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  1. You had to go to Plovdiv in Bulgaria:) my home town. It has so much more history than Sofia and beutiful places to go. I also have couple boxes of the 681 and really loved them. Enjoy
  2. Hey guys how often do you callibrate your boveda smart? Mine went off the charts all of a sudden and is like 10% off. I have 3 digitals inside with it they show 63% boveda is like 73%... i will callibrate now and see if that fixes the problem
  3. Loctite 1999131 All Purpose Repair Putty, 2 Ounces https://www.amazon.com/dp/B000BOB8P6/ref=cm_sw_r_cp_api_LDcTAb67Z2F24
  4. I got my drain hole closed the moment i got it
  5. Yeah but i need the unit to be running so it keeps the temp at 65 inside. Outside temp is 80.. i dont know if i can only turn odd the fan but keep the cooling system on??
  6. Then where this extra humidity came from? Outside humidity has been under 30% for the last 5 months..
  7. And its not like those singles were just put in so they were at higher humidity. They are all from boxes sitting in the same winador...
  8. There is one pack in the middle its not visible though. But totally agree with the idea of the bigger wineador
  9. I know we all have been discussing this humidity issue but mine is kinda strange:) I have Newair-CC-300 with about 20 boxes and about 100 singles. I have installed 2 extra fans on the back for better circulation. On the top my temp is 65 humidity 65% same at the bottom. /im using boveda 320g 65%. But in the middle where my singles are temp is 65 but humidity is up at 70-71%. Im using the boveda bluetooth censor and i just did calibrate it. Any idea why i have that difference in the humidity. Thanks in advance.
  10. Just age them at the FOH Locker. I do that and its much easier as far as maintenance and also I dont see them so i dont smoke them:)

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