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  1. Gutted for you, better luck next time, Great honest review.
  2. Enjoy dude, have a great Christmas
  3. Great review, looks like a nice oily example. One of the very few big cigars, that has the big bold flavour to suit its format
  4. lovely review, that really captures the profile, and dependability of RASS What a good year for the RASS.....ES!
  5. Hey Al, Sorry I wasn't referencing you, and I didn't mean for it to sound negative. All I was saying in a way. Is that I find it odd that many a comfortable is saying cigars "can" taste of chocolate, coffee, and leather. But "cannot" taste of anything else. Like there is a rule book somewhere. Thanks for the reply dude. And enjoy your Fundis, I hope they continue to be great. Cheers
  6. I think in anything, life, career, love, wine, cigars, its always the healthiest outlook to be amazed by the sheer amount of what we do not know, and challenge ourselves to know more.
  7. Indeed I did, they have an unusual nutty, sweet woody vegetal character, very similar to cashew nuts. This flavour was a burst with literally lasted a second or two. Some may say "shut your mouth, and only mention things that are established 'accepted flavours'" well to those people, knock yourselves out. I call it "Clint Eastwood syndrome"
  8. Hmmm, many....many more FOH will oodles more experience than me, I (like most on here) just say what I get, whether is BS or not,,, the jury is out. Robs ability to encourage and motivate members to do reviews is great. Seeing everyones different styles and opinions delivers a great resource to all smokers.
  9. Trinidad Fundadores ARS MAY 2018 Aroma at cold: Just lovely balmy tobacco, oily rich and buttery, 1st 3rd Wow wow wow, just my favourite premium smoke (Hhhm? maybe the LGCMD No2 overshadows it, but it’s close) . Vivid blue smoke streaming of the foot. Slightly savoury donut flavours, like Chinese ’savoury sticks” or ‘Youtiao’ . No sweetness yet. Just Soooo rich, deep buttery smoke, and some nice salt on the lips. A little bit of oaky tannin, sweet peanut brittle 2nd 3rd A little bit of a closed patch, these are very young, and ROTT. A sweet fresh cardboard aroma that I often get with high end Monte 2’s, like smelling the paper off chocolate bars. Take slightly too hard of a draw, and the overheating brings out a nice Sancho Panza twang. I should be smoking this indoors, a bit of a travesty really. Lots of creamy sweet donut flavours 3rd 3rd A lovely sourness developers like the smell of fresh rye or pumpernickel bread. So insane that these are a good $100+ cheaper than COLA’s, I’m not complaining though!. I bit of sandalwood coming through with the donuts, and sweet creamy ’Caramac’ chocolate bar. More peanuts. Still more savoury than sweet. I first time for me in tasting tinned bamboo shoots in a cigar, it’s a little bit like that cashew flavour you can get in light bodied smokes, but definitely different. Last inch or two is strong sandalwood, and dark salted caramel Conclusion Zero rough edges, Epic Epic smoke. Even if the blender for this cigar turned out to be a 30 stone man in a string vest covered in Asado grease.....I still want to kiss him on his sweaty bald head, and shake his hand...........(maybe) Wonderful cigar, my only fear is that the quality of its super young performance, is that I may have a limited time frame to enjoy them. If you have them, don't be afraid to sample!! Score Strange score, as it's one of those few cigars that could achieve a perfect 100. Does this mean its current score slides further back down the scale? I'm confused. Erm a brutal 96. Left in a happy daze.
  10. Somewhere in Habana, there is a mountain of unused Ligero. Ha! Hopefully they are holding it back to release La Esception as part of the regular lines.......Read (not gonna happen) 2013 LGCMDO no 2 was the last truly full bodied cigar i've enjoyed, (and the box could go another 10yrs easy). everything else has been mid or just over.
  11. A great review, and a lovely looking cigar, Hats off
  12. Governments like their people weak and unable to resist. Whereas cigars turn us into zen visionaries.
  13. This makes so little sense to me. In countries where corruption and some pretty bloody horrible human rights abuses go on........which is all cool with the powers that be. But coloured boxes freaks people out. Bonkers
  14. 99call

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Nice work dude. Only ever had 2 but they were very nice.
  15. Apologies. There are a few on here that want all cigar reviews to be either "meh" or "ok". Thanks for the input. Yep there are a whole host of blends these days, that have pretty short legs. Cheers

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