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  1. Frozen North

    Summer Time Cocktails

    AKA- Kentucky Mule.
  2. Is it served in a strip joint while getting a lap dance(or 2)? If not, walk away.
  3. Definitely NOT Hawaii.
  4. Frozen North

    Choose a super power

    Curing mental illness
  5. Frozen North

    What Coffee are you drinking?

    I drink Comis roasted coffee. It’s organic Ethiopian, he then blend and roasts it himself. It’s frikin delicious.
  6. Frozen North

    Where Are My Coffee Geeks At?

    I bought my son a coffee roasting machine for Christmas. He buys organic Ethiopian beans, and has become quite the roaster. The stuff he makes is delicious.
  7. Frozen North

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    They look yummy 😋
  8. Ramon Allones 2011’s make me cry.
  9. Frozen North

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    I can help you with some of those 😊
  10. Frozen North

    FOH: A Week In Pictures.

    What a great day in Alberta, Canada 🇨🇦
  11. Frozen North

    My Vegas Mishap

    We’re in Vegas right now. Wife just won $5400.00 on the slot machines, WooHoo
  12. Frozen North

    Campers....I need a hand

    Here’s my “tent”. All 40’ of it.
  13. I’ve got 3 boxes of 56’s with 7 years on them.
  14. Would love to try one of those.
  15. I was taken advantage of 2 years ago by: And these clowns are still in business. Bought 3 boxes of Cohiba Siglo VI's. When they arrived, I checked the serial numbers on the boxes, and they turned out to be Partagas. I contacted these losers. They told me that Cuban cigar companies do this all the time. Luckily, I paid using Paypal. I got a 100% refund. And I tell everyone that will listen to me, to NEVER buy from them. End of rant.

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