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  1. Naughty,........you know all too well my ref to Nino, was for the old CC geezers he may have met, not that he was one of that number. Judging by the image above.....he still looks dangerous #plentyoflifeintheolddogyet!
  2. Interestingly I think it might have been @Nino that did a review of the original Bolivar Especiales with Dalay cigars, and some comment with regards to these being very heavy on ligero. I had 50 bolivar Espeicales tubos at one point, and in opening up a couple, the richness of aroma was quite startling. It obviously wasn't that barnyard leather of young cigars, but like a heavy brooding spice, the bands were totally saturated in oil, very impressive, not really seen cigars like it before or since. Sorry to go off on a tangent, but the point was to say that maybe the original Bolivar
  3. Hmm to be honest I cant really see this thread getting any traction as it, in its quizzical nature is speculative. There must be some old tobacco marinaded man or woman on the face of the planet, who has seen it all? I think my question would be...."Are we going through the 2nd golden age of cuban cigars". I.e. stuff like filter tips, tubos, bakelite hip flasks, fancy big humi's, it all back in the day must have seemed pretty fancy pants, and stupid, yet I look back on that era with great regards, and look at the stupid gimmickry of what's being released now as something deferent.
  4. So a few threads have featured on this forum before, but never really specifically on old school CC smokers. One of my first questions goes out to the likes of @Nino @El Presidente @Trevor2118 Are there any really old CC smokers you know of? or have met" Do you think such a thing exists? i.e someone who has been routinely smoking cuban cigars since the 1940s?. I guess a life lived between the 1920's and the 2020's you have to give someone a bit of leeway and say they start smoking in the 1940's. Jesus, what a that buzz! - 1940's starting off your career with small cheap
  5. Last time I was there this clip was on tv live. A high court case between a baboon and a snow crab. I genuinely though that I someone have spiked by onsen with a litre of LSD. In the live version they had people in the corner of the screen doing sign language, the sign language people also wore either monkey or crab costumed depending on the part............you know...........just in case you were getting confused. Love it, absolutely bonkers
  6. best country in the world......couldn't love Japan more. It has own unique problems, and it's a tough slog to be a Japanese national (work hrs etc), but Jesus!=...........Culture...........food..........nature.......transport........whisky............beer...........saki..........hospitality. I struggle to think of another country who's hit more home runs. the only thing that is crap in Japan, is TV.........but if you think about it......even that is a bonus
  7. I think a aged Mag 50 does possess a baked fruit aspect. And whether your cooking apples or peaches. Or apricots in butter and brown sugar the aroma is fairly similar. Sort of a rich buttery vanilla spiced fruitiness
  8. I do not hate, them or the videos. I do find them incredibly irritating, and for me they are a bit of living illustration of the oddness of the class system of the UK. I completely accept that I perceptions of them may be coloured by my geography and upbringing, thats completely fair for you to highlight. but it's not my opinion that I was after, I sort of self qualified my opinion as being unimportant and coloured What I was getting at, was the rambling, waffling, tenuous, tangential communication. This is often a package that seems to get rubber stamped as a mark of stunning whit a
  9. It always lays bare how frail and weak these 'strong men' of politics are, when they have to make up pathetic lies. I think the average joe on the street would find it impressive he got on the ice............but no........it has to be 9 points. I would have loved it if someone on the opposition didn't get the pre game email, and thrown down gloves to Vlad. Needless so say Vlad would have knocked him out clean with a text book upper cut (so wrote the St Petersburg Times!)
  10. I could also suggest your comments were dangerous, and suggesting someone is promoting bullying behaviour when they are not, is in fact the freshest, most caustic form of bullying. But do I think you are a bully? ......no I do not. Do I think I am a bully?.....no I do not. My opinion of how I perceived these guys was the foundation of the thread. i.e. 'this is what I think, are my opinions just the product of the UK class system, or do members outside of the UK, perceive them in the same manner. The subject wasn't to assess whether people thought they were silly per se, rathe
  11. HHhhmm I think you would be surprised. Although an author, there is a huge swathe of the socialite class, who get a long on very little other than looking the part. i.e different or odd. It was sort of the focus of the thread in a way. I often find the most interesting people you meet, are not the ones wearing a monocle, that arrive on a unicycle, but rather the unassuming types. Here is a slightly more serious piece on his love of watches. same amount of rings, and Rupert the bear jacket to boot.
  12. I do enjoy seeing the likes of Salvatore Parisi going on tweed purchasing holidays on Instagram, I do find it very amusing. There is a story about him hearing some old school lavender soap maker going out of business in the UK, on hearing this, the story goes that he bought enough in one purchase just to keep them going, just so they could keep producing.........now thats dedications to the chap lifestyle.
  13. I personally do think they are a pair of bellends, and they irritate me intensely, but as triggered Northerner, what I think of these bumbling private schoolboys is an irrelevance, I set out in the beginning of the thread suggesting they made me want to set fire to myself, but was keen to learn what sort of reaction they engendered in overseas members. One of the reasons I was interested was to discern if overseas members thought these guys fit into the classic 'English eccentric' bracket. I do value genuine eccentrics greatly, but personally I feel as these guys are more, pointless pe

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