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  1. dominattorney

    Getting NC + CC to play nicely together

    I stopped buying boxes of nc a year ago for this very reason. I dont store any because I do believe 62 is too dry for them. I just buy them when I am at a lounge as singles.
  2. We mostly gamble either straight up Texas Hold-em, which is boring, or come up with some weird small dollar game to make a round of golf more interesting. Some of my favorites that are possibly not as well known: Wolf: played with a 4-some, each player is assigned a number 1-4. On first tee, player 4 is the "wolf" and may select a playing partner from the other three players, or he may elect to go alone. Player one hits first, and if the wolf likes the shot, he must elect him as his partner. if he does not elect before player 2 hits, he cannot later elect player 1, etc. If he selects a partner, it's best ball of partners and the winning team each receives a point worth a given amount of money. The wolf may also elect to play his own ball against the remaining 3 players, but if he does this he has to elect this option before he hits. If he wins, he gets 3 points, but if he loses all other players get a point each. Then you pay the guy at the end the corresponding amount of money who has the most points. Camel/Monkey/Dolphin: this one can be played with any number of players but is a lot of fun in a 4some. Choose a dollar amount for each "point" that corresponds to your risk level. each time someone hits the ball into the sand (camel), trees (monkey), or water (dolphin) a point is added to the pot. This is a cumulative pot that grows as the round progresses. The fun part is that the last player who has hit either a camel, money, or dolphin has to pay the corresponding dollar amount of the pot out to each other player. We play a course where there is water on the last 3 holes and the greens are heavily bunkered. it turns into a real nail biter at times, but is fun. Usually if the points are .25 the pot is around 8-10 bucks at the end. Vegas Pony: needs 4players and you have to play 18 holes. It's a round robin style game so each player will play with each other player as a team for one 6 hole stretch. Its a straight points game and the winner of each 6 hole stretch gets 5 bucks (you can also do more math and make points worth a dollar amount certain, but it can get expensive if you have a blowup). The game works as follows: team A has player 1 and 2. Player 1 shoots a 4, and player 2 a 5. Their score for that hole is 45 (lower score precedes the higher). If Team B has a score of 56, Team A wins 11 points for that hole. In our game, the team with the most points wins 5 bucks, but you can see how if each point were worth a buck it could be higher. We usually play a combination of Vegas Pony/CMD or Wolf/CMD so there are two games going at a time. I'd love to hear everyone else's favorite way to make golf more exciting too.
  3. 2003 HDM hoyo du gourmet
  4. No. That is absurdity at its finest. I'm all for the idea that "it's your money, spend it on what you want," but there is a clear limit. There is enough evil in the world that I could never justify such conspicuous consumption. If you're burning holes in your pocket that much, there are plenty of worthy causes that you would be better receptacles for your coin.
  5. I don't think they're terrible, just not generally very good.
  6. dominattorney

    Current Fitness Routines?

    Thinking about weight on the bar has changed for me as I've gotten older. I'm in my early thirties, so my monster lifts are a thing of the past. However, 1,000 pounds in the squat rack is still the same weight, whether it's 100 lbs for 10 reps or 500 lbs for 2. That is in some ways an over simplification, but I have found that I gain far greater benefits from keeping a total work weight in mind, rather than weight per rep, if that makes sense. You might try to increase your total work weight each gym session while keeping the weight on the bar the same, and when you can hit an appreciable new coal--currently I'm squatting with 225 on the bar for back squats on off days, trying to hit 10,000 lbs in 4 sets (which is 11 reps per set, and a few extra on the 4th set. I started doing this when I burned out squatting three wheels for triples, and I'm seeing promising results. I'm also macro-loading on my upper body exercises--on overhead press I'm only adding 25, 10, and 45 lb plates, and I won't add more weight to the bar until I can do a set of 15 reps with the previous weight--i.e. I can hit 135 lbs for 9 reps as of this morning, so I won't add weight until I put it up for 15.
  7. dominattorney

    Current Fitness Routines?

    Strength training has more variables than one would at first assume. When do you train during the day? What set and rep schemes are you using? I have been trying to up my Olympic lift numbers for the past 12 months and it is a strenuous process. I lift 6 days a week alternating between classic lifts and squats and more focused muscle building days so I dont burn out. What lifts are you trying to improve? For instance, I've found my weak spot on my front squat is my abs and lower back so I've spent some time on isolation work and the numbers are creeping up. PM me if you want and we can talk more in detail. It's not just getting older. I know a 70 year old who can squat 3 wheels for a set of 10.
  8. I would suggest this would matter more with a torpedo shaped head than a standard cap, but that's a blind guess. Could enable the tip of the cigar to loosen up a bit. FOHrensics anyone?
  9. Anything by foundry
  10. dominattorney

    Tactics for meetings

    You nailed it. Get outta there. My boss brags about how he's on his HOA board. I for one can't think of a worse hell.
  11. Yea. Everyone does it. Once.
  12. dominattorney

    Sunday Humor

  13. That's really cool.

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