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  1. Louribal

    Cuba Trip Report- 2nd Hand

    Nice story, thanks for sharing.
  2. Louribal

    Share your Cuban haul

    Here is my haul! Glad I had facturas. I was brought down to the customs room. Was by myself.
  3. Heading there next week for 5 days, can’t wait!
  4. Louribal

    Hey Y’all from Charleston SC

    Welcome to the South! I’m located in the Low country as well! cheers
  5. Great cigar! Loved it, dated Oct11
  6. Thanks fot the input! Did manage to buy a few you had on the list
  7. Louribal

    LCHD Havana - Sunday hours?

    There open till 6pm
  8. Louribal

    USA / customs limits

    Just came back from Cuba! Brought with me 8 boxes and 50 customs. Had a factura with me just in case they asked for it, glad thing I did. Showed them and they let me go. No problems coming into the US. They asked me how many I had and welcomed me back home. Stock was okay but barely no Cohiba’s and no LE’s. Oh well, maybe better luck next time.
  9. Louribal

    Cuba Tourist Numbers.

    Thanks, will do!
  10. Louribal

    Cuba Tourist Numbers.

    Well as an American that has travelled quite extensively, I’m very happy to say that Thursday is the day I visit the island. Going to be interesting to learn about the culture and maybe learn some salsa 💃 . We’ll see how that goes 😏
  11. Louribal

    In Cuba tomorrow!

    Awesome! I'll be there next Thursday and looking forward to picking up stock.
  12. Just picked up a box! Might age them, we'll see.
  13. Louribal

    June 2017 Trip Report

    Awesome post, thanks for sharing.
  14. Louribal

    Best City to Buy Habanos?

    You being from Portugal, is there any affordable places to get cigars there? Obrigado
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