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  1. Too many is when you have more cigars than you'll smoke before the cigars pass their prime. If your current collection can be expected to peak in 5 - 8 years and then decline, but your current rate of consumption means you have enough stock for 10+ years, then you have too many. At that point they're not aging, they're going to waste.
  2. MUP OCT 18 Punch La Isla. These have really blossomed in the past couple of months.
  3. This is turning out to be a good cigar-related podcast.
  4. One last pass through the ol' vintage section before they all end up on Bond Roberts ... Libertadors and RyJ PCs
  5. That's an interesting point. I've always assumed that cigars are rolled and boxed in the same month, but there's actually no real reason to think that. It's probably impossible to determine when the sticks were rolled v. when they were boxed v. when the box was stamped.
  6. @cmbarton I've often wondered about this question. For some reason, JUN and OCT are disproportionately over-represented in my inventory, and have been for some time. I used to wonder if quality was affected by the humidity in Havana at the time they're rolled. Or my buying habits are seasonal.
  7. 2007 PL Robusto de Larranaga while we take a break from cutting wheat.
  8. Hard to say. They're ready in the sense that they have no mongrel and are perfectly smooth. But they're also one-dimensional at this point. I don't know if additional years will change that.

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