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  1. In my parents' generation, no Chinese banquet in the Far East was complete without cognac on the table. As I understand it, there were only 2 (unwritten) rules - it must be XO, and it must be duty-free. My more recent explorations have led me away from the big houses, to smaller producers who make spirits that are, to my palate, more characterful and much better value. My favourites are Vallein Tercinier, Jean-Luc Pasquet and Jean Fillioux. For converting someone to cognac, whether a casual drinker or a whiskyphile, I always go with Vallein Tercinier Hors d'Age (the XO works as well).
  2. Tiger's Nest was worth the climb, but I think I would have passed out if I had tried to smoke at the top.
  3. Taking @BrightonCorgi’s lead. A hit with Vacherin Mont d’or and blue cheese.
  4. Astrologers? "I see much ribbing in your future. You must expect alchemical reactions, and being flogged about phlogiston. The bizarre cigar-shaped intruder is heading for Uranus...."
  5. Tamping down the testosterone somewhat: The Before Sunrise/Sunset/Midnight trilogy should have stopped at 2. Lost In Translation should have had a number of sequels. Bob's decline as a star; his family relationship; his relationship with whisky; Charlotte's own journey. And they never meet again until the last movie. Takes a better man than me to write this saga.
  6. JL#4 and a Yamazaki highball. Here’s to taking everything they can throw at you, and still making it to another weekend, FOH.
  7. Right, so no vaccine, no walking on public pavements/sidewalks, no driving on public roads, no taking public transportation. No activity or presence on any public property or infrastructure. No access to public services. And how long have we all been ingesting flourine from the water supply? Including children.
  8. Does amarone really not work? Vintage port (to my palate) does, and they seem to share many characteristics in terms of taste profile. It can't be because amarone is dry - I find oloroso sherry works with a cigar too.
  9. So FOH runs this joke competition, and Prez says “keep them clean (ish)”…
  10. Is it childish to be sniggering at the box code? And then sniggering harder that it's 'personal stock'?

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