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  1. Masterful review.....good man! Well on board with the fig rolls!
  2. we need to come up for a name for this... 'Cherry's choice'? 'The Greenhorns Gambit'?
  3. I cant really talk to it as I'm not much of an R&J fan. but following the comment of a range of other FOH, it seems they go for the Mille Fleur of the Belvaderes The real king of R&J skinnies was of course The Shakespeare, long gone, but I think they were Lancero sized.
  4. Lordy! thats huge, you could have a game of 5 a side on that. Mind you, I wouldn't like the task of fetching a wayward ball in Aussie waters, no chance....sorry 'Wilson' you're on your own
  5. ahah why!? it's just starting to get good!. I've found a few sources of news (across a range of political leanings) who sort of specialise in filleting off the 'post truth era' blubber and provide the choice cuts. It would be interesting to do a study into whether people hot boxing themselves with bias news can form a physical/mental addiction. I remember hearing a radio piece years ago, surrounding the analysis of a naval officer and his decision making to shoot down a missile (that 50% had the signature of a enemy rocket, and 50% that of a friendly plane). Anyway they did studies into the naturally releasing serotonin affects of making a decision you believe to be right, and how that commits you to move ahead and act, as you're affectively in a happy haze of your own confirmation. Much like the maniacs I've met in the workplace that seem to be in a constant self induced high of their own autocratic behaviour, maybe those living in fake news echo chambers are have actually formed some sort of self releasing chemical dependance?
  6. You be the judge! I would say these the nudies are some sort of colorado-claro-rosado mongrel. All the best things in life are mongrels! I always find the classification of the shade 'Claro' interesting, the box of monte's Rob put up at the start of that thread was defo Claro, but only a few others that followed were suffeciently yellow and anaemic to be considered Claro, by what the colour charts illustrate anyhow! I've owned quite a few pre embargo boxes nearly all of them were "triple claro" CCC. the cigars in the boxes were nearly always either Maduro, or Oscuro. I think at some point the classifications must of changed quite drastically.
  7. Yep, they look great, I've had some Quintero coronas in the past, they should still have a bit of power. Put a review up,
  8. Here's some more examples of the diplomatic fakes. Over the last 20yrs i've seen hundreds of fake boxes of these. I great deal of them, have the bottom box stamp applied simply with ink
  9. I think the Quintero's might be late 1960's or early 1970's Nice find
  10. Check out the the Cuban Cigar Website link, you will easily be able to date your box. https://www.cubancigarwebsite.com/packaging/information#Box_Stamps Yes, there are examples of fakes that go back to the 1960's I'm not saying your Cohiba's are 100% fakes. I'm just saying these diplomatic boxes are faked in large numbers, and the cello and quality of the cigars themselves, look off, and likely fake. Again your box looks legit, but evidence of the following techniques of fakers has been seen over and over - Reboxing of non-original cigars into original boxes - Banding fake cigars, with original unused factory stock cigar bands sold in bulk on the internet - People removing seals of original boxes, and placing them on other boxes - People sanding cabinets, SBN boxes, re lacquering them, etc etc Basically anything you can imagine in terms of fakery is currently taking place in multiple places around the world. Along with Eplendidos, Robusto's, Behike's I would say these diplomatic boxes are the most widespread Cohiba boxes/cigars.
  11. Sadly these diplomatic Cohibas, are heavily faked, there is a chance that the box is real, but the bad signs are - the cello looks to clean - the cello should not me open at the foot, and should fold under the cigar by about 2cm - the cigar itself looks very rough Considering how widely these are faked, I'd would say there is a 95% chance these are fake. Could you please upload a picture of the black habanos stamp, this often done with badly stamped black ink on the fake boxes. I do think the box is probably original
  12. I think it all depends on. if the skill that your passing on is easily replicated, or if the skill that you have can not be easily passed on....... And that was the point of the thread. It's just my opinion. But I think Corona virus has cast a spot light on a huge swathe of low skilled, high paid employees. I think there is going to be vast recalibration of how valuable middle management is, and little it will be missed

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