for good and its no longer legal to smoke there. And CRS 25-14-204 prohibits smoking in regular bars, and pretty much everywhere else (including museums--unclear how that ever came up, mostly because Colorado has for crap museums on average, not because it wouldn't be sweet to fire up a Lusi and take in a Rembrandt). So, when they passed the Act, there were only a few places that met the definition of cigar-bar. I know the place you're referring to in your response above, and also find that place to be pretty nice when I'm in the area. But it's my understanding that it is grandfathered in--though maybe it gets around that issue by having the glass wall you described, not 100% sure. So was Del Friscos. I've heard Shanahans is as well but I don't know for sure. Oddly, Shotgun Willies was also, or was but they moved locations (see also that the CIAA prohibits a cigar bar from expanding its size or changing locations or it will no longer be classified as such and then you can't smoke there anymore). "The Dirty"--what we called the Castle Rock Bar and Grill, used to be an exception, but they inexplicably decided to give up the classification and ban smoking there. There are vanishingly few places in Colorado that retain the ability to both serve alcohol and allow you to smoke inside. The other obvious exception is for a tobacco store, which is why you can smoke in a cigar shop. That's where things get annoying. I know this because I tilted at windmills on behalf of a few friends who wanted to start a cigar bar in Castle Rock near the new expanded Outlet Mall. Would have been a great idea, and made money hand over fist as you could drop your wife off with a credit card on Sunday and grab a few beers/malts while you catch the game. Everyone wins. But there is no way around the nanny state, sadly. The exception we (I--pro bono I may add) explored was the social club exception, another potential exception, because it's not explicitly disallowed, and would not be a place of employment, necessarily (also not allowed under the Act). However, that's where I hit a wall with the liquor board, which is another ball of wax. It CANNOT be done. You can not open a cigar lounge that serves alcohol in any fashion that is generally open to the public. Or you can't for very long before someone finds out and you get shut down. That's Colorado. Purple we are, liberal we lean. That leaves but one, lone option. Be a social club that sells cigars. Members only, and guests allowed with members. That way members can bring their own alcohol and it appears to be in compliance with the law. At least, that's where I left off 7 years ago when I last dived deep into the cesspool that is the governmental regulation of our fine hobby. The problems there are obvious--you'd make more money by far if you could sell booze or food, and you lose out by allowing people to bring their own--but it's the only way to run the show if you're in it for the long haul and don't have a grandfathered cigar-bar. On a closing note, I'd love to hear what places you usually frequent in CO. I'm mostly down in the southland, so I don't get up to the Metro Area much, but my recollection is Churchills at the Brown Palace is still a neat place to hit if you can get a table. Used to know a member so it wasn't a problem, but he moved to New Zealand and I didn't want to buy him out of his locker.
  9. That is lucky. You're speaking of the Stag. I agree. It's grown too large, and the experience is not wholly pleasant.
  10. I love the interaction between you two. Reminds me of me and my best law school buddy.
  11. See, from a shop owners perspective that is absolutely annoying. If I were him I'd approach the group and offer them a more robust beverage. If declined I'd consider posting conspicuously a new policy after they left stating a drink or spend minimum or cutting fee in lieu of purchase.

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