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  1. This really sums it up for me. I'm not a massive R&J fan,. But I enjoy the sweet exotic rose water side, of the EX4 and the dark jammy side of the Cazzie. For me the Royale marries those two profiles together so well. A cracking little cigar
  2. I'm a big Dubliners fan, but It would of been interesting to see what differing opinions this tongue in cheek song received back in the day.
  3. Wow, the merchandising/monetising of Irish "culture" really does know no bounds. I do find it endlessly fascinating that a land which has such tension and divides within its own land, is seemingly so happy to pimp itself with debased tat overseas. Whenever St Patricks day rolls around I'm always torn, I enjoy the music, the drink and I have a great deal of affection for my celtic cousins being Welsh......but Jesus, get rid of all the marketing crap. Think of the poor whale somewhere in the Atlantic choking on a polyester green leprechaun hat...........what a shitty way to go.
  4. Why if you had the option, would you print yourself a steak that was full of gristle?
  5. Not sure what's going on here. Maybe it was off one of Castro's 'death rolls' supplied by US black opps
  6. Hard to work out if this is 'lime talk' or football talk'
  7. God I wish I could understand American Football, I'm excited on other peoples behalf
  8. For those who have the coin, surprisingly, it's a silent killer.......just like gout crystals
  9. At least you've consumed some lime juice, and the wolf that is scurvy is warded from the door
  10. I get exactly where you're coming from, but if it had to guess I would say it was body of flavour as opposed to nicotine ligero strength. I would say it's pretty much the only cigar in the HSA line up that is deceptive in this nature. Maybe Vegueros?
  11. Surprised to see your Famosos pick, but the rest of it I agree with 100% I think it's really sad. I would love to see CC's be everything they can be......that includes surprisingly strong, and full bodied cigars. We are much poorer without them

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