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  1. In before someone says that this is the USA’s fault....
  2. So you say to normailize relations? Forget the billions of dollars of property that was stolen, forget that no matter what the economy looks like there are still no freedoms, forget that innocent people are jailed daily for speaking their minds, forget that Cuba has been a supporter of Iran, NK, USSR, Venezuela, and Nicaragua? "El bloqeo esta aqui, no alla!" Thats what real Cubans will tell you...the Castros are the blockade, not the USA. Tourists and professors around the globe have no clue. You can continue to support it...far from the realities of Cuba. My aunt is there and hates Obama for propping the Castros up...when you go again, leave Vinales, Varadero, marina hemingway, and old Havana. Head to San Antonio de los Banos, Alquizar, or the city of Guida. See who the people there support.
  3. The sanctions never had the impact we desired because the USSR and then Venezuela propped the Castro's up. They are gone now and we remain...is being on life support a life worth living? That's the question
  4. Not wanting to get banned or start an argument, but all of you speak like non Cubans. Well i am Cuban 100% and my family and the people in my town saw 0 change with Obama's detente. We WANT sanctions because it will force change...maybe not now or even in 60 more years, but the existance the people in my town lead is not one worth trying to extend. Cigars aren't that important. My grandfather was tortured, put in a concentration camp, and barely escaped looking for freedom and some dignity. He died this year and never once regretted leaving or not going back. How can we forget the thousands like him just because we like cigars? Education will only get you so far on this topic. Go to Miami or come to tampa and live in our shoes, the exiles shoes, to get a better idea...
  5. Alot of Cubans got their stuff taken from them in 1959...my grandfather was one of them. I know the port of Havana was privately owned and operated at one point, would the companies working out of the port be affected?
  6. 2016 monte no.2 Nice smoke that has a burnt toast, cinnamon flavor at first
  7. Brazil wants to end the modern day slavery that Cuba had established...nothing wrong with that. Those doctors were miserable in Brazil making a mere portion of what doctors should make...I know because I have family on the island that said they would never ho to Brazil to work in medicine...horror stories
  8. I was just in Havana and saw no diplomaticos at the few lcdhs I was in
  9. Of course i can ask her...its not a topic that comes up often in our talks but she is very knowledgeable when it comes to cigars. She has always lived in San Antonio de los Banos so maybe a factory around there?
  10. My aunt is retired from a factory in Cuba where she did everything over the span of 30 years. She swears the Tabasco(tabacco) is all the same and is only separated based on shade. A lot that she says goes against most of what a lot of experts say here...

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