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  1. Accidental 2000 shootout. Bit of a mismatch actually 😄 The Quintarelli is the proverbial iron fist in a steel gauntlet.
  2. A couple of Lagavulin Jazzies, and HP 12 limited bottlings at 46% abv.
  3. I believe the reasons are widely diverse, but all make sense. In other words, they are “scattered-logical”.
  4. Fontanafredda Barolo 1971 “Garil”. The nose...!
  5. A mere shadow of Ken’s lunch. But the Leeuwin in magnum was magnificent with steamed crab.
  6. Verily, thou speak'st aright 😄 perhaps the genie will magically migrate the stamp from inside the lid to the bottom without marring that nice varnish
  7. A box of RA Grandes ER Espana 2008...with TEB stamped on the bottom.
  8. I'd like to nominate holloways - sunken lanes dating back to the Iron Age. Possibly created by a combination of natural erosion and human traffic ie. no one invented them.
  9. In my experience, gold leaf makes the burn go really wonky. And those diamond encrusted bands prevent my scrap book pages from lying perfectly flat, which is irksome. For those reasons, I am a No.
  10. All true, on the one hand. On the other, one could advance a load of reasons to reverse that opinion - a pallet appellate, as it were. Among which is this: no one gets to complain about homophones until they've tried to learn Mandarin.
  11. I wash in a cocktail bar when I shaw the newsh. And sho I ordered a Veshper. Resh in peace.
  12. 20% of the marcas represent the sum knowledge/experience of 80% of the people who’ve ever smoked CCs.
  13. Welcome, Canadian brethren, to the authoritarian club. What took you so long?
  14. Undisclosed. Apparently quite a few of the secret Speyside indies are Glenfarclas, but this doesn't taste like one to me. Quite fun playing the guessing game with these.

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