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  1. Whomever has got a 🐔 , that has no 🛎️, broken branches on the side, and covered in cheap varnish.................well i feel sorry for them.....regardless of the 13inches. Ha! 🌴🍆🤔
  2. I will definitely agree with you on that. Maybe there is something in MRN's book about how they came to pass. I personally have no idea about when they first came about
  3. I have no idea. But on the last part of your comment, I would argue the exact opposite. Take another look at how individual, crafted and inspired the tronquitos are, then think about how bland and souless today's offering are.
  4. As far as I am aware tronquitos are made with a cedar core. Then a compound similar to wood filler/two part resin is added to the outside, and then sculpted with a texturing tool. The most difficult part must be finishing the join, as the filler would naturally want to fracture and crack.
  5. Love tronquito's, and have seen many in various sizes, but pretty much always round with varying size, never anything like this. 13 inches tall.......very odd. I wonder what on earth went into this cool, incredibly rare, shoulder bag tronquito? 25 x Sancho Sancho maybe?
  6. 99call

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    The old band ETP boxes, were and are fabulous. I think a good slice of the frenzy was based on how good those cigars were.
  7. I can see it now. With some legislator reading over Teresa deal (499th draft). "Oh my god!..... That things opporational!!...............no errr.....no wait an minute.....no no it's not"
  8. 99call


    Happy Birthday Lisa
  9. This boils my piss quicker than Bosch kettle
  10. 99call

    Trinidad Shorts

    I'm I reading this correctly?. I don't want to knee jerk. Are you suggesting that capitalism should be commended for pulling the plug on slavery?. Again I'm sure I'm reading this incorrectly, or accidentally switched my eye drops with LSD
  11. Yep, as a pure functioning item, a cigar smokes best between 38-48 RG. Everything after that is just show.....and not go! I'm hoping the novelty wears off in another 5 yrs, and then we can get back to serious smoking
  12. In many ways the UK is void of any straight forward sense of patriotism, that would be familiar to countries like China, Russia, or the US. Once a country becomes so old, the sense of who a country belongs too, becomes flux and constantly evolving. I think for us to get along with another country, a sense of self deprecation is a must In terms of Britishness I would describe the general man or woman to be. Dark humoured, pessimistic, pale, open to criticism, capable of as many of one moment of brilliance every two years, with underperformance making up the rest of the time, powered by tea, accepting, sly as foxes. When travelling the world, i've found most in common with Japanese, although their work ethic, is vastly superior.
  13. I think this may be true, but I would suggest as bed fellows the vast proportion of people I know in the UK, are not exactly "over fond" of the US, compared with the shared history we have with the Europe. Yes some of it, is not exactly ideal . I think a great deal of it is brinkmanship is played out with regards to the shifting directions
  14. People like Boris Johnsson and Jacob Rees Mogg, come from worlds where they like to play hard and fast with the safety of the less wealthy/secure. They want to turn the UK into some no regulation, tax heaven, where everything is privatised, and the top 5% can do as they please. Effectively they were selling a dream, that would only be a reality if you were already wealthy. For everyone else it holds lots of risk, with no certain reward, and if we crash out, it will almost certainly be very painful, for those living in poverty. I think the idea is the hard brexiteers wanted Norway + or, Canada+, or their own bespoke package . They've meddled and been stubborn to a point that, it now looks as though we are going to crash out, with nothing. The likes of Jacob Rees Mogg, are similutaniously telling everyone, everything will be fine, whilst moving their own wealth out of the UK. Hopefully the breaking point has been reached. Those who have disbanded from Corbyn's Labour today, have hopefully set a president, and Labour will return to the values it had pre-Tory Blair. If a strong non-radical Labour government can be formed, then it is the end for Teresa. As for Brexit, I suspect the can will be kicked down the road past March, and Brexit will be either passed in a different form by the following government, or canned.

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