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  1. And the single vineyard bottlings can cost 4 times as much! Such great wines though.
  2. HUPC TOS NOV 16. They’ve finally settled down after a slightly harsh phase in their youth.
  3. There is also the fascinating practice of bull-leaping in ancient Minoan culture. The bull leaper figurine was one of the most interesting pieces (to me) featured in The History of the World in 100 Objects. And coincidentally I just finished Mary Renault's novel, The King Must Die, which puts a humanist spin on the myth of Theseus, his bull leaping in Knossos and the Minotaur. As has been said, this is a great forum!
  4. I met Silvia at their cantina and she was great - full of energy and, importantly, fluent in English. She took us through their immaculate winemaking area, complete with Japanese barrel monkey and the controversial roto-fermenters (which she emphasised was set to rotate very very slowly). I remember that they had just lost their lease to their Brunate plot (the last vintage produced was 2011) and how sad they were to lose a distinctive part of their portfolio. I can't imagine any barolo expo not be thronged, and especially not Vinitaly with Elio Altare to be had. You have the touch of
  5. Already spectacular. Will be interesting to chart its development.
  6. Estupendos and 20 yo Aultmore. They go very nicely together.
  7. What’s your greatest weakness? My need for a job like this one.
  8. Yes, Hillary last made a bid for the summit in 2016. It was widely expected to be a success, and all forecasts were consistently good. Then she was buried in a "landslide". Bill was, as usual, at the (third) base camp.
  9. May I present: The Gurkha Ex-First Lady Packed with fine Fijian tobacco, watered only with snow melt from Mt Everest (from the Hillary expedition). Each is wrapped in palladium, which is more expensive than gold. The band is a whole, perfect diamond, hollowed and carved into a cylinder. At 58 rg, you can wear it as a ring (anywhere you like) after the smoke. Each cigar is infused with the spirit from one bottle of Macallan Fine & Rare 1926. Once the cigar is infused, the rest of the $1.2 million whisky is destroyed, so that the cigar can never be replicated. The art
  10. Bram Stoker's Dracula (1992) has my vote. Keanu Reeves and Winona Ryder trying English accents. Anthony Hopkins doing a Dutch one, and sounding Germanic instead. Gary Oldman doing I know not what. It doesn't even go into the "so bad, it's good" bin.
  11. BBF POL FEB 11 from one of the last FOH locker sales. How I miss those. “Scroll! Scroll! Ignore the Cohibas! Scroll! RACF...that will distract a few of them! Scroll...!”
  12. When you get a new box of Lanceros and a new box of Fundies, do you feel like the Fundies are worse value...because there's 1 fewer? But the one that really bothers me is the SLB bundling in 25s. 8-9-8 box stacking makes perfect sense to me, since the cigars are nestled in the spaces in between the ones in the rows above and below. The 3-4-3 is even more aesthetic than the wide, flat 8-9-8 stacking. But you can't achieve that symmetry and nestle them in the same way for 25s! Every time I pull out a new full 25 bundle, it bugs me. And I suspect it's why I can't put it back nicely eithe

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