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  1. I'm not sure why the Montecristo Open series is so maligned on the forum. Granted, I only have experience with one box of Regata from 2015, but I've found them to be consistent and good. They are certainly no worse - and sometimes better- than an average stick in the same price range...
  2. Every once in while, I run across a cigar that has an unmistakable bread or grain character to it. Some might call it brioche... fancy bread. Can you think of any cigars that consistently deliver bread-like flavors?
  3. mwaller

    Box of the Day

    When will the Mag 54 be available? I've been meaning to try those...
  4. I'm not familiar with the Monte 3, but I had a 2016 Especial No. 2 a few nights ago, and was really blown away! I've had the box for well over a year, and was really put off by the few samples I tried early on. On a whim, tried one again. This stick was incredibly creamy and sweet with no bitterness. The flavor reminded me of latte with a splash of vanilla. The draw was a bit tight, which made it a bit of a chore to smoke, but the flavors were outrageously good.
  5. mwaller


    Try Berneroy VSOP for about $20... I don't think you'll be disappointed.
  6. I'm quite find of Bolivar in general, but I've never been particularly impressed with Royal Coronas. The few recent examples I've tried have been missing the strong earthy character that I associate with the marca. I decided it was time to try an aged example - TEB MAR 08. The stick I chose seems well constructed with a firm, but acceptable draw. The first third was dominated by mild cedar and tobacco flavors with a slight cocoa flavor on the finish. The second third was dominated by an intriguing sweet/savory note that is reminiscent of cedar and black tea. Occasionally, I got hints of fresh bread, cherry, and caramel. The intensity ramped up in the final third, and the flavor was dominated by a "salmiak" like flavor. Those who have been to northern Europe may recognize this as a strong salty licorice taste (flavored with Ammonium Chloride). There was nothing particularly Bolivar-like about this cigar, though it was certainly a decent stick. 90 points.
  7. Excess chloride in the soil will produce tobacco that won't burn. Perhaps the grower used the wrong fertilizer. Potassium Chloride is commonly used in agriculture to add potassium (K) to the soil. However, you can't use it for tobacco crops because it yields flame-proof leaf.
  8. mwaller

    ERDM Demi Tasse?

    Thanks for the comments! Sounds like I need to try the Cohiba shorts and/or Partagas chicos. FWIW, I have - and enjoy - many of the other sticks mentioned, including Partagas shorts, HUHC, Monte Media Corona, PLPC, RG Perlas!
  9. I've always overlooked this one because it's... small. But I'm finding that 15 minute cigars suit me well, provided they're tasty and strong. How are the recent Demi Tasse?
  10. mwaller

    24:24 Question from a Newb

    Sunday: 5:30pm Monday - Wednesday: 7:30pm Thursday: 5:30pm
  11. Among non-cuban cigars, I've had far better luck with maduros. A lot of the lighter colored NC sticks taste like burning cardboard to me. Having a few maduros in the lineup may help attract new customers to the Habanos brand. Just a thought.
  12. I think a friendly competition would be a lot of fun! Due to differences in growing seasons, it would probably have to be split into multiple threads... I have a lot of Corojo 99 seeds from my last grow, so I could supply...
  13. Got your page, Corylax18! I've dabbled with home growing, and it is a lot of fun. Tobacco is a vigorous plant, and will grow almost anywhere. In a temperate climate like the Seattle area, you need to start the seeds indoors about 2 months before you intend to plant seedlings in your garden. The plants grow quite well indoors, provided they get enough light. I used fluorescent T8 shoplights placed a few inches above the leaves. Curing the leaf properly is indeed the hardest part. For most home growers, the volume of leaf is simply not enough to naturally ferment in a pile ("pilon") In lieu of pile fermentation, most home growers force age their leaf in a tobacco kiln. This is nothing more than an insulated box with a regulated temperature / humidity source. A crock pot filled with water is most common. To avoid denaturing the primary enzymes that are responsible for "fermentation," you want to keep the temperature around 120-125F. In my setup, the crock pot is connected to a temperature-controlled outlet which turns the crock pot on and off to maintain a constant temperature. This process goes for 4-6 weeks. Last year, I grew Corojo 99 that was originally sourced from the Robaina farm. The plant grew very well, and produced an attractive, elastic leaf that was easy to work with. The few examples I tried tasted.... awful! I am letting most of the processed leaf rest in vapor-proof bags in the hope that time will work its magic... In my opinion, there is no great substitute for pile fermentation. And, there's no substitute for time. Commercial growers let their fermented leaf rest well over a year, and there is a reason for it. Fresh leaf just doesn't taste good! This year, I'm growing Criollo 98 from the Prieto farm. Huge thanks to the anonymous tourist who procured the seed for me!
  14. I got an unmistakable "urinal cake" essence from SCDLH La Fuerza... I got tropical fruit notes - like pineapple - from RASS.
  15. It depends on how you define smaller format. I think the Petit Edmundo are excellent!

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