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  1. For the final ticket, a SP2. This box has been fantastic and this sample showed promise from the very beginning. First third was espresso, partsgas twang, toasted tobbacco, and paprika. Perfect burn and construction with a medium body. More of the same in the second third, but coffee picked up as the prominent flavor, which carried through to the end and built up to a coffee and spiced cream finale. these are truly stellar. 9 of 10
  2. See? I can do box codes sometimes. I'm not a complete savage. This example was a little potentially undefilled, and had a noticeably springy feel. Construction appeared otherwise fine so I lit her up. First third was like the sd4 i had the day previous, except with a note of white pepper that built throughout. Also the strength was definitely a full medium. Very pleasant. Second third was a bit more mellow but still a solid medium with pepper and Forrest floor on the foreground. A bit of partagas twang on the retrohale too, which to me is sweet paprika mixed with a sour brett or sourdough like funk. Very nice. The undefiled cigar started to wheeze at me a little, which was my one complaint. I've rarely had that happen but it usually means you're smoking through the most undefiled area. The end mellowed out nicely into sweet yeasted bread flavors, cream, and sweet paprika. That was a real treat and one I didn't expect. Despite being underfilled, this stick never got harsh and I didn't have to fuss with relights at all. Overall very enjoyable. A solid 8 or 9
  3. Had this guy and some friends I'd his rattling around the singles drawer. I always have at least 3 boxes of sd4 in rotation, but I never really put too much stock in keeping track of the codes. To me this is the most identifiable cigar, and one that is really reliable provided ypu buy good boxes. I always get this cigar and monte 2 from our host. Too much can go wrong otherwise. Needed a companion while I knock out some last minute review of some files. I'll be prepping a deposition for Monday later and needed to get everything for my other cases squared away first. This cigar starts off with a light spice of mild paprika with a spine of Forrest floor and or sourdough. I struggle to appropriately describe the typical partagas sd4 flavor but its somewhere in there for me. Down in the second third and we are getting a bit of light shortbread and cream on top of thr partagas funk and spice. Very pleasant and perfect burn and construction. Final third goes back to the beginning with light apice and partagas funk. Though I usually nub these, this one for some reason inexplicably went out a bit after I took this picture. I didn't bother to relight it, as my wife was futzing with the sous vide machine upstairs and I didn't want her to ruin my steak. i hate to admit it. I didn't want to like the sous vide life. I got one of these contraptions for Christmas and the gifted kept asking how I liked it so we had to bust it out. Not sure anything could ever replace my love of the charcoal grill as a steak cooking method but this worked in a pinch on a cold night. Oh. And the cigar was easily an 8 or 9 of 10
  4. There's this Haitian Rhum Agricole that I've been enjoying recently. Its called clairin sajous. Its pretty grassy on its own, but in a Mai Tai with a shot of a dark rum, I prefer goslings black seal, it balances out the smooth edges nicely and lends a nice tropical cane note to the drink. The nose is overwhelming fresh sugarcane but there are some nice funky notes in there as well from the spontaneous fermentation. As I said, on its own its a bit difficult to enjoy, and its probably not what you are looking for, but in that drink it'll really elevate it. Here's the recipe. One part clairin sajous One part dark rum Juice of half a lime Half part orgeat syrup Half part or less triple sec to taste Stir or shake, but I prefer stirred, and serve with ice. Definitely benefits a bit from dilution from the ice because its otherwise all spirit and the drink itself comes in around 75 or 80 proof when mixed. With a cigar this is great because the sharpness from the lime and cane notes cleanse the palate nicely and there's enough body from the dark rum and high ABV to hold its own.
  5. Id say to just bite the bullet and dedicate a room to it in your house. If you can ventilate it. Do it. It's not too expensive or complicated to throw a few ducts or inline fans in the ceiling. Failing that a box fan in a window works in a pinch. Spring for a purifier and make sure there aren't any HVAC cold air returns thatll take the smoke into the rest of the house.
  6. With a used paper towel roll stuffed full of dryer sheets perhaps? Plus 1 for leaving the shower running on hot. Those were the days.
  7. If it doesn't, ill reglue it and Sally forth after it dries. The perfecrepair did fine repairing the cracks and holes down the sides.
  8. Five of the 10 were pretty beat up despite no obvious box damage. Unclear as to cause, as they look like they were dropped on the heads. Perfecrepair to the rescue. I hope. Looks like it held them together but won't know until I smoke them after a long rest.
  9. I just saw this. Condolences to all. I hope the service today is fitting and offers everyone a meaningful chance to bid Fairwell.
  10. I am going to try perfec repair this evening in some pretty badly beat up partagas salamons that seemed to have popped from unstable humidity during long transit time. I'll post pics and let yoy know how they turn out.
  11. Exactly. There is a game on in another thread about final selling price of Cohiba reserva cosecha sig VI. I bet these are gonna sell for something hilarious.

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