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  1. I got put on admin leave at my job in may for 2 weeks. When I found out why, my dignity required me to walk out the door for good. Through circumstance and serendipity it was the best thing that could have happened to me not 3 months later. You will pull through.
  2. Good morning all, I am writing this as my wife recovers from the mother of all hangovers following a good friends wedding. Lovely scenery at his acreage in the woods, great weather and good friends called for a great cigar. I have about 8 punch punch left from a box split about 18 months ago. My buddy kept the box so I am unable to speak to the pedigree of this baby. Construction looks great, wrapper has a nice sheen and draw is pleasant. Aroma at cold is tobacco and hay. The burn is pretty good on this stick and the first third is nice and earthy with a hint of salinity that comes and goes. I am catching up with my old work mates so I dont focus as much in the cigar as I pribably should have, but such is life. Second third sees the salt profile die down and it is replaced by a dark chocolate note. Burn continues to be solid throughout and the smoke production is good. The flavors got lost in the final third of the smoke however. I was only really able to taste tobacco and earth. The nicotine buildup left a sharpness on the palate and I tossed it after about an hour and 15 minutes. All in all a great cigar. It would have been nice if it didnt get all tarred up on the back end, but this didn't ruin an otherwise enjoyable experience. 90 out of 100
  3. Gents and gentettes, Saturday was a lazy dog day for once this summer and I sparked up a party sd4 to relax after taking the wife out for am early dinner. One of my favorite cigars, and a joy after a meal. Construction was perfect, as was the draw and burn throughout. Nothing to say here that hasn't been said time and time again about these babies. Lovely forest floor flavors, earth, mushrooms, bell pepper and black pepper spice on the retrohale. 80 minutes of bliss. My wife was enjoying a west coast dry riesling which was a startlingly nice compliment to the cigars flavors. Hope everyone enjoyed the weekend as much as we did. The cigar scores 90 out of 100.
  4. Gents, My old law partner came for dinner w his lovely fiance tonight and we had some lovely grass fed rib eyes and too many glasses of California zinfandel. One thing led to another and I offered him a monte no 3 from an 11 year old box I kept in my end table. The damn thing almost cost me a million bucks. Started off brilliant like most broken promises. All cream and aged leather milk chocolate, but then the tight draw soon betrayed me. Like a golf ball through a garden hose, our wives cheered us on in name only. Second third was all broken perfect draws and sunken promises as the smoke came in imperfect intervals. The best part was, my friend didnt know any better and thought all Cuban cigars tasted this way. I tossed mine and lit a Marlboro red, handing him the lighterx and he thanked me for a lovely evening. Should have shown photos of the tomohawk ribeye and raw milk bleu cheese. Would have been more satisfying. 83/100.
  5. The album with his trio, Day Trip is great. When We Were Free is my favorite track
  6. I think you just need to let them sit for over a year outside the cardboard to wake them up. I have about 18 more so I will let you k ow in another 6 months if they are still progressing.
  7. One of the oldest cigars I have in my collection, I snapped these bad boys up from a popular online vendor for 250 for a 25 count of patecas. I smoked 5 of them in the first year and found them to be underwhelming and cardboard tasting, so I let the rest sit for a while in some cedar boxes and forgot about them until I realized I dont have any other hdm cigars for this weekend review. Cold draw is aged tobacco, mild cream and faint vanilla which essentially duplicates the flavors of the first third. Boy is this thing creamy. The age let's the more subtle flavors through as there is no bite of tobacco at all from this thing. Baking spices weave in and out of the foreground but the predominant note is over milked coffee. A real pleasant smoke. Construction leaves a bit to be desired, and I think another 6 months down in the cedar boxes will do these puppies some good. I fear living in cardboard for 14 years is not the best thing for a cigar. second third is much the same as the first but vanilla and clove notes dominate on the retro hale. The burn has to be corrected a few times as the cigar begins to spoon. It's a mild day on the links wind wise and I have had this problem with all of the other examples from the shipment, though this is hy far the least severe. I was playing with this guy who has a knack for stepping on my cigar around the greens and he stomped this one after this picture was taken. Not sure I'd it was bc I made eagle or because he generally doesnt pay attention. Not sure come to think of it of he knew i made eagle either. In any event, a very enjoyable cigar and one I wish I had more of. Right up there w the sir Winston in my mind.
  8. Thelonious Monk plays Duke Ellington is killing it for me right now.
  9. Second tubos since they may not have their own humidor and it's a better chance the cigar will keep ok in the tube. Also, they have a souvenir after the smoking is done.
  10. Gents, My parents were in colorado for a visit and I took my dad to play golf with my new law partner. I fired up an el rey del mundo choix supreme on the links for the competition. Initial impressions were positive. I have not smoked a lot of these cigars since buying a box a few years ago and determining they needed serious down time. The construction on this one was solid and the draw was firm but approachable. Initial flavors were caramel and cream with a mild bodied smoke. I must confess I failed to dedicate a lot of attention to the cigar as the golf and conversation took center stage, but my impressions were that this was a very pleasant mild bodied cigar with sweet bread and caramel flavors in the main. The burn was impeccable and did not need any touch ups the entire way through, though the mild weather certainly contributed to this as well. Snubbed the sucker out after about an hour, but it never went bitter on me. I recall a pleasant though monodimenaional smoking journey.
  11. Yes all at once. I love a negroni or boulevardier with a cigar, mostly because I like the bitterness of the campari, though maybe it is just the balance of the entire drink. Since oj seems to be a popular pairing, I was wondering whether a campari mimosa would be a winner as well. I have no excuse for having not tried it myself other than I have been smoking most of my cigars on the golf course and not near my home bar as of late.
  12. Has anyone tried oj, campari, and prosecco yet?

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