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  1. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    RMU NOV 15 Vigia. Beautiful.
  2. I'm not sure how Rocky Patel landed in such lofty company.
  3. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2017 BBF. Solid smoke, but needs more rest.
  4. Ah! Gotcha. Thanks. I thought you meant something more recent. It wasn't just the Lusi that changed in the '90s. The entire universe of Cuban tobacco has changed, several times over, since 1997. There isn't a single Habano that's made with the same tobacco now as in 1995. They don't even grow those strains anymore. And if you're looking for mid-90s Lusis, good luck! You'll need it
  5. Que? I haven't heard about a blend change. Can you elaborate?
  6. MTV's The Real World. That's the blight that started the whole avalanche of detritus.
  7. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    UBM OCT 17 Parti 898. Very nice cigar. It's been way too long since my last one.
  8. I used to work at a microbiome research institute, and my staff gave me a signed toilet mug. I put brown M&Ms in it and leave it on my desk just to confuse and upset people. 😄
  9. Quantum Leap. The 25 years since it went off the air have been ... um, eventful. And Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell would still be fun to watch.
  10. Nekhyludov

    Vinales trip

    If it were me - and this is just my two cents - I would be very interested. A lot of farm rolls can be fantastic. If the farm rolls are from Papo at San Luis, Mena at San Juan y Martinez, or Miguel from Hector Luis', I would buy as many as I could safely get off the island. I would also buy whatever I could get from the Robaina farm. I would want to see, feel, and smell them before I bought. But I'd be looking at bundles. And, of course, freeze them when you get home. I would skip the roadside cigars.
  11. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    PLA OCT 16 RyJ Churchill. Never fails.
  12. I have a distinct love/hate relationship with Juan Lopez as a marca. I have never quite found any use for recent vintage, regular production Juan Lopez. Despite the strong resurgence of the Selection No. 2 in recent years. They're not bad, just one dimensional and uninteresting to my palate. Given five years of age, however, and they really blossom. There are very few marcas that wear the aged mineral character better. So I'm quite looking forward to this nine-year-old pyrimide. The wrapper of the No. 4 is beautiful. It's a bright, tawny colorado color, with only very fine veins darkly traversing the surface, and a random, bumpy tooth. The construction feels light and spongey, and the cold aroma smells salty and lightly leathery. It lights perfectly evenly, leading to a Goldilocks draw and a grainy, flaky gray ash. The very first draw confirms my hopes for the No. 4. A light, balanced flavor of salt, driftwood, and earthy mineral hits the palate immediately. That profile carries through the first third without much change. The second third begins to show some evolution around the midpoint, where some fruity acidity and light wood notes come into play. They combine to form a nice earthy sweetness. Performance of the No. 4 has been good. The combustion is a bit uneven side to side, but it regularly corrects itself without a touch-up. Score: 90 As I move toward the end of the No. 4, the profile takes on a more straightforwardly woody character as some of the sweetness dissipates. Then just before the secondary band, the wood becomes fresh and distinct, and reminds me of the pine note that I sometimes get in aged Bolivar. By the final inch and a half, the wood takes on some char and the smoke becomes hotter, so that's where I leave the Juan Lopez. While it doesn't quite have the depth of an aged petit corona, it does show quite a bit more complexity than recent vintage counterparts.
  13. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Celebrating the joys of fatherhood with a BUM FEB 14 Des Dieux while I watch the little one snooze on the monitor.
  14. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    BRE DIC 18 Connie B.
  15. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    TUP OCT 14 Punch DC. This has been an incredible box.

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