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  1. I will definitely note that code down!!! Thanks so much again @cfc1016 I have 2 more left from the care package:)
  2. Thank you very much @cfc1016 for this great PSDN4! Great notes of spice, white pepper and toasted tobacco
  3. Happy Birthday George! @JohnS Thanks so much again for a wonderful night filled with great cigars, whiskey, amazing food and beautiful company It was a special night Here are some more pics from the night!
  4. Thank you so much @cfc1016 for this beautiful Hoyo De Monterrey du depute! Perfect draw and construction. Milk chocolate, coffee and toasted tobacco notes Enjoyed this with a cocktail at Siglo bar in Melbourne! Have a great weekend all!!
  5. Great post Ian! Glad you enjoyed it! We should smoke another with the Sydney crew next time we meet up!
  6. 2006 Siglo 2 from @Trevor2118 thank you so much! Butter, cream, coffee and toasted tobacco notes. These still have legs for another 5 or so years I reckon!
  7. Was hoping to post this last week but I had trouble uploading the pictures! What a great weekend! Awesome company and brilliant cigars 2008 Cohiba Maduro Secretos: Thank you @Trevor2118 Excellent smoke. Still has its strength and flavour. 2005 Cohiba Corona Especiales: Thank you @Trevor2118 Wow. A stunning Corona. Great notes of Cohiba grassiness, mild coffee and nut. The retrohale also had a nice (slightly spicy) tingle. 2018 QdO No. 50: Thank you @JohnS One of my favourites in the QdO Range. Still needs more time down. Great construction. Nice brioche notes. 2008 QdO Panatelas: Thank you @baragh Super smooth and cool smoke. Great notes of shortbread with a slight orange zest to it. 2006 Cohiba Robusto: Thank you @Trevor2118 I have never had a CoRo this old and it was an amazing experience. Cohiba grass, coffee and cream. Slight 'butteriness' is there also. Wow!
  8. Glad you enjoyed it @Akela3rd! Great review You're right it is a creamy cigar. I wish I had more of them. An Excellent Cuaba EL! Every one I had also was constructed really well. Ash was flaky but never dropped. Apologies for the late reply by the way!
  9. Thanks Iain!!! It was a great couple of days. I wish it was longer! Thanks for visiting us. We will all miss you and hope to see you again! Thanks @JohnS for getting my Fez out in my absence Haha!! Great pics guys!
  10. Well. I'm sure that went out the window after the 6th bottle of wine Hahahaha Thanks guys for such a great night. It was fantastic!!!
  11. Also. This is where we are going for dinner at 1900.
  12. Hi guys we are here at the Cidery now. Reminder: Dinner booking is at 1900 at the Civic (Peppercorn).
  13. Hi guys, We have a large group and I managed to get a booking at Peppercorn at the Civic Hotel. Dinner is booked at 1900. Booking is under my name. Prior to dinner at about 1700 I will be at the Cidery Bar in World square having a little smoke with @ayepatz. If you're in the city early - meet up there prior to dinner. After dinner I recommend we all go to the Cidery Bar for smokes and drinks because the Cidery Bar is open Later than the smoking area in the Civic Hotel. Any questions - let me know! Luca
  14. Thanks @IanMcLean68 thinking of making a booking for 7pm at Din Tai Fung. Will confirm the reservation on this thread!

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