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  1. First ask yourself if you have the right terroir. Are you growing in Fijian water? If so, the yield will be low but each cigar can be sold for $1 million.
  2. I contacted a human resource humanager, and have been informed that: "on-boarding" is a term to subtly prepare new hires for the job feeling like waterboarding everyday; since one's reach exceeds one's grasp, reaching out ensures better coverage; "circle back" = revert. Not respond, never reply. Bloody revert, to your previous state. You've circled back, see?
  3. Style guides like these have given yeoman [ed: sexist] sterling [ed: imperialist] first class [ed: an open reference to class? You nuts?] really great service to English [ed: actually, the style board is considering the appropriateness of calling it "English", given that history has, you know, moved on, and the language is no longer only used by people from England.]
  4. The doctor told him not to worry. "This too shall pass".
  5. And it’s not 74 years old. That bottling is a 52 year old. Whisky doesn’t keep getting “older” once it’s bottled. It’s right there on the neck label...!
  6. Krug Grande Cuvee. Bubbles to liven the palate ☑️ Vinous character to stand up to and complement the BHK ☑️ Sense of occasion ☑️
  7. It was a real crowd pleaser. Waves of fruits, a little brine, with a finish in the back palate that sparked a debate about whether there was the slightest hint of peat or not. It probably was a refill cask, but I'd say bottled at exactly the right time to showcase the distillate.
  8. Good lord! Prosecco is 12%. So 4 x 12 = 48 = 1 slightly overproof shot. Limoncello is around 32%. 2 shots (with the Limoncello taking up the slack) 2 shots of HC at 40%. So that's a 5 shot drink. Your typical Long Island Iced Tea is 3 shots. You should call it a Faulty Time Machine. You drink it in an attempt to go backwards in time, to your glorious youth. But only succeed in going forward in time...losing a day somewhere.
  9. FishPig (2021) - From the makers of Sharknado comes FishPig: Using gene splicing technology, scientists cross truffle-hunting pigs with tuna, in the hopes of using them to sniff out deep sea oil deposits. When the specimens escape and rapidly evolve, the world is faced with omnivorous monsters that are equally at home in the sea and on land...with a taste for human flesh. Available now on Disney +.
  10. “You have some nerve to say that about Cathryn! My Cathryn...the nerve!”
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