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  1. Not like that lol, your quote starts mid sentence
  2. You cut the quote in half so it doesn’t make sense. Read the full thing for context. I said there isn’t a cc yet I haven’t enjoyed and I’ve almost tried one from every brand.
  3. I’ve had one Behike 54 that was gifted to me by a very nice and very rich friend of mine. It ran him $100 for the stick so they can be way up there and you probably won’t find any cheaper than that now since they’re in production limbo at the moment. Was it worth it? Yes, without a doubt. It redefined complexity and perfect construction in a cigar for me. Talk about a journey, each draw had some different equally impressive element and the stick itself almost looks unreal it’s rolled so masterfully and with such a golden sheen to it. It looks more like a drawing of a perfect cigar than something that actually exists. The pre-light aroma alone is wicked dreamy, but with all that said, I wouldn’t buy any myself, especially not at this time because although they‘re worth what you pay for, I can’t in good conscience spend upwards of two grand on a box of 10 cigars. I‘m just a landscape/construction foreman putting myself through college after all, I’d rather put that money into hundreds and hundreds of por larranagas.
  4. Yeah that gets me too. I dropped $750 on a box of COROs last year and I was really anxious about it because I would be really pissed if the box didn’t perform. Only had a few so far but all have been too notch. One of them had less flavor than the others, but they’re still young and it still had more flavor and a better draw and construction than most other CCs.
  5. Those are all the brands I haven’t had yet. What is the Quai d’Orsay vitola you referenced? Fundies, Lgc no 2, and sir winnies have been on my radar for a while, it the winnies are too expensive from the only vendor that has them and I haven’t seen fundies or any lgcs for awhile. I see partagas lusitanias as comparable to Cohiba class. I think por larranagas are a classy smoke too. Not complex, but often refined and elegant.
  6. Couldn’t agree more on the aroma, it’s tantalizing. The unavailability is really annoying, particularly if you’re in the US. I can almost never get my hands on them. All other CCs are wicked cheap on the US market, but I payed around $750 for a box of robustos recently. I get it though and appreciate it because with limited resources they’ve committed to quality over quantity. The flashy bands are a bit much too, but I also get that because they’re so often faked, all that jazzy holographic stuff is tough to convincingly replicate.
  7. Extremely well said, especially with the Georges Seurat painting analogy. I see what you mean, to many they’re probably too pristine and thus lacking any edgy character. Contrarily that’s why others love them, there’s often not a rough edge to speak of. I like both, I haven’t had a CC yet I haven’t enjoyed and I’m getting close to having tried every brand. I wholeheartedly agree, there’s really not much earthiness to speak of in Cohiba and like you, that’s something I really go for in a stick, yet I appreciate its absence as well. I agree with the sweetness too. Cohibas really are dessert in a cigar. I figured the biggest problem people probably have with Cohiba is the blend. Instead of like a Georges Seurat, I like to think of Cohibas more like Renaissance sculptures. They demonstrate a level of skill in tobacco growing, blending, rolling, and packaging that can really only be achieved by experts who have devoted most of their life to the craft.
  8. This is probably going to start a war, but I want to hear the opinions of those who dislike Cohiba. Personally, I love them dearly, but I’m not a millionaire and they are obscenely expensive. You get what you pay for and they are almost always elegant, expertly constructed, exquisite smokes, but it still doesn’t really justify going into debt for them. For me, it’s nice to have a box or two from which to smoke a few sticks a year from and continue aging. I also don’t want something so fancy most of the time. I do think the flavors are astonishing and they’re also the most relaxing, contemplative smokes. I’m just so happy and at ease burning one. However, I can easily see how many would dislike Cohiba . There’s a few CCs that are wholly unique and completely unlike any other brand, but Cohiba seems to takes this as a challenge. It’s definitely an acquired taste! I’m curious what your opinions are on this marca, particularly from those who are not fans of it.
  9. This is a new cigar for me, only my second BBF stick, which I figured would be a good time to give my two cents with a fresh perspective. These were always talked up so much to me and I’m happy to confess they not only lived up to, but also exceeded the hype. The wrapper is Colorado Claro and not too oily or with too impressive of a sheen and relatively veiny, but not excessively. The stick appears perfectly filled and an angled cut produces a perfect draw. Before the light, it has a milk coffee character in aroma and cold draw with some cedar. This cigar is medium-full bodied, but medium-under in flavor, that is to say it’s not in-your-face but the flavors are nonetheless vivid and there’s an abundance of them. In the first third there’s tons of creamy milk coffee, which persists throughout. You could definitely compare this to a Monte 2. The mouth feel is buttery as is the flavor. More butter on the front, coffee on the finish. It’s somewhat Juan-Lopez like in this aspect. The draw is perfect. A delightful, hoyo de monterey grassiness seeps in towards the back end of the first and continues throughout the cigar. A very light and elusive baking spice makes a few appearances as well as a light cedar and moments of milk chocolate. I enjoy these kinds of flavor teases accompanied by the persistent creamy, buttery, milk coffee grassiness marca characters. The masterful construction is apparent as the ash holds for half the length of the cigar. The final third continues much the same with the addition of some almond and macadamia nut. I even noticed a bit of cheese and leather just for a second here and there. All and all it’s a fantastic stick. It definitely has Montecristo, hoyo de Monterey and Juan Lopez elements but not without a plethora of its own supremely unique qualities. At 4 years of age, it really is perfect. I’ll be looking for a box as soon as I can. Well done Bolivar.
  10. I appreciate it but for some reason searched don’t work at all for me on the forum
  11. I just ordered my first box of these. I‘m very excited since they seem to be right up my alley in terms of vitola and flavor. What can you tell me about these from your experience
  12. I’m jealous of the siglo iiis and your stash in general. That’s a great collection. Cohibas probably age the best, followed by por larranaga and partagas.
  13. Where do you live? Australia? I ask because my own collection is just starting to take form nicely, but I live in the states and it’s been very hard to do. Guys are recommending Trinidad fundadores, for instance which is a great suggestion I’m sure, but they’re almost never available for me. What I have going so far is Partagas shorts, 25 dress box (50 cabs are probably better if you can get them, but the dress box was ironically cheaper and I didn’t have a lot to spend at the time) Por Larranaga Petit Coronas, 50 cab Por Larranaga Montecarlos, 25 dress box Juan Lopez No. 2, 25 cab Cohiba Robustos, 25 cab Montecristo No. 3s, 25 dress box (very good cigar, but I’m reluctant to buy more myself because there was a lot of subpar cigars in my box) It’s a pretty good beginner collection though I’m missing a few key elements, I’d like some DCs or Churchills preferably lusitanias, some corona gordas, which I’ve never had before, and lonsdales which I also have never had.
  14. Awesome, this is the exact thread I was talking about. What’s interesting is I’m pretty sure Seinfeld precipitated the 90s cigar boom not the other way around. The show made Cubans and their preeminence relevant again. It also probably has something to do with CCs being exceptionally good in the 90s. Though they were about to seriously decline because of fertilizer scarcity after the fall of the USSR, those effects had not been felt yet.

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