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  1. This is may favourite, its genius, it somehow, makes you feel, like you have your feet in the warm ocean, but also like you have easy navigable birdseye view of everywhere you want to go..........like it's easy and relaxing.
  2. Seeing the new Punch 898 has really spooked me. I have a horrible feeling everything is going to go the way of the 10 count format, and prices surging. I realise the likes of Monte Especial have historically been offered in 10 count. But not at 70% of the cost of a 25 count!!. The idea of 'special RE/LE' releases as an offering, seem to be seamlessly morphing into a standard production. Would there be a market out there that would buy 10 Monte Especial at grossly inflated prices if the 25s were discontinued??.......sadly I think there would. Aside from the stupidity of calling them 898, what really struck me......oh god this is the future!! 10 cigars for the price of 25. Why on earth would HSA continue to make Party 898, or Monty Especial in 25s, when they just pump the price of 10's?. I strongly feel as if the writing is on the wall. It would be really interesting to know how a 10 count LGC Tainos was priced at compared to a 25 LGC Med 2 back in the good old days?
  3. Oh lordy.....are these for the chop? is this your thinking?
  4. Would concur with this, my MUR APR 13 are full on, the last one i had blew my socks off.
  5. Yep, sadly I cant quite see it. SA are a million miles away from the shambolic poorly hung together team, they were back in Brighton 2015. I think Japan will score a few tries, but the South Africa of today, is not only more brutal, but Pollard is now a composed marshal at 10, and the back line is just as rapid and illusive as Japans. That said, they are just the best team to watch, I hope they do it. Good luck against England, I see the two Jokers 'toxic Eddie' and "cup half full Cheika', have already begun their war of words. Eddie commented the other day "the Typhoon gods were on Englands side".........what an incredibly crass comment. Are we to assume the Typhoon gods were not on the side of the 18 people who have died. I thought I couldn't detest this walking turd anymore, but he keeps on surprising me.
  6. Wow!! one of the best games you'll ever see. Congratulations Japan, 🇯🇵🌸👏👏🌸🇯🇵. You could easily argue, A, more enjoyable to watch than the AB's and B, crisper handing skills. Commiserations to Scotland, but considering the talent within the pool, I think even hardened fans would say they didn't deserve to get out of the pool. Bring back big Vern! i think Townsend project is on the ropes now.
  7. Apt and rightful use of bell-end.............right i'm off to see if I can break my own personal record for holding my breath in the bathtub, whilst filming myself live on facebook. The most f-up thing about that is, 1000's of weird millenials would probably watch it. Please normality return..........we miss you.
  8. But what if he gets addicted to that instead? so many vices......so little time
  9. - Upmann Connie 1 - Trinidad Coloniales - Epicure no 2 - QDO 50 or older Coronas Claro - Vegas Robaina Famoso - Por Larranaga Picadores (with light golden claro wrappers) - Fonseca No 1 (I think this should be your first port of call)
  10. To me the only times I ever successfully gave up cigarettes (which has been many years now) was days after big boozy nights with mates (with lots of chain smoking). In the morning you feel like a husk, the thought of smoking is vile, and you find yourself without thinking about it, having not smoked all day long. It would be these very seldom days I would be like, "right early night, off to bed, thats a one day not smoking in the bag" in the morning, just do one more day. You'll be surprised how quickly you'll break the back of the addiction. Smoke as many cigars as you like, but DO NOT! smoke any rollies. To me these were the only successful times, when you simply (without cognisently thinking about it rack up a day without smoking, and then try and make it two days) get yourself some Trini Shorts in preparation. Any time I conciously said to myself, "right thats it, Im giving up" within a couple of hours I was smoking again. It's super tough, but you can do it, you'll feel so much better
  11. To me, cigars are supposed to be about pure relaxation. To me 'longashing' would be like someone handing me a nearly over flowing cup of boiling tea, that I couldn't put down, or drink......that I just had to hold still, and concentrate on.........bugger to that, thats less Zen and more self flagellation
  12. Millenials have to photograph something!! I don't get it. I do buy into the concept that a cm or so of ash, acts as a it of a cooling/regulating effect on the burn, and minimises spikes of harshness.......but any more than a cm or so really annoys me. If I'm reviewing a cigar thats forming a solid well structured ash, i'll document it in images, but not because the ash is impressive, more that is suggest a well built cigar. Long ashing goes into room 101 for me

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