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  1. Iqaluit, Baffin Island. Nunavut. Arctic Canada.
  2. Do Canadian regional editions ever appear in Canadian airport Duty Free stores or are they B&M only?
  3. With all due respect to the Welsh, I detest leeks. The vile things simply won't pass my epiglottis.
  4. Would anyone know when the Rafael Gonzalez North Star regional edition is supposed to arrive in Iceland if it hasn't already and where it might be retailed? I have potential mules going through Reykjavik this month and was hoping to get them to bring me back a box.
  5. Cold Smoke

    Another question for the Canadians

    Maison Publique in Montreal is a favourite of mine. Shabby chic bistro decor, great beers and awesome food. The "Tasters Menu" is a favourite of the wife and I. They just keep bringing out little taster plates of everything on the menu. It's reasonably priced for the quality (The chef used to work with Jamie Oliver and Oliver if also an investor). Schwartz's deli is a classic stop for a traditional smoked meat sandwich on rye.
  6. Cold Smoke

    coffee - how anal are you?

    Why does this topic make me think of civet coffee?
  7. Cold Smoke

    Favorite AC/DC songs?

    Dirty Deeds done Dirt Cheap. I keep wanting to leave it as the business answer machine message.
  8. Cold Smoke

    HSA's New Product Lineup: Línea Retro

    Do my eyes deceive me or are those Capitols wrapped in cellophane?
  9. Cold Smoke

    Next Level Man Caves

    Ha! These aren't so much man caves where a bloke gets away from the missus as party palaces where one gets saucy with cheerleaders.
  10. I've had good times cigar shopping at Frankfurt airport duty free.
  11. Cold Smoke

    29 Cuba Photos

    Great Pics. I confess I'm a bit struck by the geographic and human potential of the place clashing with farmers plowing fields with oxen and guys making a living as lighter refillers. Nice place but what an economic basket case.
  12. What a waste of human potential!
  13. I'd stick with the Montecristo No.5 as it has been my standard go-to smoke for years.
  14. I'm a Cuban lover and project manager in the Canadian Eastern Arctic. Don't do scotch. Totally overdo bourbon. Hoyo anything. Will steal your warm spot.

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