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  1. I went high school with Deshaun Watson. His older brother graduated with me. Luckily Deshaun turned out to be a much better person than his brother.. Also we played Cam Newtons team and beat them in the state semi finals.
  2. You read it correctly. I haven't heard of that happening either. Maybe it just slipped through the cracks, I'm not upset by it. I was just wondering if all were good in a master case maybe they don't open every box.
  3. I just got a box of COROs in today from our gracious host that was still sealed/never been opened. Obviously nothing was wrong with them, just wondering if anyone else has had this happen?
  4. Hah possibly I'm hoping the rest will have a draw to match the flavor
  5. They're stored in a Tupper at 63% and a few are in a desktop at 61%. I'm guessing it's just a fluke as I've heard nothing but good things about the Marca. I'm going to try a full box of PP as soon as I see them come up on 24 24.
  6. I'm wondering if I just have terrible luck or the Punch Marca in general has an abnormally tight draw? I bought a half box of petit coronations and a punch punch from a sampler. So far 4 of the PC and the PP havery had super tight draws. Anyone else had this problem?
  7. Get a box of the Epi Especial you will not regret it. I've smoked a few ROTT and I wish I bought two or 3 more boxes.
  8. I just got in a box of HDMDC and put them straight into my tupper with two boveda 62's it also has a box of HMD EE. I noticed the DC's were decently wet upon arrival but figured they would even out with the bovedas. The hygro was at 68 the night i put them in "two days ago", but has dropped to 66 tonight. Should I dry box in the future then put them in the tupper? Sry to hijack the thread Guy. I just got worried abt my cigars from seeing your mold problem. I had to run upstairs and check the cigars in panic mode lol
  9. I think this is an awesome idea. Its going to help me plan my first and many to come Cuba trips.
  10. How about mag 50's? I tried for a box on the 24 24 but missed out unfortunately.

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