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  1. @Akela3rd where did you get a copy of that? My pre order says it isn't released until may 25.
  2. I did and I am definitely going to try that on the next underfilled stick in come across.
  3. I have a 2015 PCC aged box and 4 of them have been wind tunnels. I smoked those first as they were clearly underfilled. Thr rest of the box is pretty great.
  4. That's packaging and branding too, just by another name. I think we lie to ourselves by saying we are unaffected by expectation, in whatever guise it is presented to us. True test is to throw a Gurkha band on a vintage CC single and see how that stacks up.
  5. @Elpresidente. You read permanent style often? Never knew you were so fancy.
  6. Best memory, Like many, being the cool kid with thr secret stash of forbidden fruit. Getting the hilarious customs letter and framing it in my office. Biggest regret, Hard to regret too much of anything. I wish I went deep on monte especial when they were around. COLA used to cost around 500 a box too. My God. Bolivar corona Jr were sub 100 at the right place and time. Can't complain. Because my finances are stable and I can afford to splurge now, but damn. I'm not too worried about missing out on discontinued stock. Things I would do differently, Not worry about bu
  7. Looking that far into the future is pretty optimistic these days. KUDOS to Brisbane.
  8. Agree on the Alfa. I've had precisely one problem with my Giulia Ti sport which was that the clip that holds the sun visor in place broke when my step daughter pulled on it wrong. 15 dollar fix. I've heard people complain about the infotainment system, and frankly, if you're buying an Alfa for its radio the company doesn't really need your business. Stepdaughter and wife both complain as passengers thst its too hard to change radio stations. Everyone shuts up about everything behind the wheel. It would be a plus if they added a sunglass holder though. Also notice that when I take mine in
  9. The sir winston. Hands down best bang for the buck. Smooth and nuanced. Otherwise punch DC, stone fruit and cream.
  10. Yea. It's not a true test because the ones I saw on 24 24 had 2 plus years of age on them. I'd hope they come back and land somewhere sub 200. They're good, but they're not worth much more than 225 a box imho.
  11. TB 35. KC 27 Cigar is the last one that I have in my singles drawer. Dunno the box code. Looked lonely so I plucked it. Pretty underfilled from the feel of it. Lights up well, and just a pretty solid spine of toasted tobbaco and cream. Not a heck of a lot of nuance or development. Still solid clean tobbaco and cream flavors. Needed a few re lights. But all in all, solid stick. I wish these were still around at 6 bucks a stick. Those were the days. Best golf cigar in the world

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