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  1. The Chicos are a great smoke. For me they are about 15 mins. If you can stretch the budget - the ERDM Demi Tasse is a great little smoke. Cohiba Shorts and Clubs are also a good cheap smoke that wont break the bank and they are about 10 mins. But...with the price point of the Cohiba Club, Partagas Chicos and Cohiba Shorts...I steer away from smoking my ERDM Demi Tasse and let them age (5 year mark is good apparently).
  2. Same! I feel like I am missing out if I don't!
  3. Hey @xelzh next time FYI you might be best posting this in the Suspect Cigar Forum area of the forum. See link:
  4. Interesting, I had a very dark box of SCDLH El Principe and I had the same issue. The majority had a very tight draw. Glad to hear your perfec draw fixed the problem! Nice car by the way I love Mazda Miatas (Aka Mx5 in Aus). Speaking of pocket rockets - I have a Mazda Rx7 the rotary engine can be tricky at times but it's worth the fun.
  5. If you can find any of the Ramon Allones Short Perfectos Regional edition...they are a great little smoke. Goodluck with finding it though.
  6. Beetle hole....At least you have one near the foot. I had one towards the end (near the band) of my cigar. When I was smoking it...I had to hold my finger over the beetle hole to get a good draw. I felt like I was playing the Clarinet....
  7. Fair point...when QdO are good and have those quality flavours in them...they give Cohiba a run for its money!
  8. Thank you very much @Trevor2118 for this beautiful 2006 Siglo 3. Wonderful notes of Cohiba grass, burnt honey, butter and cream. Wow. Thanks so much for this!
  9. Thank you again @cfc1016 one of my favourite minutos the Rafael Gonzalez Perlas. Great notes of nut, mild mocha coffee and a touch of aniseed. Thank you for this cigar!
  10. H Upmann Noellas MEG ENE 17 from @cfc1016 thank you so much! I've always been wanting to try these!
  11. Legend. Thank you @JohnS and thank you @RDB. I am glad you enjoyed my write up on these cigars. If you can - make sure you check out the Mid 2019 cigar review thread posted by @JohnS
  12. A regular rotation cigar tonight. Rafael Gonzalez Perlas. Paired with some Green Chartreuse

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