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  1. I also have a 2017 box of this cigar that is outstanding. For whatever reason, the other box has just been cursed.
  2. These are from this one box, a box of tent poles and disappointments, that I threw out to make more space for other better boxes. I think i have 3 left from this box, most likely from 2016. Perhaps it could be age, but I am too impatient to wait on them to mature Cold draw is....nonexistent. apply a perfect draw 1, 2, 3 times. Pretty tight, but it will do. Problem is you have to pull so hard to get any smoke development that it runs the experience. The wrapper splits about an inch in. Better to just toss this rather than struggle through another hour long reverse trumpet solo. Dizzy Gillespie could smoke these. Maybe. Ironically listened to his solo from and then she stopped when I tossed it. Pretty good stuff and definitely the highlight of the smoking experience. 2.5 stars
  3. Not too many pictures here, but not too much to say. I didnt know this old faithful was in the blind tasting, totally miffed it. And I smoke a lot of them. Instead of a review I want to hypothesize as I skoke this one down. Does the earth, peppers and paprika come from the leaf itself, or from my minds eye and its perception of the fabled psd4 band, which triggers some expectation in my brain and brings about the perception of these flavors? See you on the other side of the matrix ladies and gentlemen! P.S. I am not just being cute. As the cigar burns and the classic unmistakable partagas flavors fill my basement, I cant help but seriously wonder whether it isnt all just in our heads. Seriously, I guessed romeo y julieta!
  4. Me too. I guessed sancho panza. I was positive both cigars were ones I hadn't had before.... oops
  5. Any xikar case will do you just fine. I have had a 10 count case for 5 years. Works great.
  6. Wrong this time. I enjoy this contest. Teaches me new words to use at work and confuse people with. What? You've never heard of kenopsia?
  7. Aha. I got it! Blind guess based on english literature nerdishness, but we have to celebrate small accomplishments.
  8. Smoked number 3 in Houston visiting family over the weekend. I have definitely never smoked this cigar before, but I very much enjoyed it and anticipate picking up a box upon the reveal.
  9. It was nearly impossible to dump btc near its peak. No one was buying it.
  10. I have not had experience with games at retail. Maybe I am shopping in the wrong (or right) places. I've been to 3 shops in nyc who have carried then under the table if you know how to ask.
  11. I gotta say, this one was not an enjoyable smoke. I guessed it was one of 3 robustos I have not tried. But could be wrong. Mine may have been a dud, but that is surprising because it seems to be an experience shared by many here. I got no distinct flavors. It was not unpleasant but it didnt have any zip or wow factor to it. I await the reveal.

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