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  1. Hey I think you'll find that mower won't glide optimally without a box of cigars in hand
  2. box of Dips. they've been uber tasty of late
  3. 99call

    3D Scanner

    Well done to both of you. always nice to see someone meet a problem, with a solution. It's worth while celebrating and remembering that for all the hate and bile the internet seems to churn out these days, it also realises cool stuff like this.......exactly why Tim-Berners-Lee invented it in the first place. Congrats
  4. 99call

    Bushido - Which one is real?

    wow!!! sharp eyes indeed. Hats off to you Sir. With fakes and the fact that China is now very much involved, the really surprising thing is that they are not already at a point where you just can not tell at all. More reason to smoke great quality standard production CC's, that are not worth faking
  5. Congrats dude, and enjoy. Time to sing the FOH theme tune
  6. 99call

    Notre-Dame Cathedral

    As a conservator myself, I have to agree with the frustrations some have already shared about 'accidents' occurring whilst restoration/conservation is already underway. I worked on the Cafe Royal after the "grill room" (where Oscar Wilde used to dine) had gone up in flames. I later found out, that prior to the fire happening (and my involvement) the "grill room" had a seperate listing classification, and those planning the works were being held over a barrel because of this. Hey presto a week weeks later a very instant fire (that was contained in the grill room happened)...........funny that.......how convenient. I hope my cynical outlook on this isn't the case, but you cant help but wonder The Cutty Sark, Uppark, Glasgow School of Art, i'm sure there are many more. all more than a little dodgy if you ask me. Anyone interested in conservation information recording, check out this video and Factum-Arte's website. If you want to visit anything in the flesh, I would do so in the next 20yrs, as it will increasingly be a thing of the past
  7. 99call

    So far so good

    I cant help but think that the two greatest inventions of the 21st century namely - Gaffer tape - Cable ties Have mainly benefitted two distinct groups of people - DIY 'have a go hero's' - and kidnappers Both acts of pure evil, just different flavours, Ha
  8. 99call

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    loving following your adventures dude.
  9. Many thanks to FOH. Super chuffed. A wonderful place, wonderful team, and the best forum members. Really enjoyed reading everyone's reviews, it gave a great overview of the past and present of the RA brand Thank you FOH, I had a terrible day at work and this has massively gilded the black cloud with silver. Cheers guys
  10. This was an Partagas SdC no 3 from 1997. I've arranged the files poorly, I will sort it out soon. If you type nudies into the search field you should be able to find the review. Also Ken has reviewed the Laguito No1 size in Kenfessions.
  11. Yep, I'm surprised more FOH haven't cottoned on to how good high quality reposado and anejo tequila is with cigars. I adore the Paloma cocktail 2x shots of Reposado Tequila 1x tablespoon of of Agavero liquer or Agave necter Ice, and toped up with unsweetened Pink Grapefruit juice. wedge of lime and squeeze of lime, Sprig of Mint. Salt rim optional Lovely stuff.
  12. If it has been in any cigar I've had, I must of subconsciously tried to shun it to the back of my brain, where it will remain
  13. Yep, I would also flip out if I tasted white pepper in a cigar, not a fan. For some reason it always reminds me of the smell of pet shops, and overcooked cabbage
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