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  1. Sometimes you have to take one for the team... As was the case with cigar #2. My example was a bit veiny with green patches in the wrapper. The flavor mirrored the appeance - green and rough. There were occasional hints of berries, hay, and caramel, but the overall profile was marred by bright vegetal flavors that I associate with under-cured tobacco. I'm kicking myself now for not doing a more careful job of comparing this stick to others in collection. I'm wondering whether it could be a Hermoso No 4, or whether it could only be a robusto?
  2. Diet Dr. Pepper or lime flavored sparkling water.
  3. In my experience, the HdM Petit Robusto is one of the most conistently enjoyable Habanos. I've had examples from 2016, 2017, and 2018, and they have all been tasty. While each box tastes different, they have all been full bodied without being excessively spicy or harsh. The format is short enough that I don't get bored. Recent examples do indeed have a sweet core, but the 2016 does not. I was curious to try an even older version, so I recently picked up a box from mid 2015. The subject of this review is the first stick from that box. Like other HdM Petit Robustos, this cigar starts out with a ton of flavor - toast, baking spice, and rich tobacco. There is a floral hit on the retrohale. The Hoyo cream builds nicely in the second half, and is accompanied by nuts and some savory, tangy elements. The cigar gets a bit harsh and acrid towards the nub, but not unusually so. This stick has only been in my humidor for a week, so it will likely benefit from more rest. It certainly has adequate flavor to continuing aging for a good long while. 90 points.
  4. In the review, Rob talks about a Cameroon wrapper. Online, I find references to Connecticut Shade and Maduro. Is the Cameroon a European market option?
  5. Having spent most of Saturday preparing for and celebrating a 6th birthday party, I figured Sunday morning was a good time to enjoy a Cohiba. My experience with this marca has been quite varied. While the two best cigars I've smoked have been Cohibas, I've had my fair share of average and mediocre sticks, too. From first light, two things were clear- the draw was uncomfortably tight, but the flavors were undeniably good. The first third was dominated by classic hay-like flavors and graham cracker. The retrohale was very smooth and complemented the flavors on the palate. The middle third was probably the most interesting, with a some interesting tropical fruit flavors and an occasional hint of mint. During the final third, the cigar became a bit bitter and began to unravel. I decided it was time to stop fighting with it and call it quits. I'll give it 90 points.
  6. While I have smoked several examples of each of the 5 candidates, Number 1 was a unique experience. I attribute this in part to the fact that the piramides in my collection have a few years of age, whereas Number 1 is likely from 2018/19. Number 1 was decidedly savory cigar to my palate. I did not detect the sweetness that other tasters describe. My initial flavor impression was of cream and pepper. Both elements held through the end of the cigar, with the pepper gaining a bit of cayenne-like spice toward the end. A salty, tangy undercurrent developed in the second third. A bit of cedar crept in the final third. The aroma was quite pleasing, with occasional hints of cocoa and hazelnut. All in all, Number 1 was good cigar that would likely improve quite a bit with another year or two of age.
  7. I'm using Android, and I can't seem to start a new topic... It now defaults to creating a poll..?!
  8. Which more common stick is closest in flavor profile to the Punch DC? What are the dominant flavors?
  9. Thanks for the comments. I'm specifically looking at late 2018 UGO sticks... Any experience?
  10. Are recent versions of the Punch DC any good? I'm honestly not a fan of Punch Punch, but I'm wondering if the DC is something different... Thoughts?
  11. I enjoy most Bolivar cigars, but the BRC doesn't really taste like any of the others. The flavors seem muddled and lack definition. I've tried young, old, dry, oily... they just don't appeal to me. I've had more luck with JL2, but they can also be hit and miss.
  12. We had this oven built in 2012. We use it a few times per year, and the pizzas are incredible! I wish we made more time to use it...
  13. I don't think it's nonsense, but I do think it's virtually impossible for someone with a conventional gender identity to understand what it is to be non-binary or transgender. I know two parents with transgender children. In both cases, their children were born biologically male, but identified as girls from a very early age - before the age of 2. Despite growing acceptance, these kids face a difficult road ahead. I'm thankful that the parents are doing everything in their power to support their children as they are.
  14. I smoked through three different sticks last night, and I'm frankly shocked by how much the binder changes the flavor. The Dominican binder (olor?) is wonderful, but overpowering with it's bright, citrusy incense. Nicaraguan binder instantly made the cigar taste like a Nicaraguan puro with a very distincive earthy spice character. Good, but not what I was intending. The Sumatra binder may be the best so far because the it adds a subtle tanginess while still letting the filler shine. Tonight, I will compare the Dominican Vuelta Abajo to the Sumatra...

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