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  1. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    OCT 18 Papo La Verdad. These are incredible - honeycomb, sour twang, salt. Every time I smoke one, I wonder why the hell I spend money on Cohibas.
  2. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    A rich meal calls for a decadent cigar. ARS SEP 18 La Trova.
  3. Is the formatting weird? It looks normal in my view.
  4. The Tres Petit Corona is fairly ordinary in appearance. The wrapper is a matte medium colorado, with a plain texture and a few large veins wrinkling the surface. The aroma at cold is muted, but vaguely leathery. It ignites well and produces a firm, consistent draw. Perfectly Cuban. The smoke output is exceptional for such a small cigar, and the ash is characteristically flaky, with a salt and pepper gray color. The first half inch produces a generic woody flavor without much depth or interest. But luckily, the profile opens up very suddenly. The next few draws are full of a creamy nougat sweetness, and the woody base acquires some depth and leather notes. By the time the smoke is approaching the midpoint, the sweetness has shifted. It isn't as creamy at this point, but is markedly floral. It isn't really related to the rosewater sweetness that some recent Romeos produce; it's less specific than that. There's also a sharp white pepper note on the retrohale, and the aroma off the foot is pleasantly spicy. The performance of the Tres Petit has been excellent. As the burn approaches the band, the spice from the retrohale has made its way to the palate and melded into a nice, generalized spice. Or a bit of malevolence, as @El Presidente might say! It's a kind of mild, salted red pepper that's really enjoyable. This turns out to have been a slightly odd little cigar. It has a variety of pleasant flavors that changes over the course of the smoke and holds my interest well. But it really only has hints of any of the standard Romeo characteristics. I will say, though, that the flavors are sharp and vibrant which leads me to believe that these will continue to age well and haven't passed their prime yet. At this point, I'd wager it's sitting at a score of about 89.
  5. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Yup. But I keep expecting these - especially the Leyenda - to be as good as the 80 Anniversario, and they're just not quite there so I'm always a little disappointed.
  6. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    UBM MAR 18 Dumas. Very good, but I'm not totally convinced that it's worth the premium.
  7. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    Old school Punch Punch. I think I actually prefer more recent versions.
  8. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    2012 Choix Supreme. Sometimes, these just hit the spot.
  9. I, like many others, spent the afternoon watching a live feed of the awful fire at Notre-Dame. It's incredibly sad to see such destruction of a beautiful and historic global icon. Years ago I fell in love with Quai d'Orsay while sitting on the steps outside of Shakespeare and Co. across the river from the Cathedral, watching the lights cast shadows across the buttresses. I always made a point of attending Mass at Notre-Dame whenever I was in Paris. Part of my enjoyment of QdO is nostalgia for those times. So tonight seems like a good time to light an Imperiales and recall the time I was able to enjoy the beauty of the place, and to look forward to the next chapter in its history.
  10. Partial box of Capitolo. MSU SEP 18.
  11. Nekhyludov

    El Blunto

    PASS! I don't use psychotropic drugs in any form! This is the thing that irritates me about the cannabis industry - the snide contempt toward tobacco. They're inhaling smoke from burning dried plants
  12. I'm really excited about electric bikes hitting the mainstream. I've heard rumors that Triumph is planning on bringing back the Trident as an all-electric. That said, I think Harley really stepped on their d*cks on this one. Good idea, not good execution. It's a silly looking bike, wildly overpriced, and poorly marketed.
  13. Nekhyludov

    FOH'ers Daily Smoke

    LUB MAY 14 Connie A.
  14. The Super Selection No. 1 feel great in the hand. It's a classic long corona, of which very few remain in production across the entire Habanos portfolio. The wrapper on this sample is a bit rustic. It appears to be thin and tensile; some of the darker binder is visible beneath parts of the wrapper. But it also has several veins along its length, and the wrapper wrinkles up around them. The color is pale and tawny. But the texture is smooth and consistent, and a bit of sheen remains. The aroma at cold is lightly woody with a bit of a sour note. I opt for a deep V-cut to head off any potential draw issues, which I'm always suspicious of with cigars from this era. The foot ignites easily, but the draw thereafter is slightly too firm. Not plugged, but requiring a little more effort than I prefer. Smoke output is average, and the ash is a flaky brown gray. The first third opens with a base flavor of slightly sweet forest floor - dirt, moss, and a vegetal note. From there, the cold aroma is almost perfectly mirrored on the palate. The profile takes on a slightly sour, wet hay aspect that overtakes most of the base flavor. Through the first part of the second third, and a bit past the midpoint, the flavors have not changed at all. Which is ... not great. But at least it isn't getting worse - no char or harshness. But also not even a bare hint of any Punch DNA. The flavors are very mild and superficial. But the performance so far has been excellent, which is no small feat for a 2001. By the final third, the sour note has acquired a bit of character, becoming sharper and taking on a slight salt aspect. The combination almost approximates something like citrus, but not quite. It remains stuck in a flavor more like raw bread dough that's been left out too long. All in all, this is a fairly typical representation of cigars from this era. It tastes generically like 2001. To give credit where due, the construction was above average. But this cigar just never had the benefit of quality tobacco, and never really had a chance because of it.
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