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  1. I have a 6 year old Cuisinart gas grill. It never really got hot enough for me. So, out came my drill. Drilled out the flame holes larger. It’s now like a monster. It gets extremely hot now. Great for searing meat.
  2. My son is one of the designers for a high end bike manufacturer. He also build his own special made to order mountain bikes. It’s amazing what he can do. He’s in Vancouver. I’m very proud of him.
  3. Buy/fly twin engine turbo prop 6 seater plane. I’d have to learn how to fly first. Then maybe cabinet making. I could make my own casket.
  4. Just picked up this 2022 Denali HD. Need it to pull our big ass 5th wheel trailer. Too bad it’s going to sit all winter.
  5. I’m baking some pies for friends this weekend. I enjoy it almost as much as woodworking.
  6. I agree, the grey market is ridiculous. I’m ready and willing to wait to pay MSRP. I don’t need a watch this bad. But, suckers are born everyday.
  7. I’ve got my heart set on a GMT Pepsi. I really just like the bezel. Nothing special about the watch other than that.
  8. Very uninspiring to say the least. The rear springs sagged, never could get it leveled. At least my 71’ Stingray with the LS6 was fun.
  9. Said goodbye to this timepiece. I have another Sub. Just not this rare.
  10. That’s Justin Trudeau’s father on the right.
  11. You’re lucky, it’s -7* outside right now. Not much better for tomorrow either.

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