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  1. RyJ for me too, the flavor profile just doesn't work for me.
  2. Keep in mind these values are from the Wine-Searcher site. A lot of the higher end bourbons I've looked at on there are either "showpiece" bottles (ones that shops keep on the shelf at ridiculous prices that they don't care if they ever sell because it looks good) or don't exist. I had a Hirsch 20 stolen when my house was burglarized a few years ago. While my insurance adjuster was more than willing to pay for a bottle from a store or other provable retail establishment, it took me months to find one. Every store I tried to buy from on WS didn't actually have one, lol. I heard "yeah, that just sold this past week/month" at least 6 times. Bet you guys didn't know those $6k bottles of booze just fly off shelves, did ya?
  3. I have this one: I've never had any problems with it and I use some generic label tape I got off of Amazon, but it looks like a lot of people are having problems with its internal battery, so I don't think I'd recommend it at this point.
  4. No, the labels have covered adhesive backing, I just peel off a small part and use that to stick to itself.
  5. I've only ever seen those on aged stock from european LCDH's. I use a DYMO labelmaker for mine. Works great and other people don't have to deal with trying to read my handwriting if I give them a stick, lol
  6. Had to go for the HdM DC since I keep missing them on 24:24.
  7. This sounds like fun. I've done some other box passes (from other, not to be named places, lol) and they're always a blast. Count me in if you have space.

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