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  1. For me it hinges on this. Getting into athletics is such a niche unusual thing in a way, that it really cast a shadow of 'are these the best of the best? or just the best of those who didn't get picked up by mainstream sport' I just cant buy into it on that basis.
  2. I would happily re-classify this as the 'show pony lifestyle'. I genuinely have no problem with people that are passionate, genuinely knowledgeable about art, clothes, fine spirits, cars etc etc. But sadly money really can't buy class. I would say 90% of people who involve themselves in this world, have very little knowledge of what they like. they buy Rolex's because it's safe.......they buy Macallan, because James Bond drinks it. etc etc. It's really sad to see amongst all of these 'influencers' instagram accounts, that they themselves are the ones who have been influence
  3. I'm pretty sure a 'sniff test' would return a hot cardboard aroma
  4. Usually highly skeptical of Todo (assuming thats where these are being advertised), but these look pretty legit. Whether they've be sat on a radiator shelf for the last 60yr....well thats another thing
  5. Can't help but think such a video will be a prerequisite of all sales in the future (between collectors etc).......and rightly so
  6. Wonderful vid, I was genuinely riveted. Incredibly interesting to see top dogs in the biz chew the fat. You do however need to incorporate farting chairs.. A-La 'The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin'. The most underrated of all British comedies
  7. ahhh...... Gotta love Cohiba. I've like the river of slime/negative energy in Ghostbusters 2.
  8. A great vid from the brilliant Ralfy, on fake whisky. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E-L67dwrb-Q
  9. Social structures only ever mean anything, if you actually want to be a part on them. These people sound like A-holes. Just enjoy yourself. Wherever you go, whether it be skiing or golf, there are a stuffy elite desperately trying to make people feel like they don't belong. They forget these are sports, above all else. it's not about who you know, or how expensive your clubs are, it's skill and application.........everything else is glossy bullshit
  10. Mine is arriving Tuesday, cant wait......been looking for one of these for a while
  11. How is he JL2 not leading the sweetness poll!!??.....bonkers. just pure choc-orange
  12. Welcome, good to have you. Skinny cigars are dying a bit of a death, but everything goes in cycles. Ultimately HSA will make whatever makes them the best effort, material, profit equation. Hopefully we are on the downward slope of the ridiculous 60rg cigars. Skinnies will have their day again......hopefully soon

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