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  1. Decided to sample the BRC that I recently received from our host (MSU MAY 19). Classic bolivar, although a tad sweeter and maybe a tad less earthy than the 16 box I have been smoking mostly of late. However, I guess this may change with a bit more down-time 😇 Still, entailed a nice malty, tobacco, leathery tasting profile.
  2. First snow of the winter arrived today in Copenhagen, with around 5-10 inches of snow during the day. Temperature still just around the freezing point, so some of it will be melting away soon - but had to move into the garden shed for smoking today 😇 Enjoyed a JL2 provided by our host (MOL JUL 19), with a taste of leather, quite cedary, a bit of spice on the tongue, combined with a bit of sweetness. Quite enjoyable, although it will benefit from a bit more downtime - and probably more of a spring/summer smoke rather for me rather than during a classic Danish winter time (a bit of snow, a bit of cold, and windy 😋)
  3. These VR famosos have become quite a favorite of mine. Amazing smoke, especially considering their young age. Enjoyed yet another great one from a recent box (BSM ABR 20), with rich taste of tobacco, cocoa and mocha. I will simply have to find another good box of these in 2021 😇
  4. Decided to go with a trusted friend this afternoon 😇 Bolivar RC, box code ETP MAR 16 - simply perfect in all areas, and such an enjoyable pleasure.
  5. Vent for a Cohiba siglo IV from a recently received box from our host (OMU DIC 19). Great construction, great taste of hay, a bit of lemon grass and vanilla, sweet tobacco, which all hopefully only will become better with a bit more age. Still a very enjoyable cigar despite having only 1 year under its belt 😇
  6. Could not resist, and had to try one of the Monte #4 ROTT that just had arrived today (LEP OCT 16). Probably should had left it for some weeks in the humidor as its been travelling for quite some time, but the smell and look of the box where too irresistible 😇 It certainly provided a monte cocoa profile, although quite muted flavors - which probably/hopefully will change after some time in the humidor.
  7. Last box for 2020 arrived today from our host. Monte #4 from the recent 24:24 offering with 4 years of age on them (LEP OCT 16). The pictures do not do them justice, the smell from these is simply irresistable and amazing - I could more or less smell the cigars through the bubble-wrap 😜 Crossing my fingers that these will taste as good as they look and smell 🤞😇
  8. Decided to sample one of the Upmann #2 that arrived Friday (BRE DIC 18). The colour and sheen on these were simply to irresiestable 😇 Great smoke, and very enjoyable with classical Upmann flavors of initiall milk chocolate, then more leathery and toasted tobacco. A very nice experience, especially considering the cigars arrived few days ago after spending 7 weeks on the road to Copenhagen - considering how the smoke now I can only imagine how they will smoke after a few months/weeks in the humidor.
  9. @cgoodrich I will let you known when I have sampled my delivery of the 898, however, it may take a bit of time 😇 The weather here in Copenhagen isn't really cigar friendly either, so will probably safe these until the spring - with emphasis on probably 😉
  10. A double christmas package arrived on the doorstep today from our kind host. Both look and smell amazing, and the Upmann #2 even has two years of age on them - the color, sheen and amazing smell almost made me fire one up immediately 😉 Well the BRC doesn't look bad either 😇
  11. @Bri Fi Thanks a lot - I'm certainly looking forward to sampling these, and based upon the reviews on the 19 and 20 production it seems I do not need to wait long before being able to enjoy the marvels of the BBF 😇
  12. Received this nice early christmas package from our kind host 😇 A very nice box of BBFs, still very young, and will probably need some time in the humidor (if I can keep my fingers off them 😋)
  13. Decided to sample the VR famosos (BSM ABR 20) that arrived from our host Tuesday - and what a great experience this was. Very positive experience considering that the cigars just had arrived after spending 4 weeks on the road, being relatively young, and that the weather here in DK is starting to get colder (6 degrees Celsius). A very enjoyable taste of tobacco, a bit of cocoa/chocolate and earthy tones. Cannot wait to see how they develop over the next months - and this box probably will not get very old 😇

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