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  1. Well, either the US embargo has had an effect or it hasn't, The embargo is stupid and has failed miserably. It is inhumane and counterproductive and largely laughed at by the other nations of the world. The US should drop the embargo and stop embarrassing itself.
  2. I might be a Brit' originally, but Scotch tastes like paint stripper to me. My collection is full of Bourbon, Rye & Irish.
  3. I love Irish whiskies and have a fair sized collection. Scotch tastes like paint stripper to me.
  4. Nope. La Gloria Cubana Serie D No.5 Spanish regional edition.
  5. Yeah, I run three wineadors with plugged drainage holes and a couple of large 320g Boveda packs. No hassles whatsoever.
  6. Maybe try using only Boveda packs instead of any additive humidification?
  7. Try unplugging the fridge and using it as a dumb sealed box.
  8. Got a friend heading to Barcelona this week. I wonder if it's worth asking him to look for a box or two or if they will have all sold out already.
  9. I find plugging in the wineadors and running the cooling system creates all sorts of problems. I just plug the hole and don't plug in the power.
  10. I run three mini-wineadors (6 bottle). I wouldn't be too worried about temperature or humidity differences in such a small space. You might try using it unplugged and make sure to place it somewhere the ambient temperature is relatively stable. Mini-wineaors suck for boxes but are great for singles and three packs.
  11. A dependably decent smoke for the money.

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