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  1. Thanks my friend. I am happy to report that it has already mostly been earmarked. Responsible stuff like no more student debt. I will surely feel more free.
  2. Back nine, and we are ready to taste blood. I love talking about my good holes, but believe you me. When you can hit driver 365, you can end up with some embarrassing numbers. Not to mention introductions to the local property owners. I love golf in colorado. Light up a punch 48 and stsrt off on no 10. This is a peanut bomb and a lovelyaone at that. My drive was like I hit it with the peanut butter knife. Low and left. Too cute. JM makes par and we win the hole. My superbowl is 11. A dreadful uphill dogleg left par 5 into the win. I stuff driver in my happy place, 350 down the left
  3. Classy occasions call for big celebrations. I am enjoying the fact that I finally made it. After leaving a government job for the wild unknown, I settled a case worth over half a mil. Time for a Friday spent ony old favorite golf course with some good old buddies. A punch DC will accompany us on our journey. I'm playing with my friend JM, against her two other friends for the steep price of a glass of iced tea. Let's grip it and rip it. Chilly air in the morning, and one of the opponents is a doctor whose main goal is clean living. I get in his head around 9 am by sparking this bad
  4. Agreed. In a pinch, finding yourself without a cutter, settling on a Punch should do just fine. I have to say I love the idea of it folding into a cigar stand if that could be incorporated. You can't have it all in a minimalist tool, so I would suggest a Punch, bottle opener, and cigar stand. Thst should foot the bill and be a cute novelty at that. The draw poker probably won't work if it's the size you're thinking, but you could probably sneak a gas release nub on it somewhere and get away with it.
  5. The issue with the cardboard is that I don't think it acts as a good buffer against improper storage. You get cigars in a BN or even a dress box and some fluctuations in humidity are likely going to take longer to get to the sticks than through cardboard. Also, I would wager that if there is too mulch humidity, the cardboard would soak up the extra moisture and cause problems with mold that way. This is based upon nothing. Literally nothing. Except buying a 5x5 cardboard pack of 2003 hoyo des dieux and finding them to be flat and cardboard tasting at first. Also weirdly too dry and at th
  6. Dude, @Elpresidente. Colorado is still like this.
  7. I have a step son who believes the new generation of anti Vax hysteria. He alternatively believes the vaccines are a form of government control/sterilization, and that they were rushed to market. There are some pretty disturbing tik tok videos that he likes to watch, and he won't hear anyone when they try to point out "hey, isn't it possible that tik tok videos shot by 20 year Olds you don't know are fake news?" Until these types of issues get met head on its going to be a problem for many. I blame the stupid celebs for perpetrating the general anti vax point of view starting from about a dec
  8. For a change of pace, cumin, garlic salt, onion powder, and paprika. Let sit overnight uncovered on a wire rack in the fridge. Smoke it over pecan for 20 minutes on low heat, 250 f, and flash sear it. Fajita bliss.
  9. Played with a group of old guys this morning for thr first time and it got me thinking about a thread a while back about accusations of sandbagging. Kinda had a similar issue. I lit this sucker up on hole 1 and proceeded to make double, double, bogey, then another double. Then the guys wanted to start betting so I was like, whatever I've got more money than sense let's go. Cigar was lovely. Constructed beautifully. Burning very well and flavors were steady spiced bread and salt with earthy funk on the spine. So, as is my custom, I started playing better. Finished the front 9 at 9 o
  10. I second that. I am not all that big on 50 however. I'm all in for sir winnies, monte especial, fundies, partagas maduros, and Cohiba genios
  11. I would only buy blind sir winstons because beggars can't be choosers or things like Cola or monte especial 1 and 2. Even then there are no guarantees. I've seen some partagas lusis that I would not have bought on purpose before.

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