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  1. This small dozen of BPCs arrived at the door step today πŸ˜‡ I'm a big fan of Bolivar, but actually haven't managed to smoke the BPC yet - according to the reviews here on FoH I will be looking forward to sampling these πŸ‘
  2. Thought I actually knew this one - apparently not 🀨😊
  3. These arrived today; Bolivar LIbertador PSP/HQ (TUA OCT 20) and a Monte 1935 sampler pack. All look fantastic, and will be looking forward to enjoying these after a nice rest πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‹
  4. Don’t know this one - and seems I had a hit and miss πŸ™ƒ
  5. BRC (ETP MAR 16) - just marvelous! Classic bolivar, this cigar just keeps on being so enjoyable πŸ‘
  6. Upmann #2 today (BRE DIC 18) - unfortunately a bit of a tight draw. Still, very good smoke, leathery, creamy, with good coffee notes on top of this.
  7. With the arrival of a box of Boli LCDH today, I decided to enjoy another LCDH: Upmann Royal Robusto (LAU DIC 16).
  8. Bolivar Libertador (TUA SEP 20) arrived today from our kind host. Great looking box, and looking forward to enjoy these once they have rested a bit. I've only had one Boli Libertador previously, but was such a great experience that I had to get a box - and another one on the way πŸ˜‹
  9. SLR Churchill (VCR ABR 02) - unfortunately discontinued in 2010 ☹️ Such an enjoyable cigar, with leathery, fruity, and creamy notes - I'm truly amazed that after almost 19 years there's still plenty of flavors left in these πŸ™‚ EDIT: Forgot to mention that each puff left a long and pleasant aftertaste, which even lasted for a couple of hours after finishing the cigar πŸ‘
  10. Weekend smokes: Monte Media Corona (TES NOV 15): Have 1/4 left of a box, and this is the first that has a distinct monte profile - the first 3/4 were mostly bland and harsh - but they finally seem to come around 😊 Classic monte profile with cocoa, cream and tobacco - and a very nice fit to a strong italian 'flat white' coffee. Partagas Series D No 5: Box code unknown as this was a sampler prize from FOH. The cigar had a cut in the wrapper above the band towards the head, which fortunately did not affect draw, burn or taste. Typical partags flavors - its been a while since I had a PSD4 but this one reminded me of the last time I tasted the D4, with sweet spiced cream (paprika) - just a bit more muted than a D4, but overall very enjoyable.
  11. BRC (ETP MAR 16) - very enjoyable πŸ˜‡ Have to admit that these and the BBF has become my go to cigars, and they never seem to disappoint. I just really like the earthy profile of these bolivars.
  12. BBF (ULA DIC 14) - simply just a great cigar. Perfect construction and great flavors ?
  13. Couldn't resist testing the Monte PE (UTL MAR 18) that arrived from our host today, although I know that ROTT following one month on the road may be far from optimal. Still, nice monte flavors of cocoa, coffee and some cream - but a couple of months in the humidor probably won't hurt ?
  14. First delivery in 2021 from our kind host. Beautifully looking boxes, and with just a bit of age and light 'dusting' on the monte PE. I know the bolivars will be great - hopefully the same will hold true for the PE as well ? - BBF (PSP/HQ) LGB SEP 20 - BRC TUA JUL 20 - Monte PE (PSP/HQ) UTL MAR 18
  15. Major weather change here in Copenhagen. Last week we had -10C degrees and today we're enjoying +15C - so time to bring out the cigars ? Enjoyed a Monte Especiales #2 yesterday (REG AGO 19): Great construction and such an elegant format. Classic monte taste, cocoa, coffee creme, maybe a hint of caramel (!). However, the flavor intensity seemed a bit muted compared to what I would have expected upon reading reviews of this cigar. Still, this was only my second of these and maybe it just need some more aging? To ensure my taste buds are not off; today I enjoyed a VR famosos (BSM ABR 20). Great flavor intensity; Tobacco with a bit of cocoa and mocha. Great cigar, and still so young.........happy that I have another box on the way!
  16. This weekend's achievements ? BBF (TUA JUL 20) - great smoke despite its youth. Earthy, bit of cream, and I guess mongrel Upmann Conny #1 (PLM MAY 11) - not really me, apparently. OK Upmann flavor but also some additional acidic-liketaste, which I do not like with these. Will rest these further and see what happens down the road. Upmann Royal Robusto (LAU DIC 16) - great classic upmann flavors. Clearly the BBF was the most enjoyable of them all - happy to have another box of these on the way ?
  17. My first ever Diplomatico, box code unknown as it came from a FOH prize sampler ? Great construction, and enjoyable experience with a bit of creamy taste, tobacco and a slight hints of coffee. Unfortunately not much cocoa in this one, however, this may be due the colder temperatures here in Copenhagen. The cigar vent straight from 21C degrees in the humidor to -5C outside ? Would probably list the taste profile of this specimen a bit closer to the Upmann #2 rather than the Monte #2. BRC this afternoon (EPT MAR 16). A good old trusted friend ? Delightful; earthy, malty, hints of cocoa, coffee and tobacco. I'm happy to have stocked up a bit on these, and hope the '19 and '20 awaiting arrival from our host will be similar to this.
  18. Great sneaky question ? For a change, I actually knew this one......
  19. Vent with a VRF today (BSM ABR 20), to celebrate the capture of another box of these in yesterdays 24:24 ? Good construction, and nice classical VR flavors: tobacco, earthy cocoa and a bit of mocha. Not the most beautifull cigar in the box, with a few green stains - but still very enjoyable. Weather here in Copenhagen has become rather cold and windy with a huge chill factor, so enjoyed the cigar in the garden shed - will certainly be somewhat more enjoyable once spring starts knocking on the door ?
  20. BBF (ULA DIC 14). Great smoke, great construction. Such an enjoyable cigar - I'm glad to have stucked up a bit on these lately ?

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