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  1. RAE AGO 14 BBF on a disgustingly hot and humid night on the Plains.
  2. Very young Punch Preferidos RE 5ta Avienda. It's promising, but definitely needs some time.
  3. One of the things that I appreciate about these review weekends is that they remind me to dig out cigars that aren't in my regular rotation or that I've set aside for some "special occasion." Well, it's a beautiful Saturday evening and I have a couple of hours free, so this is a special enough occasion to light up a Lusitania that's now old enough to order a drink. This is a single that I picked up in a box pass, thanks to @Projectal. The cold aroma is light and papery, but a nice sweet nutmeg note comes off the foot. The wrapper is medium colorado and slightly rustic, with some bunching around the veins. The construction feels firm, if a little inconsistent. Once lit, it gives a perfect draw with just the right resistance. The ash is grainy, grey, and otherwise perfect. The first inch or so is pretty muted. It starts out with a light, woody base and some dry mineral notes that I generally associate with vintage Cuban tobacco. That basic profile holds through the first half. There isn't much in the way of body or strength. The performance has been impeccable though. Around the midpoint it begins to warm up a bit. Some sharp baking spice and red pepper show up to compliment the wood, while the mineral note is gone. From there, it really picks up. The smoke takes on some depth and leaves an oily finish, and the aroma smells like leather and browned butter. In the last two inches, the salty red pepper really comes to the forefront before the smoke heats up and I have to put it down. This has been completely different from what I've come to expect from post-'08 Lusis, but it's been a fantastic treat and a nice reminder of why I fell in love with Cubans back in the late-'90s. Score: eh, let's call it 94.
  4. Replace PSD4 with Parti Short and 15 years ago with 20 years ago, and I could have written this exact post verbatim.
  5. RyJ Short Churchill. Really nice cigar, but I just wish it could somehow be two inches longer Thanks @cmbarton!
  6. 2012 Ramon Allones Eshmoun RE Lebanon. This is a fantastic smoke.
  7. Couple of singles from a BOTL. They look fantastic.
  8. Probably a little of both. I'm using a crappy phone camera with auto correct. The wrappers aren't what I would call rough. Rustic maybe? But they don't appear to be abnormally thick. Just some wrinkling around the veins.
  9. Thanks to @cmbarton for the chance to revisit the Especial No. 2! The first inch is mild and thoroughly cedary. It's pleasant and well balanced, but there aren't many other flavors coming into play at this point. To its credit, it doesn't take any time to warm up; that character presents itself very clearly from the first draw. The second third begins to show some of what I think is the typically Montecristo DNA - there's a spicy cocoa flavor that emerges, like coffee and black pepper. This sits on top of the still-prominent cedar. The cedar is also heavy on the aroma off the foot. The transition past the midpoint begins to veer into charred, ashtray flavors, which is unfortunately also common to Montes in my experience. The difference here is that that phase is temporary, and into the final third the sharpness remains, but takes on a softer, woody, baking spice kind of flavor. The performance has been excellent throughout, with the exception of the ash that fell on my shirt ... twice. All in all, this is a nice cigar with more potential than it delivers on at this young age. But it does seem to provide a fairly comprehensive overview of the varieties of Montecristo experience. Score: 85
  10. I experienced exactly what @havanaclub described. I haven't seen it with RyJ, but I had a 2014 box of Esplendidos that had mostly new bands and some old ones. So mixed packaging anywhere doesn't surprise me anymore. It probably just means they found a pile of old bands in a corner somewhere and decided to use them.
  11. Perhaps a more fitting title for this post would be "What's the worst marca, and why is it Cuaba?" Monte is frustrating for me, too. Some of them are fantastic, but too many of them taste like - as others have mentioned - the bottom of an ashtray. Makes me reluctant to ever buy any. I don't know which I'm gonna get.
  12. The makers of non-alcoholic beer would beg to differ, I suspect.

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