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  1. Super helpful PigFish! I've gone ahead and put the humidifier back into the humidor. My concern was having the open humidifier filled with distilled water would create the excess unwanted humidity inside the humidor. Will report back with the results. Thanks again!
  2. Ok. Just to update. I picked up some DampRid from Home Depot and it seems to be working really well. Humidity is down to 66% at the moment. Will continue to monitor. Thanks for the help!
  3. Thanks Joey. I take it this stuff works better than kitty litter? I’m using this Equisite stuff.
  4. Looking for some guidance. At the moment, I keep my aristocrat in my basement where it is nice and cool. However, during the hot summer months, it gets humid down there. This past weekend, I noticed a huge spike in humidity inside the humidor. so I did the following: running a dehumidifier in the basement set at 65% removed the humidification system from the humidor added a large dish of kitty litter to soak up excess humidity Problem is, I still can't get the humidity down inside the humidor. For example, I'll open the humidor doors and the humidity will come back down to 65% or so, the same humidity I have the dehumidifier set at. Once I close the humidor door and return a few hours later, humidity inside the humidor is back up around 70%. You guys have any idea what I can do to stabilize the humidity inside the humidor back down to 65%? Many thanks in advance FOH!
  5. No love for Montecristo Dantes Conde 109? Have a few in the humidor which I hope to try soon.
  6. How are these Puntillas smoking these days? Can anyone provide an update? Thanks.
  7. Inflation, supple and demand, and secondary market are the reasons for the increases IMO.
  8. Hey chino. Thanks for your reply. I decided that I was gonna keep the cc-280 and so I opened it up. TBH, I was very very disappointed with the quality of the cedar components. Also, not sure if this is standard but my unit was an AW-280e. I guess they simply took the AW-280 (wine cooler), added cedar trays and call it a cc-280e? in any case, I returned the "cc-280e" and purchased a cc-300 which arrives this week. Figure I can buy extra smokes with the money saved. I will say this, these winedors look small and I can see how they would get maxed out in no time.
  9. Hey guys, recently purchased a Newair CC-280E for about $360. Super excited. Then I see you can now get the Newair CC-300 for $227! Curious to hear if anyone has experience with both. Is the CC-280E worth the extra $133? The CC-280E hasn't been unboxed so would be easy to return it. Thanks
  10. Thanks. Hope to hear back from the retailer soon.
  11. I just hope they don't charge me a restocking fee.
  12. I've reach out and waiting on a response. The retailer is about an hour away so I asked if I could stop by and pick another one out from his stock. So I take it this is not common with DM humidors? I can live with the side wall not being flush. My main concern is the lid not fully closing. I did the dollar bill test and the bill came out way too easily compared to the other side. My goal for this desktop humidor was to simply throw in Boveda packs do its thing. But if there is a bad deal, it means that I would have to swap out packs more frequently, right? from researching on this pages, it seems like thin weather seal can help with the seal.
  13. hey guys. first post here. I picked up my first humidor, a daniel marshall 30100 and was pretty excited to get it. However, after inspecting, I noticed a few things that concerned me. 1) The right side of the lid when closed is not fully sealed 2) Concerns regarding the craftmanship (please see pictures attached) first, the left side of the humidor side wall isn't even flush like the right side. second, in one corner, there is a gap between the cedar lining. Is this common with all the other DM humidor owners out there? Am I simply being a nit? Thanks in advance.

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