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  1. Reading that has made me more sick than smoking a 60x7'' nicaraguan.
  2. I've got this last year from friend visiting cuba. She was kind enough to bring me few boxes, one of them was 10 count box of RA superiores. I chose to pair it with oolong tea and it proved to be good decision. The cigar was not too strong to overpower tea and tee did good job of cleansing my palate. I smoke cigars rarely, one or two cigars in a week, so young cigars with lot of elbows and bite are not my thing. So I was pleasantly surprised to see that this one year old cigar had none. Only in last third did some bitterness start to show. Although I did purge few times but I always do this often when I smoke. Flavors were not changing much throughout cigar, it was vegetal and herbal with toasted tobacco as main flavor. For a few puffs a mashromy flavor made an appearance. Construction was pretty solid and cigar burned flawlessly with straight burn line. I score it 3 out of 5. Good cigar but nothing spectacular. And that would be my first review At this point it became to harsh and I had to put it down.
  3. Before 1952 period is the one that I don't know alot about, so that part was very interesting for me.
  4. Used to be a gamer, but over time my time and money got occupied by other things. Nowadays I mostly read about gaming industry and new games. Sometime in the future when I buy new pc and have more time on my hands probably gona play all the good games that have come out to that date.
  5. I don't smoke for good part of a year because I try to avoid smoking indoors.
  6. Looks like "thoughts and prayers" case to me Just kidding, if that is a knock off there's a lot of effort put in to it thats for sure.
  7. I found out PC is perfect format for me. So I plan on geting some monte no.4 and some PLPC.

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