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  1. Like 95% of entrepreneurialism these days, the more you treat your clientele like POS, the more they seem to lap it up. It's like something out of American Psycho. It's sad, but you often find that in the current situation, i.e. times of crisis, the rich often put the pedal to the metal in being grotesquely wasteful, it's like a badge of honour
  2. I've seen that on the shelf and thought "jeese.....now that is dirty". 5mins later I'm still looking, and now i'm thinking "wait a minute........am 'I' dirty?"
  3. Wow, What happened here? were these somehow bought off the factory floor? The sticker pack makes them look like "my brother knows a guy specials" but they are obviously not Ode to have the sweet hook ups
  4. That was sort of the point of asking in a way. When you look at really old boxes of belicosos they do actually look a great deal more sword-like. I.e the origin of the word meaning 'war-like'. I should have posed the original question better, but it was intended to see if people wanted Belicosos back, how they used to be.
  5. I love a walnut whip, they are still going I think, I've defo seen one in the last year. Terry's mint pyramid however has bitten the dust, perhaps rightly so
  6. What 💩 AND a Walnut Whip !!!!!?????.........."no way......You're a mentalist" I_m_Alan_Partridge_YOUR_A_MENTALIST.mp4
  7. Du Gourmet are amazing in terms of how long their legs are, I find super skinnies are often pretty surprising in that regard. The box I have are 2011 (I think) and nowhere near ready. Great reviews as ever John, hats off to you
  8. Firstly.......please no toilet jokes......................... @Fuzz I own a very old BBF and it's shape is very similar to these Por Larranaga 'Triangular No 1'. i.e. a perfectly shaped belicoso tip, but with an almost perfect box pressed foot. There is something about this shape that calls out to be as being idea, I'd love to see a regional like this It got me thinking....how do you like your No 2's 1 - Round with ribbon snags 2 - Soft dress box press foot 3 - Hard 'Triangular' heavy box press foot
  9. Orange and chocolate.......all day long........dark chocolate and lime .........yes please...........grapefruit.........dito......................... !!!!!Lemon!!!! No Bueno.
  10. Whilst I do appreciate this shade of monte wrapper.....on a monte 1 it just screams 'bitter lemon' which is a massive body swerve from me. Just cant do lemon and chocolate.
  11. Love this box. looks to be pre 1900 but strangely with very 1970s styling, wax seals, awesome branding. i'd be all over these
  12. In a previous career I was a chef, and memories of that, make me exciting about this venture. I can attest to the fact there are few more enjoyable passions than putting something out there, that you would be doing as a hobby regardless............and it being passionately taken up by a loyal following, it just the cherry on the cake. This is what entrepreneurialism at its best should be. Not the dull cold hearted mining of the poor ...with a crap product, but good people making good things, that are bought by other good people. It feels like such an old fashioned idea.......and t

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