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  1. HdM Petit Robustos tonight with Hazelburn 10 year old
  2. From memory the No.50 (I've smoked about 5 or 6) packs a bit more punch in terms of intensity of flavour and strength when aged. Notes of french toast/brioche and nuts. The no.54 is more mild but with notes of brioche, nuts and orange citrus. From what I've smoked so far - both the 50 and 54 are not the best to be enjoyed fresh. They are dead when fresh. Reminds me of the QdO Corona - they need 3 or 5 years age on them. Smoking a QdO fresh - all you get is bland tobacco notes. The 54 I had was aged a bit. These were a lot better than when I first smoked them when they were released.
  3. QdO No.54 tonight with a very generous dram of Aultmore 12
  4. Thank you @JohnS for this surprisingly good QdO No.50. I enjoyed this on the weekend. I first smoked these upon their release. From a split with Myself and @JohnS. After smoking a couple (including the 54) we agreed that they started off brilliantly with notes of toasted brioche with a touch of orange citrus. Keeping in line with it's DNA (Oh gosh when will the QdO Corona come back?!). However we both found that the 50 and 54 lost its flavour profile (and sometimes construction) past the first inch. This No.50 was very different. I deliberately let it rest in my humidor for a while.
  5. I have smoked a handful of the shirt perfectos. They are a great quality cigar. Creamy, nutty, dried fruits and a light touch of hay is what I get. Thanks for posting this!
  6. Thank you John. Great review and I agree with your tasting notes. I'm actually smoking one right now!
  7. Thank you for the review John! I'm glad you have enjoyed your first Petit Julieta! Please note the box code is actually OPG ENE 15.
  8. Some great smokes this weekend with @JohnS - Romeo y Julieta Exhibicion No.4 (ABO Ago 18) A tad bitter to start with notes of cocoa and nut. At the halfway point the cigar started to lose its rough edges. The burn was good and it was constructed well. - Partagas Maduro No.1 (TUE May 20) I cant believe how smooth and well balanced this cigar was only just at 3 months of age! HSA have done it right with these. Great notes of cherry, and spiciness on the retrohale. Thanks so much John for sharing these smokes with me! It was great!
  9. Great Chat with Joeseph and Rob just now. Take care guys!

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