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  1. Ken you love to prove me wrong…I said that as an American “ I think” as in, its my opinion. Didn’t say wether it was right or wrong, just an opinion. Your disdain for me and/or America didn’t allow you to read and think that sentence through fully…relax man…article from an unknown site. Tells me nothing except a lot about the person who searched for it. You are for mandating vaccines, and I am against. Doesn’t make Me anti vaccine, just anti mandate. Not a shocker that we are on opposite sides of this “non political” topic. You are a proponent of big government, and I am not. What
  2. We aren’t talking draft or war or anything other than mandated vaccines. I think as an American, I have the right to choose what I put in my body and if I want to assume the risk of not getting a vaccine that is proven to work, then I should be allowed to assume that risk. I’d only be killing other people who knowingly assumed the same risk.
  3. I think the point that most people miss is that if the un-vaccinated are freely choosing to be unvaccinated and they are the ones dying, then they made their beds. If you are vaccinated, congrats. You are 99.99% covered as far as covid goes. Why are we so worried about a group of people who are willingly not getting the vaccine, knowing full well the risks they are taking? If you want the vaccine get it, that’s your choice and your right. You’ll be safe from all the crazies who don’t want to take it. If you don’t want the vaccine, and are willing to take the risks then don’t get it.
  4. I don’t like mandates, I don’t like the government in my life, and I don’t like the fact that the talking points change repeatedly. I won’t mandate any of my employees get it, but if they want it they are free to get it. I had covid and it didn’t really do anything to me. I’ll probably get the vaccine in a couple weeks, if anything just to be able to go places freely and not worry about being turned away. If I could get a card that says “antibodies” instead, I’d get that haha. This is a great topic that really shows how the members on this site lean politically. Very telling who we c
  5. I don’t know why the US is always brought up. Cuba gets plenty from the USA and other countries as well. The people are starving because of the regime. El Cangrejo(Rauls grandson) was in a lavish wedding this week with great food, great drinks, great cigars, and designer clothes. All while the people starved. I guess you can do that when you reign over a country with 11 million slaves. If the USA lifts the embargo temporarily, do you really think that will help the people in need? It will def help the people who don’t need the help…
  6. Watching this I have to fight tears back…beautiful song but such a terrible shame what happened to our country…
  7. We are going to have a blast! Wahoo and Marlin fishing on me in my boat. Can’t wait
  8. The people that I have spoken to are thinking that these deaths are fake. They seem to believe that these generals are leaving the island with false identification to avoid sanctions…. Very knowledgeable people saying these things
  9. Your welcome Ken. I’m here for you any time you want to learn more about Cuba and Cubans in general. Those guys in the island aren’t telling y’all the whole story. If they did, they’d be in jail…
  10. Welcome to the party Ken. Just in time for another lesson! It would be incorrect to assume that my community is biased. Many of the Cuban Americans that I live around are called Tampeños and are very liberal and anti anything rebublican and/or conservative. These people’s families came in the 30s and 40s and generally have quite a disdain for Post- Castro Cubans. I hear both sides regularly at the coffee shops while eating my media-noche and drinking my colada…Interestingly enough, most of these Tampeños came to Tampa from Cuba to roll cigars. I think it is silly to lift the embargo. Sur
  11. “punitive measures prohibiting foreign companies with US interests from dealing directly with Cuba.” This sounds like the companies have a choice on what they want to do. Doesn’t sound like a forced embargo. I am telling you that the embargo is rubbish. I am telling you that it’s an internal blockade. The USA is not the big bad wolf. Where did all of the cooking oil come from that was given out yesterday in Havana? They were in a desperate shortage of cooking oil just 5 days ago. Yesterday there were pallets of it. I am open to discussion and learning new things, but from people
  12. Mexico and the US have a tense relationship at best. I can’t stand the blockade nonsense though because it seems to be an agenda that is constantly getting pushed by certain people on this site. It’s rubbish. This Mexican shipment of goods will be given to a select type of person in Cuba, and others will still be left hungry.
  13. My family is not on the internet witch it weird, and I just heard from a friend that people took to the streets in San Antonio de los Banos again, and in El Cerro in Havana.

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