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  1. Montecristo no.4 from a 24:24 purchase earlier this year.
  2. I never thought of that haha. I'll tell my partner that's what I'm pulling off with my new hair and beard style!
  3. Just logged on and was pleasantly surprised to see this post (thank you @El Presidente)!!! Thank you all for the kind Birthday wishes. It was a memorable night!
  4. Great cigars this weekend. Thank you @JohnS for this beautiful Sancho Panza Molinos. Notes of bitter espresso, salt and wood. Very enjoyable. Also thank you @JohnS for the aged Nudie No.3. I do apologise I was enjoying it so much I forgot to take a picture! They have aged so well. The mogrel element of it has smoothed out and it was a pleasant nut and cream flavour. Loved it! We smoked inside that night because of the rain. The RabbitAir purifier served us well that night!
  5. Looks beautiful. How many cigars would this particular one hold? 100 Coronas?
  6. Just looked it up. It looks like a great place! I wonder what air purification system they use...
  7. The adhesive/glue from the lint roller can also stick to your suit which isn't good. Why? Whilst the lint roller will remove ash and dirt etc an adhesive residue is left behind. This residue will actually attract more dust and dirt etc. Over a long period using a lint roller you will also build up that adhesive residue on your garment. As a long term garment care solution - I do not recommend lint rollers. Nowadays I don't even use them as a short term cleaning option. A natural fibre garment brush is best. As @inter4alia mentions in his above post - a (natural fibre) brush is gentle on your suit. The brush will also help effectively penetrate the fabric of your suit to get any ash or dirt out.
  8. Haha thanks John. Good advice in this thread. Definitely airing out is the best way to remove cigar odours from your suit. I smoke frequently whilst wearing a suit. At home I use a smoking jacket. A big factor is also the material of your suit. A 100% wool suit will not hold odour like a polyester suit. Wool is an amazing fabric with great properties (hard wearing, breathable but warm etc) and one of those is that it doesn't hold odours. So airing out, steaming (occasionally), and brushing (I don't recommend using a lint roller) your suits is a great way to help keep them odour free.
  9. Great video. I really enjoyed watching it. Cant wait for my nudies to arrive. Special thanks to my partner Carly for getting them for me as my Christmas Gift
  10. Thank you @JohnS for the Bolivar Tubos No 1 ULA Jun 15 My first Bolivar Tubos No.1 not like your typical Bolivar. Great floral and rosewater notes through the entire smoke. Reminded me of rosewater jam that I had from a friend of a friend. Beautiful cigar. Paired with a Kilkerran 8 cask strength. I love the heavy pastry/crossiant notes that the 8 year old cask strength has and I felt it would compliment the Bolivar Tubos No.1 nicely. Thanks again John. Montecristo Petit Edmundo ESO Sep 14 The Petit Edmundo has a soft spot for me. Its one of the very first cigars I smoked often when I first got into enjoying Cuban Cigars. This wasn't your intense mocha, coffee and toasted tobacco like younger Petit Edmundos. This had all those flavours dialed down a tad but across the finish there was a unique (Cuban) twang. I remember @NSXCIGAR describing a similar "twang" flavour in some c2000s Montecristo No.4s. Maybe this is what he was referring to. By the way @NSXCIGAR I still have that Montecristo no.4 you gave me. I'll let you know when I smoke it! Thanks so much John. I really enjoyed these great cigars!
  11. Great review. Thank you John. I agree with your comment on the LGC Spanish regional. The construction issues I've experienced with the box I smoked recently have been disappointing. I have one left in my humidor. Hopefully it smokes better than the others! Glad you enjoyed the Partagas I aged that for 5 years in my wineador
  12. @Fuzz as contest director! Hahaha!! That would of been awesome.
  13. c2001 Saint Luis Rey Churchill on a sunny Sydney Afternoon. Not a complex smoke. Notes of bitter espresso in the first half. Then followed by notes of bitter espresso mixed with sweet short bread. Paired with Taltarni Blanc de Blancs.

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