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  1. doodlesack (v.) (WW2) the shooting down of a V-1 flying bomb by an American fighter pilot.
  2. It's a No, because we're still here. See the Dark Forest theory, well expounded in Cixin Liu's The Three-Body Problem trilogy (specifically, the second book).
  3. A bloodless engagement is a pretty good result.
  4. 1. Say “wow, a Hamlet Culebra! Never had one.” (Even if you had)* 2 “Had a Partagas culebra recently though.” (Even if you hadn’t)* 3. Pull up a pic of Parti culebra from your phone / do a quick search on FOH’s Daily Smoke - showing the thing being smoked the right way. 4. Show him the pic and proceed to describe the flavour only; don’t mention the elephant in the room (if you never had one, just describe a general Parti profile)* *it’s for a good cause.
  5. Lusi OBM Oct 16. What I imagine a two and a half hour drive in a Bentley Continental T on a coastal highway must be like.
  6. 40% in CoRos 40% in Esplendidos 20% in PLPCs. Commands an above average age premium. And imagine the frenzy if they continue to cut PCs and it’s this one...
  7. I will see your Susanna Hoffs, and raise you Patsy Kensit (Eighth Wonder).
  8. Bladnoch, the zombie lowland malt (distillery keeps dying and reviving). Lowlanders don’t get a lot of love, but I’d happily drink (the now closed) Littlemill and good indie Bladnochs until they disappear for good. In fact, I’d take a good Bladnoch over a Rosebank. Don’t shoot!
  9. LGC MdO#1 OSU Jul 02 and 20 year old Bladnoch. Triggered by @bdw1984 When the #1s draw well, they are in the top tier. Pairs really nicely with the citrus notes in the Bladnoch too.

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