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  1. Great journey, great review, sounds like a great cigar. Always been tempted by these. Maybe time to pull the trigger
  2. So we've all heard either mothers of grandmothers say (about babies) "oohh I could just eat you all up" Apparently these 'dimorphous expressions' or feelings are positive indicators that you simply care or feel very positive about whatever it is you're talking about. I goes without saying that this is pretty obvious, and if we genuinely thought their were baby cannibals out there they would be locked up quick smart. I was smoking a PLMC today, and it was golden, just wonderful every puff was burnt caramel, salt, light leather, and buttered popcorn. Anyway, I noticed some part of my brain was saying Brain- "eat that cigar" Me- "but I don't want to, it would be awful" Brain- "less of the smart mouth, get it eaten" Thankfully it was enjoyed by smoking, and not knife and fork.............but it made me think, any FOH out there had dimorphous feelings about your cigars? ever opened an oily box of BRC and though hmmm just a little drizzle of peppercorn sauce and down the hatch? It's crazy I know......but apparently it's a real thing
  3. Looking at this in black and white, it's very interesting to look at this box of 2005 AL R&J Tubos from the London auction. It's the closest thing there is in age in the past lots to get an idea of what people will pay. they went for £670 which is $848 https://www.onlinecigarauctions.com/sold_lot_info.php?products_id=5085 Put simply I just think HSA put the feelers out, and want to get top dollar........and some WILL pay it I predict these will be different to the rest of the Anejados programme, I think they'll get very good reviews, and then people will start to buy begrudgingly......but not me
  4. Sorry you may of got the wrong end of what I was saying. I wasn't suggesting there is some chance of mistaking what they were, one more importantly that who would care anyway. My focus wasn't to cater for the kind of person why turns up at smoking lounges, and wants people to notice what they're smoking. It was just to say I think the standard band on them seems like a lost opportunity, whether to have them bandless, or in the old bands etc. The standard line bands just doesn't sit right with me........but I know many couldn't care less.
  5. I agree lovely box, it was sort of more pointed towards saying that I think the regular line bands seems out of step with the rest of the packaging. Like @nKostyan said, I would almost prefer them to have no band. I cant quite describe why, I just think they look out of place
  6. I agree, and whilst I would not want to 'bling them up', It would be nice to differentiate them from the bottom of the line. I wouldn't mind them bandless either, but maybe with a wrap over yellow ribbon like old Partagas Seleccion Privada. Just a little something to give them a tip of the hat to say...........these are special cigars.
  7. Now unless i'm doing reviews, I'm a band straight off (after lighting), kind of smoker, I don't know why, they just sort of irritate me. That said I'm a fan of the them when they're classy and well designed, and they do make a box of cigars 'pop' when done nicely i.e PLPC, RA Extra etc etc In a current climate where HSA seems to be marketing towards 10yr olds with all sorts of new triple bands, foot bands etc......It struck me how under dressed Sir Winston's look. Not in a million years I'm I advocating second bans or foot bands ect, but it would be nice to have something add that little air of distinction for what is the top fo the Upmann tree. I really love the old "finest selected tobacco' ring that used to be on some rare boxes of Sir Winston......who'd like to see them back?
  8. 99call

    Cruise Ship Cigar Lounges

    If anyone get the chance I can really recommend trying to catch the V&A's "Ocean Liners - Speed and Style" exhibition. I had no idea how ridiculously grand these ships used to be, it was a real eye opener. I don't think they will ever be as grand again. I've thrown in an image of Keith's 'Ramon Allones Cunardos" handily in glass tubes so they don't get wet. What and unbelievable find......hats off to him
  9. Couldn't love Japan more. Nothing better than stumbling home drunk (in the middle of nowhere) and wanting one more beer......then out from the darkness...............Bingo!
  10. Holy Moly...........£90!!!!!!.......What was it? cold filtered through Red Rum's ashes or something? As ever London always setting new standards of 'squeeky bum time'

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