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  1. In a 38 ring cigar, you don't have too much room to play with. I would recommend picking one viso or ligero, and one seco. My personal preference would be the Dominican piloto ligero with the Nicaraguan seco. I would choose either the Nicaraguan or Ecuadorean wrapper (I think Connecticut Shade tastes like burning paper, but that's me...) What are you using to bind??? That will also influence your flavor profile. As Rob said, take notes to keep track of your blends. When you are trying to finalize your blend, be sure you are sampling the entire thing (filler, binder, and wrappe
  2. I just had my first Centrofinos last night, and I was pleased. My petacas are from January 2021. They seem well constructed with attractive chocolate brown wrappers. The example I smoked had a fairly open draw. I found it to be a very pleasing mid-bodied cigar. It did not have the grassy taste that I've found in some of the other Vegueros releases. It didn't wow me with with complexity, but it didn't have many rough edges either. This is my new benchmark for modestly-priced Habanos.
  3. Thanks! Would I expect to find high quality sticks in a box like this, or is it a mixed bag like most boxes of Habanos?
  4. Does anyone know which year(s) these were actually made, and whether they are all from El Laguito? I realize they were "introduced" in 2016, but...
  5. If the filler is moist, it can take a really long time to dry down. You may want to dry box the sticks for a week before putting them in the humidor. The filler should be no wetter than necessary to keep it from cracking badly when you roll. Out of curiosity, how are you rolling the filler? Entubado?
  6. That is entirely up to you! If your raw materials aren't too wet, you should be able to smoke one a day after rolling. They will change significantly over the next month. Beyond that, I have no idea...
  7. I agree with your observations. Most non-Cuban cigars have a "burnt" smell and taste that I don't enjoy. Even the unlit cigars have a different aroma. When I put my nose to a Cuban cigar box, I typically get cedar, hay, and sometimes barnyard. Most non-Cuban cigars have a more pungent earthy smell. I've done a bit of home rolling using commercially processed leaf from a variety of non-Cuban sources, including Nicaragua, Honduras, Dominican Republic, Indonesia, and Brazil. I always test each leaf individually in a purito, and I've never found any that smell or taste Cuban. I have cr
  8. Curious to hear your opinion of recent BBF. I've had several boxes from 2015-2017, and I've found them to be a bit burnt and bitter tasting. Recent BPC have been superb - smooth and rich from the get-go. Are recent BBF anything like this?
  9. Are you planning to produce the "fatties" in the middle of the pic?
  10. I just posted a review of the Mother Supervisor. Roasted coffee profile... Very nice cigar ?
  11. When Rob first posted about his new line of Cuban custom rolls, I knew I had to try them. While my experience with customs is limited to a handful of rollers, my impression has been overwhelmingly positive. Especially in comparison to factory Habanos, which tend to be inconsistent and often harsh on the palate when "fresh." For the sake of full disclosure, I tend to smoke cigars like a shop vac... Perhaps for this reason, I find large ring cigars more to my liking. They can take the abuse without overheating. When my order of FOH customs arrived yesterday, I could resist trying one r
  12. Raphael Gonzales Petit Corona I think I got this idea from Rob, and it really is a perfect match for a morning coffee.
  13. Thanks for the explanation! For the purpose of posting reviews, how shall we refer to these? FOH Custom + vitola name?

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