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  1. Are you going to drywall the ceiling after the fan and vent install? That will be a must.
  2. It's two 450 cfm fans working together through different ducts
  3. I would suggest using inline fans, which you can put in the duct itself and anchor closer to the wall away from the vents to reduce noise. Placing mine close to the vent is my biggest regret, as the system is quite loud. It does work like gangbusters however. I think if you have enough negative airflow and your house has modern hvac a cold air return or positive flow is not strictly required. I do not have one and my smoking room works well but for the noise of 900 cfm blaring at full blast.
  4. @LordAnubis try lighting thst up and hitting ot that way a few times, then passing it off to the Prez to smoke.
  5. I just finished Carlo Rovelli's Helgoland. It was very thought provoking. It is about the history of quantum mechanics and a rumination on where theoretical physics is headed next.
  6. Be still my keyboard and bank account these next few weeks.
  7. Me too, but only bc it would be half the price of the Cohiba and indistinguishable from an enjoyment perspective.
  8. Those are nice. Do you write off both? 🤔
  9. Don't beat yourself up. It can be fixed if the blade is well forged. You should take it to someone who can look at it up close. Where are you located?
  10. The steel does not look particularly well crafted. The lack of hamon on a blade that small doesn't raise a red flag. But the nature of the steel, and particularly the edge, make me think the blade is of low quality.
  11. @Chas.Alpha if you can get a bit better photographic detail of the blade it might make identification easier. If you believe the provenance of the ivory is sound, that would mean the blade construction would likely also be of high quality. Japanese steel was generally folded many times due to the high impurity content in the older days. Additionally, most traditional Japanese blades have a hamon, or temper line, just a half centimeter away from the cutting edge. This is the result of heat treating the blade so thst the edge remains hard and the back portion remains springy to prevent the blade
  12. I dont get coro. All the others I do. Too expensive for what you get IMHO. The rest of the robusto/Hermosa 4 all fill their niche.
  13. The only one I don't get is the bean flavor people talk about I Cohiba. I don't know what to look for. The weirdest one I do get is Forrest floor from partagas. Impossible to describe really any other way.
  14. This was odd. I wish i snapped a picture but I was at my B&M last week and a guy broke out a 25 count box of cuaba saolomon. I immediately became suspicious, at first because the cigar he pulled out appeared smaller than the partagas Salomon I was smoking by a decent amount, and also because I did not believe they came in 25 count boxes. I took a peek at the box and it said 25 Salomons. They didn't look terrible, but they were about 25 percent larger than a partagas presidente. Certainly not the Salomon size. Made me think. Why fake a cuaba? I know this guy and I don't think he
  15. That point was missed the first time round by yours truly. I see it now, and appreciate it.

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