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  1. ONEintheCHAMBER

    How do these Talisman boxes look?

    Eric05 is correct, those are Art's photos for sure, can recognize the back round, lol. His instagram account is @art305 and he actually posted information and pictures on the bands and the black light features of the talisman a couple weeks ago. I have been buying from him for years, 1000% legit, and yes cigars in Cuba are really that cheap, but of course with the exchange rate and the amount I assume one must tip the shop clerk to actually get the box, the true cost is bumped up for sure some amount. $650.00 is actually not a bad price, considering 24:24 had them up recently for $595.00 and no one beats there prices and anywhere else is in the high 600.00 euro range. Just remeber to always freeze boxes that come direct from Cuba, lmao, ALWAYS!!!
  2. ONEintheCHAMBER

    24:24 change you?

    I have been a Cuban cigar smoker for years, but towards the middle of 2016 I began purchasing in extremely large amounts, I basically just decided that I was able to maintain and care for a larger amount of cigars and wanted to start buying in full boxes and begin a collection. I have been non-stop purchasing every month from multiple trusted sources, I was an active reader of FOH for years, the site helped me learn pretty much everything I know today, I have been an official member for over a month now, I have purchased from Cuntint and 24:24. 24:24 is just a whole different animal, I absolutely love it, and yes it has consumed me, lol. Alarms set on my cell phone, the act of viewing the listings, and sending out an email as fast as I can, and then waiting for a confirmation email, its exhilarating. I have lost many, and I have won few, but the wins, oh they are amazing!!!! I am strictly a collector, and a enjoyer of fine cigars, and its not a secret that there are people who profiteer from the 24:24 listings, I think as a lover of cigars every person should have a chance to purchase and enjoy a box of cigars that they want off of the listings. Therefor a box purchase limit should be put on every listing, everyone deserves the right to a fair chance, and I don't imagine anyone who is not profiteering would complain about that. Diana and the team are amazing!!!!!

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