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  1. Nudies, No 1. I get a lovely buttermint note. Lots of high end vintage stuff with colorado/rosado wrappers, not so much claro or maduro
  2. Could you elaborate?, I've never had the 12, how does it break away from that intense floral character?, is it completely different? or does it just express that classic Metaxa flavour is a more grown up/reserved way?
  3. I can never quite work out if I like Metaxa. One minute it's like drinking liquid flowers in a good way, the next minute it's like drinking liquid flowers in a very bad way.
  4. My first experience of Spanish Brandy, was fairly rough 103 stuff, and my initial reaction was similarly unenthused. I tried some Cardenal Mendoza two years ago and was blown away. If you like PX and I believe you do, you should defo give this a go it's absolutely fabulous. It manages to be decadently Christmasy, without being too cloyingly sweet. It's got a nice backdrop of walnut/date salty savoury that balances everything out. Would pair fabulously with an after dinner 898 Also the packaging is utterly beautiful, it's a shame they don't still come in the original co
  5. Wow...............I would say "they don't make them like that anymore"......but Imelda May proves that rule to hold no water, as she is very much alive and kicking. What a fabulous talent. Perfectly backed by the Jools Holland band. I can really see this in an old school Scorsese movie. What are your stellar Christmas tunes?
  6. Goddamn the Germans/Dutch, always trying to steal our stuff. That was a very brief daydream thinking there was a Welsh cuban cigar factory in 1900s.....oh well
  7. Smoke a Fonseca no 1 and an Epicure Especial at the same time. Problem solved
  8. Can you imagine how many committee men in blazers it took to decide on the colours of the band. " Now then boys.... Listen by eeer now...we've got an agreement in principle on the main two colours.. ....but where the fack is the Dragaaan!?"
  9. probs the same person doing fake Churchill sloppy seconds
  10. For some reason I'm getting strong... Fred and Barny at the 'Royal Order of the Water Buffalo'....vibes
  11. The real impressive part, is were you pull it in half, then put it back to together again
  12. Definitely more than a hefty slice of 'Kramer-fro' going on here.......lovely stuff

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