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  1. Definitely a very nice añejo, and pricetag is really good, at least here in Mexico (about 25 bucks).
  2. A lot! I usually think about what boxes I could / should buy trying to go to sleep, and it usually doesn't let me sleep ?
  3. I guess this applies for people entering the US by plane, don't know if the rules are the same for someone crossing the border by land from Canada or Mexico, do you happen to know?
  4. Interesting, so does this apply only for US citizens or for people visiting the US and bringing Cubans to the US too?
  5. I've seen 4 or 5 people telling that they were amazing ROTT, who knows!
  6. I know! Rest of the world prices won't be even close, I just bought a box from our host in 24 24, couldn't resist a Bolivar EL.
  7. Andorra price is 135 euros so Cuba price should be I guess around 120 USD.
  8. Yes, it definitely looks the same, if you received it as a single, It looks like the person who shipped it didn't see it or didn't care. IMHO it is hard not to see if it is a single. It doesn't look like beetle damage at all and anyway, you would really have bad bad luck if the beetle damage happened during shipping!
  9. This looks identical to a Don Alejandro that I received about a month ago. Some cigars were shipped to me in an empty cigar box, the box's little nail wasn't straight and ended making a hole in e cigar when the box was closed. Pretty sure it could be what happened to you.
  10. I honnestly can eat almost anything. Obviously there are things I enjoy more than others and I do love fine cuisine, but I've eaten and enjoyed lots of strange things : almost any inners from cows, pigs, sheeps, ant larvaes, grasshoppers. I am trying to recall but I am pretty sure there is no common food I can't eat!
  11. I voted yes. It is not only a matter of trusting your vendor, but knowing when were the cigars rolled, and no, I don't sell or flip at all, it is something relevant to me as I like to age cigars when I manage to wait.
  12. Some vintage shopping, again...00 Don Alejandro and some 06 Mercaderes.
  13. Just received these! 98 Bolivar coronas gigantes, 98-03 fundadores and 2000 Don Alejandros.

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