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  1. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    I'm sure it will sound like blasphemy here, but this Byron Grand Poemas is basically the best Cohiba Siglo VI I've ever had.
  2. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    ASR SEP 17 Fundi. Just the thing to hit the spot on a snowy afternoon.
  3. Huge thanks once again to @El Presidente and the whole FOH crew for the review comp and the great prize! The Parti Presidente has been on my list to try for some time now.
  4. Nekhyludov

    CUNTUS Boxpass

    I hope y'all get in on this. It'd be fun to have some fresh blood (and fresh inventory!) in our box passes.
  5. Nekhyludov

    CUNTUS Boxpass

    @CubanAmerican @MikeinKS Guys, I literally just posted this
  6. Nekhyludov

    CUNTUS Boxpass Bottom of the page.
  7. I think I posted this before, but I definitely second the vacuum sealer recommendation. I don't know if you can find it in Taichung, but here's exactly what I used. Worked like a champ over a period of about 5 weeks, through some pretty brutal temperatures during a winter move.
  8. Alex's cigar blog, A Harem of Dusky Beauties ( also appears to be down.
  9. Cheap desktop? I have a Bari cabinet and I'd hardly call a $1k Adorini "cheap."
  10. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    RAE FEB 15 Monte DE. Decent cigar, but my palate just doesn't get it.
  11. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    BUA ABR 11. Meh.
  12. I lived in NOLA for 13 years. It is - for better and for worse - my home. My experience of it is this: New Orleans is two entirely separate cities. One is just a conveyor belt of tourist detritus - the French Quarter, cemetery tours, voodoo bullshit, sugary booze, and terrible music expertly played by talented musicians who are too good to be wasting their efforts entertaining drunks but need the paycheck. Tourists love this garbage, and it makes a lot of money for a lot of people, and is essential because of that. Obviously, I find no value whatsoever in those things. But if that's what someone enjoys, more power to them; it's very easy to find. But every chance I get, I recommend trying to find a little piece of the other New Orleans. The one whose cultures, traditions, rituals, and routines have 300 year old roots. It's a much weirder and more interesting place that most anyone knows. @Kitchen if you'd like to find the best jazz clubs, stay out of the Quarter. Go to the Fauburg - try Snug Harbor. Ellis Marsallis still plays a Thursday night set. See some real local talent at the Spotted Cat. Once those places close, follow the musicians to Vaughn's in Treme. A lot of them hang out there to jam after hours. It's in a legitimately bad area. Don't be drunk when you go there. It's amazing. Head upriver to Oak St. and catch Charlie French at the Maple Leaf Bar. Grab some coffee at Z'Otz and hang out on their back patio for a cigar. Grab a drive-thru daiquiri and sit at the Fly in Audubon Park and watch the barges roll by. Go to Midcity. Get a poboy at Parkway Tavern. Try the BBQ shrimp at Pascale Manale's. But if you do decide to do the tourist conveyor belt, and some street kid in the Quarter tries to bet you that he knows where you got your shoes, tell him they're on your feet and to f*ck off
  13. Nekhyludov

    Has anyone dreamt about cigars

    After two decades, these tired Monica Lewinsky jokes just keep getting funnier and funnier.

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