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  1. I know what I don't want to pull from the humidor. Any of the Monte 2s that I bought when my son was born, the remainder of which I plan to smoke on his wedding day. With luck, they'd have gone. Similarly any of the Reyes I bought when my daughter was born, the remainder of which I plan to smoke on her wedding day. With luck, they'd have gone too. If I call it perfectly, I'd have finished all the MdO2s I have left, with friends. Which leaves me with one last RASS.
  2. Novak: We follow rules, son. We follow rules or there’s no tennis. It's that simple. Are we clear? Lawyer: Yes, sir. Novak: Are we clear?! Lawyer: Crystal. I just have one more question before I put your immigration agent on the stand. If you already had COVID once, and you have “natural immunity” anyway, then why would you need to have a second test? Novak: …I was feeling unwell… Lawyer: That's not what you said. You said you were asymptomatic when you posed for those pictures. And Tennis Australia tried to get you past ATAGI by saying you had “natural immunity”. Novak: That's correct. Lawyer: You said immunity. I said "natural immunity"? You said... Novak: I recall what I said. Lawyer: I could have Twitter read back to you... Novak: I know what I said! I don't have to have it read back to me, like I'm... Lawyer: Then why the two tests?
  3. Xmas excess. Looking forward to new year’s
  4. Have a great start to the festivities, FOH! Thanks for the companionship over this past tough year!
  5. Another conundrum: the lesser known Mrs Schrodinger's Husband paradox. This is a thought experiment that goes like this: Mrs Schrodinger seals her husband in a steel container. Without opening the container and observing the husband, Mrs Schrodinger can validly assert that the husband is in the state of being simultaneously a smartass and a dumbass. Whether she unseals the container is another question entirely.
  6. That's not the right question. The right questions are: what were you doing in the forest? why didn't you let someone know you were going? what if something had happened to you? do you really think you're an outdoorsman? why are you tracking mud into the house? you forgot the milk again, didn't you?
  7. How was it? Just entering the drinking window?
  8. Considering that traditional mill technology is effectively just 2 rocks... It's official: Capitalism makes you so poor, you don't have 2 pennies to rub together. Socialism makes you so poor, you don't have 2 rocks to rub together.
  9. Rhum agricole made under the AOC Martinique designation is also prohibited from adding sugar by law. Other rhums not made under AOC rules also tend to not have added sugar.

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