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  1. Accidental 2000 shootout. Bit of a mismatch actually 😄 The Quintarelli is the proverbial iron fist in a steel gauntlet.
  2. A couple of Lagavulin Jazzies, and HP 12 limited bottlings at 46% abv.
  3. I believe the reasons are widely diverse, but all make sense. In other words, they are “scattered-logical”.
  4. Fontanafredda Barolo 1971 “Garil”. The nose...!
  5. A mere shadow of Ken’s lunch. But the Leeuwin in magnum was magnificent with steamed crab.
  6. Verily, thou speak'st aright 😄 perhaps the genie will magically migrate the stamp from inside the lid to the bottom without marring that nice varnish
  7. A box of RA Grandes ER Espana 2008...with TEB stamped on the bottom.
  8. I'd like to nominate holloways - sunken lanes dating back to the Iron Age. Possibly created by a combination of natural erosion and human traffic ie. no one invented them.

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