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  1. Well, it was a trying weekens. Someone appears to have tried to steal the wheels off my alfa, mistakenly believing them to be hubcaps. In so doing, they damaged the wheels and tires. After an hour on the phone with insurance adjusters and various repair shops, time for a cigar to kill the frustration. We will go with a monte 2 out of my singles drawer. Looks nice, conatruction seems lovely with a firm draw and nice tobacco notes on the cold draw. Starts off with a strange, but not unwelcome, note of red meat. Beefy like a ribeye, but quickly settlea down beneath flavora of toasted tobacco and earth. Holds a mighty fine ash with a razor burn for first third. Milk chocolate notea creep in through the aecond third and crescendo into the nub through the final act od this 90 minute diversion. Lovely night 9n the deck despite the earlier vandalism. This cigar is a solid 93. If only all examples shone so brightly.
  2. Mezcal straight is nice. I also enjoy tiki drinks with cigars now and then. Can't go wrong with an awesome tequila either.
  3. Thr last of a partsgas presidente box from 2016. Lovely. Smoked last night.
  4. Knew that one. Why are we stopping? Does @MoeFOH not know anymore words?
  5. this is not my favorite cigar. When this box ia empty, i am unlikely to buy another. That said, I don't have any diplo so its this or sit out the weekend. I'll fortify myself with a cocktail. This is my cheaters zombie punch from the cocktail thread. I made my wife a singapore sling and we head out on the deck. Lit up the cigar and it was just burning poorly. Unfortunate start and I had high hopes with the cold draw. Flavors were pretty solid however, mostly Graham cracker and toasted tobbaco. Unfortunately the clouds rolled up and pissed down on us. But it was not a huge loss. After 20 minutes I had to light this figar about 6 times and it got bitter. The wrapper was fireproof, and the downpour just iced it. Better luck next time. 6 of 10. Would have been 5 but the zombie punch and its zip of cinnamon was a nice compliement to the Graham cracker flavors when they were present.
  6. my version of a singapore sling. 2 oz gin, 2 oz cherry whisky, 3/4 oz amaro, half a lime. Dash of simple syrup and 3 to 4 oz pineapple juice. Wham
  7. Zombie punch made with BGReynolds mix. Worth it as this drink from scratch requires an enormously versatile bar.
  8. Second up, my take on a Singapore Sling. 2 oz gin. 2 oz cherry whisky, 3/4 oz amaro, the one i use has a nice cardamom and clove note to it, juice of half a lime and 3 to 4 oz pineapple juice, plus an optional dash of simple syrup. This is a cloudy monster of a drink that sips deceptively smooth, but packs a punch. It's herbaceous despite the significant fruit component, thanks to the gin and amaro in the background.
  9. For my first entry, a cheaters Zombie Punch. 3 parts mixer to 1 part dark rum and 1 part white. Not how the bottle suggests, but i find thst the addition of the dark rum adds a nice body to the drink that cuts through the cinnamon in the mix. I can say I've made this drink multiple times from scratch and it's more trouble than its worth so thr mix is a real life saver and doesn't really take anything away. Pairs well with an erdm.
  10. Hard pass. Those lockers are impossible to keep stable unless each unit or sector is individually monitored. Had a locker at an old bm once and the top right corner worked for me as I stored ccs in it. But thst was only because the humidifier unit was bottom left situated. It was a nc lounge and the members wanted consistency at 70rh. Bottom lockers inevitably grew plume, much to the delight of the uninitiated. Top lockers resulted in cracked wrappers for wet ncs that were stored for insufficient time to acclimate to the low 60rh up there.
  11. I am sadly unable to divulge information pertaining to an open case. Once my clients name is cleared, I will be at liberty to discuss in depth, should he grant me permission to do so. I will say it is a who dunnit type case. We were smoking in the library of my cigar club and the atmosphere made me hope my investigator would get up and have a Sherlock holmes Aha moment.
  12. Time for one last bolivar this weekend. This time, it will be one of the remaining Gigantes kicking around my singles drawer. Been a long time since I trashed the box and kept the remainder in a dwindling punch dc 50 cab. These are at least 5 years old and have been hit and miss. This one has a lovely sheen to it so I'm hoping for a hood smoke. Met my investigator at the cigar club as he promises good news on a homicide we are working together. Construction is solid, draw a bit firm but seems manageable. Cold draw is barnyard and funk. First thIrd is leather and earth. Excellent smoke production despite a firm draw. Uneven burn corrects itself after dropping the first ash. There is an espresso note now, along with some flavors that are unfamiliar and surprising. I think I am getting grapefruit rind on the retrohale which is a lovely nuance. Mostly still espresso and leather with toasted tobacco. Final third sees some bitter citrus notes, like the lemon twist with a cup of espresso. It's really lovely. What I am really noticing now is the strength, which has increased substantially. It's too bad they discontinued this cigar because if all mine were this good I'd put it up there with the sir Winston. Like the Mr Hyde to the winnies more balanced, creamy Dr jekyll. 9 of 10
  13. I have the Giulia ti sport. Love it. I just test drove the stelvio quadrifoglio and that is the new must have thing. They make them with sun roof now
  14. well my wife's birthday is this weekend and I made nice modest plans for us to spend a weekend in the mountains. Now my stepdaughter is coming. Oh. Also her boyfriend for 45 percent of the trip. And then my stepson and his gf want a piece. It is all too much for your humble reporter, who finds himself on the deck with another Bolivar to put to the sword. Wonderful cigar. Got rid of the box a while back to make room and the remaining 7 are in the singles drawer just beckoning to me. Draw is a bit tight but amoke production is not an issue, so i take it slow while my wife battles with her kids over logistics. Cocoa and leather. But mostly cocoa, abound in the first third. The sun sets on a muggy day in colorado springs as the second third welcomes a slightly salty earth note to the list of flavora. Despite the tight draw this smoke is going well and the evening is slowly winding down. Final third and the power is picking up nicely but there are a lot of sweet spice and chocolate notes shining through now. Rooms for the birthday trip have been booked and it only took 45 minutes. I'll find out the plan when we get there. Should bring the rest of my bolivars along for the ride, or maybe a cohiba secreto if my knowledge od the alphabet is in indication of what will be on the review block next weekend. 8 of 10 for construction. 9 of 10 for flavor. See you next weekend all

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