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  1. This MdO No.2 was a gift from a generous friend. They've become so rare that I really expected that I would never see one. So I'm very excited for the opportunity. This is a beautiful example. It has exactly the wrapper type that one hopes for on the best MdO - light and tawny, with a slight velvety tooth. The band is discolored from age; the gold is turning green, but not yet black. The aroma at cold is dry and papery. It lights readily, like dry tinder, and produces a perfect draw and a neat, white stack of dimes ash. The very first draw shows the characteristic flavor of high quality, well-aged tobacco. Earthy, sour truffle. Added to that is some rich roasted chestnut in the aroma off the foot. By the beginning of the second third, a woodiness has emerges that brings a sweet component with it. It's a light, fruity sweetness, close to what I usually enjoy in the No. 4. The performance has been excellent. By the final third, the wood aspect become dominat. There isn't much in the way of further evolution. But as the dry wood comes to the fore, it takes on an increasing bitter/sour character as the burn approaches the band. That's where I put the No. 2 down. I'm very glad to have gotten to spend an hour and a half with this iconic cigar. And although it showed flashes of a nice aged character and some of the LGC DNA, it just didn't reach the heights of some of the best of the marca. Score: 88 EDIT: I'm an idiot. This isn't for the review weekend. I read ERDM and somehow grabbed a LGC.
  2. The Churchill is my favorite vitola so, needless to say, the past five years have been pretty grim. With only the Esplendidos, Sir Winnies, and RyJ remaining, my Old Faithful is the only one of the three that's still affordable and routinely available. Having just finished a box of PLA NOV 14, I'm currently smoking through some PLA 16 singles while my 2019s rest. The '16 starts out in a fairly neutral place - the flavors are medium in body, but nondescript. I get a base of wet leather, a bit of cedar on the finish. But mostly just a simple, clean tobacco. It isn't until the second third that I begin to appreciate some sweeter, floral fruit notes. And there's some light baking spice in the retrohale. But the leather note is still heavy - much more so than it was in the '14s. The final third sees a dramatic increase in the cedar/wood note, which becomes heavy and oily. The spice becomes a little sharper, but is only noticable on the finish. All in all, this vintage displays the characteristic RyJ rose/cherry note to a much lesser degree than the '14s. These are dominated by wood and leather, with only intermittent hints of other nuances. Still a very enjoyable Churchill that I'm happy to pick up any time. Score: 90
  3. Papo La Verdad. These may be turning into my Old Faithful.
  4. This is the only honest answer for most of us
  5. Count me among those who think that the current strains of tobacco won't age as well. I periodically get so smoke a variety of Habanos from the late-'90s, and they are - as a rule - still vibrant and full of distinct flavors. In some cases still a bit strong and maybe in need of some more time down, as strange as that sounds. Cigars from '07 and '08, however, all seem to converge on a common profile regardless of marca. They're enjoyable, but no longer distinct from one another in any way. I don't have high hopes for how those will hold up beyond 10 years. At best, they'll be generically pleasant; at worst, they'll turn to cardboard. I used to agree that 5 - 8 years was the peak for recent production, and most of my current smoking stock is 2014. But lately I think that window has shifted to 3 - 5 years. My 2016s are as good as they're likely ever to get I think. I bought a box of PSE2 when my daughter was born, with the silly notion of smoking one per year on her birthday. But now I suspect they'll be past their prime before she reaches elementary school.
  6. PUR SEP 16 BCG, while I finish up some cash flow projections. I believe these are hitting their stride.
  7. For small teams, I use Trello and find that it works well. It really breaks down though if you get more than 5 - 6 people contributing.
  8. If it's possible, connect through literally any airport other than Miami. Tampa, Ft. Lauderdale, Atlanta.
  9. I thought I'd leave this here, for all you fellow obsessives

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