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  1. I smoke CCs and NCs, but Cubans definitely win for me when it comes to aroma.
  2. I like them both. Some of the boutique NC guys are coming up w/ amazing cigars. And sometimes I’m in the mood for pure power; so I grab a stick from Nicaragua. That said, lately I’ve been smoking mainly CCs. That Cuban taste & aroma is absolutely wonderful.
  3. Another big fan of the PerfecDraw, though I’m needing it less since bringing down RH on my cigars. I don’t use it as a nubber very often.
  4. I’ve been using something new lately. It’s a miniature pair of vise grips that I bought as part of a set from Harbor Freight Tools several years ago, There’s a screw adjustment that I can set perfectly to hold the cigar without overly squeezing it. It’s about 4 inches long overall, so isn’t too bulky to use. But there’s enough metal in it to absorb heat so your lips don’t get scorched as the cigar burns to the end.
  5. Lots of Kindle & hardcover books. I have much more time for reading now, but probably have purchased too many. Even under current conditions, there’s just so many hours in a day.
  6. I’ve read some of your past posts on this topic and admit to thinking ‘That’s blasphemy !’ ? After this experience, I no longer think that.
  7. Recently I came across a couple of Tupperware containers that had cigars and Boveda packs inside. These somehow missed my regular inspection. One container had about a dozen NCs (65RH Boveda) and the other about a dozen CCs (62RH Boveda). The Bovedas were hard as a rock ? I cursed myself for letting this happen. I have no idea how long the containers have been like this. I went ahead and smoked cigars from both containers and was very pleasantly surprised. Especially with the CCs. Flavor was delicious. Draw was wonderful, none of the problems that I often find with CCs. I’m not goin
  8. I live in a rural farm community in the western USA. The biggest industry is Ag related, though there are some big company internet facilities here attracted by the cheap electric power. Life is fairly normal in many ways. Very few wear masks. The local police wouldn’t even consider giving anyone a ticket for not doing so. In the towns some small businesses are opening; if they don’t they could lose everything. Big corporate chain stores such as Walmart have remained open. That’s where you see the most facemasks - worn by employees, not customers. - Officially, the governor of our state still
  9. Been cutting my own for almost 5 years now. So it’s business as usual on that front.
  10. Been there, done that. We can build a deep passion for something over the years. Those who aren’t enthusiasts, are unlikely to feel the same way. I’ve learned my lesson from past experience. I don’t ‘break out the good stuff’ till someone has shown me that they likely will appreciate it.
  11. Sounds like I best mark my calendar for these. Looking forward to trying them !
  12. BTW - as others pointed out, the ‘isms’ found currently in most of the West don’t follow the text book descriptions either. There are con men of all kinds of varieties fooling their own populations IMO. That kinda thing has been going on for a very long time. - - Humanity hasn’t wised up yet, unfortunately.
  13. Oops - Che was killed in Bolivia ! Earlier he went to the Congo I really need to drink that first cup of coffee in the morning before typing ‘history stuff’ from memory !
  14. IMO most ‘isms’ are a con - a cover for getting the population to willingly give up power and their loot. The smartest con men know this and can live large for a long time. The dumb con men actually believe their own bullsh*t. They and their naive true believers can cause all sorts of trouble and often go down in flames due to their stupidity. Fidel grabbed a personal fortune easily worth over a billion US dollars and held power till he died of old age in bed. He passed on control of that wealth to his family, - despite baloney about the ‘socialist paradise’. - - Che was a psychopath murd
  15. The PerfecDraw is the best tool for opening up the draw of a cigar that I have found. A definite must have for habanos smokers IMO. Their cigar glue is also excellent. It sets up quickly and is also the best of its type of product Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk Pro

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